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10 Things We Would Like To See At E3 2014

Written By: E. Thomas

May 25th, 2014

01. Monolith Soft Project X


Monolith Soft's X has sparked the imagination of gamers ever since it was first revealed during E3 Expo 2013. Fans have long awaited news on this extremely promising new title. X is the next installment in the Xeno Series, following the Wii cult hit Xenoblade Chronicles. Monolith Soft has an excellent reputation as one of the best Japanese developers in the business. We have very high hopes for this exciting action role playing game.

02. Grand Theft Auto V - Next Gen Version


For the past several months rumors have been circulating about a possible next gen version of GTA V. Even though GTA V had record breaking sales on current gen systems we feel many gamers would double dip if the game was released for the next gen consoles. We'd also like to see a PC version. And what about potential DLC? That would be an excellent incentive to get gamers to trade up to a next gen version.

03. Halo V: Guardians and Halo HD Collection


Halo 5 is guaranteed to make an appearance at E3 2014. Unfortunately since the game isn't scheduled to release until 2015 we're certain a hands on demo is still a long way off. We would just be happy with any new information on the biggest FPS game of the next gen. We would also love to hear a confirmation on the rumored Halo HD collection. A collection of all the previous games in the series would be a great way to pass the time until the release of Halo V. It would also be great to help new players get into this legendary franchise.

04. The Return of Crimson Skies


Crimson Skies will forever be considered one of the best games on the original Xbox. This action flight game is a legendary cult classic. Fans have long awaited a return of this classic franchise. A new game in the Crimson Skies series would be a perfect match for the Xbox One and it's revolutionary controller and outstanding online gaming network.

05. GameCube Games on Virtual Console


Nintendo has recently announced a cool new Game Cube controller adapter for the Wii U. PDP, a developer of third party accessories, is also busy creating a Game Cube style controller for the system. There have been rumors of Game Cube games coming to the Virtual Console ever since Nintendo launched the service just over a year ago. We would love to play classic Game Cube titles on the Nintendo Virtual Console. It would be even better if they all supported off screen, tablet game play.

06. PlayStation 4 Price Drop


The PS4 has sold extremely well since launch, holding a several million unit lead on the Xbox One. Unfortunately the system has had very few must have games since it's launch last November. It also appears that momentum has slowed since it's meteoric launch. A price drop would help the PS4 stay competitive with the Xbox One, which recently had a hefty price drop of it's own. Strong competition is great for gamers everywhere. This would also speed up the transition to next gen hardware.

07. New Metroid Game


Metroid fans are a long suffering bunch. Waiting for a new Metroid game is like waiting for the return of Haley's Comet. New entries in this franchise are few and far between. We would gladly welcome any news on a new Metroid title. This franchise would be a great fit for the Wii U and it's unique tablet controller. And since we're on the subject of the Metroid franchise we would also like a Metroid Collection similar to the Kirby Collection released for the original Wii.

08. Uncharted 4


The Uncharted franchise broke new ground in the previous generation for it's outstanding visuals and equally superb gameplay. A new game in the series would be able to tap the incredible hardware prowess of the PlayStation 4. We're sure it will be one of the most visually stunning games of the new generation, not to mention a lot fun. We would gladly welcome any announcement on the next game in the Uncharted series.

09. Destiny Playable Demo

Destiny is possibly one of the most highly anticipated games of 2014. Created by Bungie, the legendary developers behind the Halo series, Destiny promises to be one of the most innovative and exciting games in recent history. The concept of a MMO first person shooter with RPG elements seems like an ambitious premise. We need to see the final product to know if Bungie can pull it off. A playable demo of this game would give us a lot of insight into the final product. It would also help tide us over until release day.

10. Virtual Reality


There has been a tremendous amount of buzz concerning virtual reality gaming. Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus have been the hot topic of discussion for months. And now that Facebook has purchased Oculus Rift for two billion dollars, the product has the backing of one of the most powerful companies in the world. Now it's time for these products to shine. We want to put virtual reality gaming to the test. We need to see a killer app that proves virtual reality gaming is truly the revolution we have all been promised.

BONUS POINTS: New Nintendo 3DS Redesign


We all know there will be at least one more hardware revision in the Nintendo 3DS line before the company moves on to it's successor. Maybe it's a bit too early to anticipate the new revision, but we would welcome it with open arms. A slimmer, lighter version of the 3DS XL could be a great product.