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10 Things We Would Like To See At E3 2015

Written By: E. Thomas

Just 1st, 2015

01. Xenoblade Chronicles X


It seems strange to have the same game lead off our wish list two years in a row. However Xenoblade Chronicles X is easily the most anticipated action RPG on any console. Fans have long awaited the next chapter in the Xenoblade saga. The recent re-release of the original Xenoblad Chronicles for Nintendo 3DS has stoked the fires of desire for the release of the highly anticipated sequel. It's my hope that the game will be on the show floor in a playable form.

02. The Retro VGS Game Console


In case you haven't heard, the Retro VGS (Video Game System) is a brand new, cartridge based video game console. Although it's still in early development there is a tremendous amount of positive buzz surrounding this exciting new project. The project is backed by a team of industry veterans who give the console one impressive pedigree. I'm hoping the system will show up at E3, and hopefully be on display in the always popular Videogame History Museum, a section of the expo devoted to classic and retro gaming.  

03. New Metroid Game


Each year fans clamour for a new chapter in the Metroid saga, and unfortunately each year they are disappointed. It has been a long time since we last saw Samus Aran in a new adventure. Her triumphant return to gaming would be a welcome surprise for devoted Metroid fans everywhere. I will gladly take any new Metroid game, be it on a handheld or a console.

04. Oculus Rift Final Retail Version


I have followed the development of the Oculus Rift since the beginning. I was among the first in our city to get a hands on demo with this amazing product. I have known since the day I first tried the product at Giant Robot 2 here in Los Angeles, that it would revolutionize gaming and change the medium as we know it forever. No amount of hype and hyperbole can do this product justice. You must simply try it for yourself. I am hoping the final retail version of the product will be on display at E3. I also want an exact release date along with pricing.

05. Just Cause 3

Just Cause 2 was easily one of the greatest open world action games ever made. I personally invested well over 100 hours playing that game, and I still reminisce about the fun I had with that title. I liked it so much I encouraged several of my friends to buy their own copy and all of them loved it. Just Cause 2 was a phenomenon and Just Cause 3 has the potential to be even greater than it's predecessor. Right now the streets of Los Angeles are covered with advertising banners for this game. It's my great hope that it will be playable on the show floor, and that the general public will get their own demo soon after.

06. Star Wars Battlefront Playable Demo


Last year Star Wars Battlefront was one of my most anticipated games. Star Wars fans had long awaited a return of the franchise. After the release of an impressive new gameplay trailer I am very eager to get my hands on this new title. Last year EA surprised fans at their yearly press conference by holding a massive playable demo of their hit game Battlefield: Hardline. We are hoping they will do the same with Star Wars Battlefront. I personally want to put this game to the test to see if the force is truly with the new title.

07. Microsoft Hololens


Augmented reality is a not a new concept. However it's application in gaming is an exciting idea that has never been used to it's full potential. Hololens could be completely amazing if it's utilized in unique and interesting ways. The idea of bringing elements of a game into your living room is truly a revolutionary concept. Imagine playing Halo and seeing the inside of Master Chief's visor. Or imagine enemies and environments that extend out from your TV screen and into your living space. I want a full demo of the new product and I want to see it used with a game like Halo 5.

08. Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Remaster Collection


It's hard to believe that the last time we saw Nathan Drake was in Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the PlayStation Vita. It's also tough to hear that Uncharted 4 will be delayed until next year. I want a new Uncharted Remaster Collection featuring all three previous console games and a new console version of Golden Abyss. This will hold us over until the release of Uncharted 4. This will also help new fans get into the series before the release of UC4 next year. And what about Uncharted 4? Well let's hope for a solid preview of the game and maybe a playable demo if we're lucky. Making the demo exclusive to the Uncharted Collection would be a great way to sell the title.

09. Regular Sized New 3DS


When the New 3DS XL debuted earlier this year many Nintendo fans were disappointed that it's smaller sized brother, the regular New 3DS, was not released in the United States. Fans were puzzled by this decision. I suspected that it was delayed to allow Nintendo to push out their old stock of the Nintendo 2DS, a system designed for smaller hands and younger gamers. It would be great to see the regular sized New 3DS released in the United States. This would be a serious relief for people with smaller hands, or for those who just want a smaller, more portable handheld gaming system.

10. Xbox One and PS4 with 1 Terabyte Hard Drive



The current Xbox One and PS4 consoles come equipped with a 500 GB hard drive. Being an early adopter I have learned the hard way that this simply is not enough space for next gen games and all their DLC and mandatory patches. I am already out of space on both my new consoles. If you haven't jumped into the new generation of hardware you're also going to run into the same dilemma. This is why I feel both consoles desperately need an upgrade in hard drive size. Let's hope that both systems see new 1 Tera-byte models and, if we're lucky, let's hope they remain the same price.

BONUS POINTS: Amiibo 2.0


When Nintendo released their insanely popular Amiibo product line they were following in the footsteps of other products like Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Both of those products have improved the design and function of their collectible figures over the past several years. The Amiibo concept is great but it does have it's limitations. The primary concern is that a figure may only be used with one game. I would like to see an "Amiibo 2.0" line that allows me to use the same figure with several different games. I would also like to see new features and added functionality come to this collectible figure line.