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10 Things We Would Like To See At E3 2012

Written By: E. Thomas

June 2nd, 2012


01. GTA Trilogy Collection HD

HD collections are all the rage. Rockstar has already remade GTA3 in glorious HD on the iPhone and Android devices. Why not remake the entire trilogy and release it in one amazing collection? GTA San Andreas HD alone would be worth the price of admission. And we're sure this is one collection that will definitely satisfy the fans. It would also be one of the most content filled trilogy packs in gaming history. Talk about getting bang for your buck.


02. Xbox 360 Price Drop - $99/$199/$299

The Xbox 360 is getting pretty old and next gen seems like its right around the corner. It's time for the Xbox 360 to get a price drop. The base model, which now sells for $200, should be $149 or lower. Dare we say $99? This would be a great deal for budget gamers and anyone who was late to the Xbox 360 party.


03. The Last of Us Playable Demo

Ever since the day I first heard about this game I knew I had to play it. This highly anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive has game of the show, if not game of the year, potential. The Last of Us is brought to you by fan favorite studio Naughty Dog. So its got quite a pedigree behind it. (Pardon the bad pun.) Its also probably the most anticipated game on the PS3. So why not give us a playable demo? And why not make that demo available on the PSN network?


04. More Gadgets

Over the years I have seen many weird and wonderful gadgets make their debut at the E3 Expo. This event has the potential to launch even the most obscure product into super-stardom. There were always a number of small companies that show up with strange and unique gadgets. I have witnessed everything from portable game systems, to strange controllers, and even obscure game consoles that never saw the light of day. We want to see more gadgets at the show. Because E3 isn't just about the software, it's also about hardware and gadgets.


05. PS3 + PS Vita Bundle

When we first saw the WiiU controller we immediately thought it would make waves in the gaming industry. We also thought that the PS Vita and the PS3 could be used in much the same way as the WiiU tablet and console. It makes perfect sense for Sony to release a PS3 + PS Vita bundle to steal some of the spotlight from the WiiU. We're not saying this is a WiiU killer, certainly not, but its definitely a very appealing bundle.  


06. Halo 4 Multiplayer Demo

We are very excited to hear any news on Halo 4. But what we all really want is news on the multiplayer gameplay. After all, its the multiplayer combat that truly is the "meat and potatoes" of the Halo experience. We want a full multiplayer Halo 4 demo. And why not release it on Xbox Live for people who can't attend the show? This is the one aspect of the game that will sell more copies than anything else. Even though we love the Halo saga, its the multiplayer that keeps people coming back for more.


07. PS3 is the PS4

Sony is about announce a partnership with Gaikai, a prominent game streaming service. This will allow full games to be streamed to your PS3. This also means a return of full PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility. This is where things get a little crazy. This could also mean FORWARD compatibility with the PS4. Since almost all of the processing is handled by the server, your PS3 is merely a receiver for these games. So it makes sense that Sony could actually release next gen software on its previous gen console. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but a man can dream.


08. Pokemon 3DS

We know Nintendo will probably focus on Pokemon Black 2/White 2. However the game we want is Pokemon 3DS. It would be great if the game used the 3DS pedometer, much like the Pokewalker. And it would be even better if the game supported Augmented Reality cards. What a great way for Nintendo to sell a million Pokemon cards. And a 3DS version of the series with AR features is bound to be a very fun game.


09. Wireless Controller for Apple iOS Devices

For years iOS gamers have been asking for a wireless controller. Certain games like Angry Birds, Jet Pack Joyride and others are perfect for touch screen controls. Unfortunately many traditional games are hampered by the "touch only" experience. Android devices already have a number of wireless controller options. And even though we know Apple founder Steve Jobs hated buttons, gamers don't feel the same way. We want a proper iOS controller. We don't care who makes it. Just get it done.


10. Grand Theft Auto V

This is the single most anticipated game at E3. And even though Rockstar wont be attending the event, they may have something planned during the expo. And just to add to the hype our favorite analyst, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan, recently revealed a juicy tidbit about parent company Take-Two.

Basically Take-Two has what's called a "convertible bond" which they can redeem on June 5th, which just happens to be the first day of E3. Basically the parent company invests in a bond, and if their stock has remains at a certain level until June 5th, they can "call in the bond" and a premium is paid to the bond owner. Take-Two needs to have a big announcement to make this happen. We all know the biggest gun in their arsenal is GTA V.

We expect another trailer, and possibly a launch date. At this point we will take any GTA V news. And what about rumors of the game coming to the Nintendo WiiU? Well they haven't gone away. One investor even claimed Rockstar is waiting to release the game to avoid holiday competition and to wait for a larger WiiU installed base. Wow! This is definitely going to be a crazy time for GTA fans. We can't wait to see what happens at E3!



Over the past year there has been a lot of buzz concerning Apple and their entry into the gaming industry. Online polls showed Apple was one of the biggest contenders in the gaming biz. One site even claimed Tim Cook was the "most influential man in gaming." (Really?!) We beg to differ. This is a message and a challenge to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Put up or shut up. You will never truly be a player in the gaming industry until you have a booth at the E3 Expo. Its time for you to start taking gaming seriously. This is a lucrative market and Apple is neglecting it. The company is not doing all that it can to capitalize on the gaming market. The industry needs a new player and Apple is in a position to be that player. If you're not going to show up at E3 2012, be ready for E3 2013. Apple we want to see you there.

About The Author: E.Thomas is our resident E3 Reporter. He has worked the show from the retail side and as a member of the media. He has also befriended several exhibitors in the past 10 years. This gives him a unique understanding of the expo and its history.