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10 Things We Would Like To See At E3 2013

Written By: E. Thomas

June 5th, 2013

01. PlayStation 4


On February 20th Sony shocked the world by revealing their plans for the PlayStation 4. We saw the inovative new controller, we witnessed the incredible new games, but the only thing we didn't see was the console itself. Sony has a great reputation for creating sleek and sexy electronics and video game hardware. The company is well known for it's legendary "Sony Style." We can't wait to see the final PS4 console at E3. We're sure it will be one amazing little machine.

02. Next Gen Final Fantasy


Square-Enix is the company that defined RPG gaming. Their catalog is filled with literally dozens of legendary titles. Among those games is the Final Fantasy franchise. This series is one of the great pillars of the genre. Although Square-Enix still has plans for the current generation of consoles, we truly believe a next gen Final Fantasy game will be a the primary reason many gamers purchase a next gen console. We hope to see something about the future of this franchise, even if it's only a tease.

03. Apple iOS Controllers


It's a well known fact that Apple founder Steve Jobs hated buttons. Unfortunately gamers don't feel the same way. Android device owners have a variety of controller options available to them, however Apple fans are still being left out in the cold. This is very unfortunate as iOS devices have a superior library of games. Now they also have the "air play" feature, which allows any supported iOS game to be played on the big screen through Apple TV. We want a first or third party standard video game controller to use with all those great iOS games.

04. Super Smash Bros Wii U


There is one Wii U game we're looking forward to more than any other title on the system. That game is the next Super Smash Bros. We have spent literally hundreds of hours playing playing the games in the Smash Bros franchise, and rivalies around this office have become very intense. This series is the best and most well polished mascot figher in the history of the genre. We can't wait to see the next game. We hope for many new characters and the return of all our old favorites. We would also like to see a playable demo.

05. Metal Gear Solid V


Konami and Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima have teased fans for months about the next exciting chapter in the Metal Gear saga. With recent news that actor Kiefer Sutherland would be providing the voice of Solid Snake in the next game, anticipation for this title has reached a fever pitch. Although we have seen a glimpse of the game at Konami's incredible Pre-E3 event we still want more! A demo would be best, but an extended trailer or any other glimpse of MGS V, would be a welcome event. It will keep the series fresh in our minds while we relive the saga in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection, due out in early July.

06. Xbox One


Microsoft has made some pretty lofty promises when it comes to their next gen Xbox. Dubbed the Xbox One, the system promises to be the first truly all in one game system and multimedia device. We can't wait to get our hands on the new controller and try it's enhanced force feed back technology. We want to test the new version of Kinect and sample it's voice controlled features. But the thing we want to see the most are the games. Microsoft allegedly has a one billion dollar budget just for the development of launch titles. With that kind of money to spend we hope they will have a ton of great Xbox One titles waiting for us at the show.

07. PS Vita Price Drop


The PlayStation Vita is an amazing piece of technology. We already know that Sony and it's third party developers have big plans for the Vita at E3. However we still feel the Vita deserves a much wider audience. Cost is still a barrier for many gamers, and if Sony cuts the price on the system and on the proprietary memory cards we feel the Vita market will expand greatly. This will bring new development and a tidal wave of new games.

08. Hyperkin RetroN5


We recently caught a glimpse of the Hyperkin RetroN5 at the Giant Robot game night here in Los Angeles, and now we want more! We were teased with a sampling of it's robust GUI with it's many gameplay, and audio/video related options. This system is light years ahead of any other retro console on the market. It's easily the most ambitious retro console ever made. We can't wait to get our hands on it's innovative wireless controller. We also want details such as price and a release date. We really hope all of our questions will be answered at E3.

09. New Wii U Bundles + Price Drop


Many Nintendo fans are waiting in the wings before they jump in on the new Wii U console. We feel a price drop along with some new bundles will really give the system a shot in the arm. We would also like to see a new deluxe bundle that includes the Game Pad as well as the new Pro Controller. Nintendo already plans to release new game bundles which include the classic Wii controller, so a new Wii U bundle with a pro controller might also be in the works. The Wii U is already a great system, but if Nintendo bundles it with a new Mario game or even the next Mario Kart, hardware will be flying off the shelves.

10. Star Wars Battlefront 3


For many years die hard Star Wars fans have practically begged for a new Star Wars Battlefront game. Recently we learned that Star Wars Battlefront III was close to completion before it was shelved. This news sent a cry of outrage across the video game community. When we heard EA had acquired the Star Wars license we felt there was "a new hope" for gamers everywhere. We desperately want Battlefront III and we want it as soon as possible. EA please don't disappoint us or you may feel the wrath of the dark side!

BONUS POINTS: More Retro Products


Even on the verge of a new generation of consoles retro gaming is more popular that ever. What you see here is the iam8it Entertainment System, a new console designed by artist Travis Chen. Products like this, along with the Hyperkin RetroN5, the Neo Geo X, the Super Retro Trio and the Atari Flashback series all prove that gamers want retro hardware. We except many retro gaming related announcements at the E3 Expo. While many gamers will be looking towards the future with the looming next gen consoles, others will be looking back to the past at the games that started it all. Retro gaming is the pillar upon which the modern industry stands today. We hope to see many great new retro gaming products at E3.