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10 Things We Would Like To See At E3

Written By: E. Thomas

June 2nd, 2011


01. Super Mario 3DS is a direct sequel to Super Mario Bros 3

When we first saw the logo for Super Mario 3DS we couldn't help but notice what looked like a racoon tail attached the word "Mario." This immediately raised thoughts of the game Super Mario Bros 3 and its legendary Racoon Suit. Super Mario Bros 3 is praised by many gamers as the best game in the classic mario series. No matter where you stand on the subject, it would be great to see a return of the classic SMB3 gameplay, along with all those great suits. (Tanooki Suit, Hammer Bros = Yes, Frog Suit = Maybe Not.)


02. Sony's NGP Surprise: NGP Price $250

Ok maybe this one is a long shot but a man can still dream. And knowing Sony they've probably got an ace up their sleeve. When Sony first entered the console market there was a lot of speculation that the PlayStation console would cost well above $400. Sony shocked the world at their e3 1995 press conference. Their keynote speaker took the stage and said "$299" and then promptly turned and walked off the stage. It was one of the biggest upsets in gaming history. And it proved the company had serious chutzpah*. (also known as "balls.") If the NGP drops at $250 it would be a total game changer. And it would give the company a major edge in the increasingly competitive portable market.


03. Nintendo CAFE "Stream" Service - Streaming Games from Nintendo

For gamers paying to play online sucks, but for game companies its just good business. Online gameplay grows more costly all the time. And the massive success of Xbox Live has shown that the paid online structure is the way to go. (at least if you're in the business of making games.) We imagine that Nintendo will have their own paid online subscription service when they launch their next console, tentatively known as Nintendo CAFE. Originally the CAFE was also called STREAM. Later rumors shifted to CAFE. People assumed STREAM was a reference to the idea of streaming games from the console to the system controller, which has a built in 6 inch touch screen. But what if Nintendo Stream has another meaning? What if they offer a subscription based service that allows streaming virtual console games? So instead of buying virtual console titles individually you could have access to the entire Nintendo catalog for a low monthly fee. This would be a great way to combat the encroachment of cloud based gaming, and it would also provide massive incentive for potential subscribers.


04. Halo HD

Rumors of a full blown HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved have been circulating the web for months. Some cites even claim the title will release this fall. We just want to see it. That's all. We've heard all the rumors and speculation, now show us the final product. We're hoping to get some hands on time with the alleged Halo: CE HD remake. Plus we can't wait to see the death match and the other competitive modes. Will the remake include the highly popular "firefight mode?" We certainly hope so, and we hope to find out the truth in just a few short days.


05. GTA Trilogy Collection for PS3

PS2 HD collections have been a big success for the PS3. So far we've been treated to God of War collection, Tomb Raider Trilogy, Splinter Cell and several other worthy collections. But the collection we want the most is the GTA Trilogy collection. Just being able to play these games in HD on the PS3 would be a dream come true. However what if Rockstar goes a little crazy and includes online play for San Andreas? Ok maybe that last part is a bit of a stretch, but everyone knows we here at the office love the co-op mode in GTA San Andreas.


06. More Retro Products

Retro is about to explode in a big way. Companies like Hyperkin have had the foresight to capitalize on this emerging trend. Last year the company debuted the Retro N3, a wildly successful retro console that incorporates the NES, SNES and Genesis into one machine. The Retro N3 has 3 cartridge slots and 6 different controller ports, each for use with authentic retro games and controllers. Talk about dedication. This year the company has announced the "SupaBoy," a portable Super Nintendo game system. The company has thrown down the gauntlet when it comes to making top quality retro gaming products. And now its up to the rest of the industry to answer the call. The Retro N3, the popular Classic Gaming Expo, and Halo on the Atari 2600. All of these things prove consumers want retro!


07. GTA V

GTA V at E3. Its probably the ultimate long shot. And we already know Rockstar is skipping E3. (elitists!) However parent company Take Two will be on hand. And as outlandish as it seems, there are rumors that Grand Theft Auto V is a launch title for the Nintendo CAFE. Although I highly doubt the CAFE rumors, and I'd bet GTA V will probably be a no show, I'm still putting this on the list as one of the things I want to see the most at E3. GTA V is worth mentioning just for the outlandish CAFE rumors. (Imagine if they were true? The reaction would be insane.) And if the game did show up, it would be a great way to counter the growing popularity of the Saint's Row franchise. It would also remind gamers and the competition that Rockstar is still the big dog on the block.


08. Star Wars Kinect

When the Xbox Kinect first launched gamers we teased with images of a Kinect game that used Jedi force powers. Well rumors claim Star Wars Kinect will finally see the light of day at E3 2011. If these rumors are true then Kinect would have a truly killer app that would appeal not only to Star Wars fans, but to hardcore gamers in general. (editors note: I'm "hardcore" and I already love Kinect.)


09. Zelda Skyward Sword Sells for $50, Includes Wii Motion Plus

Everyone knows that the upcoming "Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" requires the motion plus add on. Although stock Wii controllers now include the technology, many Wii gamers have still not upgraded their Wii-motes to the motion plus experience. What better way to make sure everyone can play this hotly anticipated game by including the Wii motion plus add on? It would also be a great way for Nintendo to clear out old stock before the launch of their new console. And to silence those who would complain about extra costs why not bundle the whole package for a mere $50 US? A price point this low coupled with a new Zelda game and the Wii motion plus accessory would definitely sell a lot product. And if you already have the Wii motion plus then generous gamers could give away the extra units to their friends and family, further spreading the adoption rate of the motion plus accessory.


10. Zelda Themed Wii Bundle

There has already been a red, Super Mario themed Wii and it was a very popular item. So why not release a Zelda Themed Wii? The bundle could include the upcoming "The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword." And the system could be decked out with snazzy Zelda themed graphics and colors. And what if you really want to get crazy? Why not include sword and shield accessories like the one seen below? Third parties have been selling items like this for years. It almost seems fitting for Nintendo to create their own fantasy accessories. And talk about the ultimate Zelda collectible!


BONUS POINTS: Zelda Collection for Wii

Last holiday season Nintendo released "Super Mario Collection" for the Nintendo Wii. The game was merely "Super Mario All Stars" ported to the Nintendo Wii. While the collection was a nice idea, many gamers felt it needed more content. Still despite these small complaints the product sold very well, selling out several times and even causing Nintendo to reprint the popular collection. So what better way to celebrate the release of the next Zelda title then by releasing a Zelda Collection for Wii? The collection could include the classic NES and SNES games along with both N64 titles.