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10 Things We Would Like To See At E3 2016

Written By: Elliott S. Thomas

June 7th, 2016

01. Shenmue III


When I first heard the announcement of Shenmue III it was like a long held dream finally coming true. I raced home from the Sony E3 press conference just to be among the first people to back this exciting project. The Kickstarter campaign for this game was a remarkable success, breaking many previous records on the crowd funding website. I have personally backed the project twice, supporting both the PC and PS4 versions. It is my sincere hope that we will finally get to see this game in action.

02. More Retro Gaming Products


The popularity of retro gaming has increased with each passing year. It has become a legitimate phenomenon. The growth of this cottage industry has inspired a boom in development of new products and software. Retro game conventions are popping up all over the country. Homebrew developers are creating new games for all the classic systems. Most importantly companies like Retro-Bit are creating brand new hardware that will play all of your favorite retro games. Let's hope that we see some new retro gaming hardware and software at E3. I'm also very happy to see retro inspired titles like Cuphead, which debuted at E3 2015. The retro gaming revolution continues and it will be televised.

03. Hololens


Hololens is the amazing augmented reality device that brings gaming right into your living space. When this revolutionary device was revealed to the world it immediately sparked a conversation about its tremendous potential as a gaming device. Last year the product debuted at the Microsoft E3 press conference. Gamers around the world witnessed an impressive technical demo showing a Hololens version of Minecraft. Since that time we have hungered for more information on this unique device. It has the potential to surpass virtual reality when it comes to practical gaming applications. I want to see this product on the show floor and I want a version that works with both my Xbox One and my PC.

04. The Return of Crash Bandicoot


I miss Crash Bandicoot. Since the heyday of his best games on the original PlayStation and the PS2 everyone's favorite marsupial has vanished, with barely a mention of the character in the gaming press. Fans of this iconic franchise often cite the titles developed by Naughty Dog as the best in the series. It might be too much to ask, but I would love to see a proper return of Crash Bandicoot, created and developed by Naughty Dog. Hey, they just wrapped up the Uncharted series in an impressive finale. Why not bring some life back to an old friend?

05. The Next Dead Rising Game


If you follow this site on a regular basis then you already know that I love zombies. Zombie movies, tv shows, video games, collectibles, you name it, I love it all. The Dead Rising franchise has never ceased to amaze and thrill me. I have played every single title in this series and still have all the games in my collection. When I first heard rumors of a new Dead Rising game at E3 I practically jumped for joy. Here's hoping we see a new title in the series and that it retains the online co-op that has made the past several games so much fun!

06. Original Xbox Games for Xbox One


The original Xbox remains one of the most vastly underrated consoles of all time. It's robust game library is full of amazing exclusives, cult hits, and unique import titles. I would like to see original Xbox games made playable through backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. This would introduce a new generation of fans to the system that started the legendary brand. It would also unify the Xbox brand under one roof. For that reason alone I would like to see this happen. The original Xbox is the foundation that supports the now billion dollar Xbox franchise.

07. Final Retail Version of PlayStation VR


Last year I was lucky enough to try a demo of PlayStation VR. From the moment I put on the VR helmet I was a true believer. PlayStation VR is virtual reality done right, and at a consumer friendly level. As the launch of this promising new device draws near I want another chance to sample its greatness. It would be great to get a full hands on demo with the final retail version. I also want to see what games are coming down the line for this impressive new product.

08. Xbox One Slim with Upgraded Hard Drive


Just as this article went to press one of my top choices was leaked to the world. The new Xbox One Slim, or Xbox One S, is a slim and sexy redesign that features a robust 2TB harddrive and the ability to play 4k media. It is allegedly 40% smaller than the original model. Let's hope it's available for demo on the show floor. I want to get up close and personal with this amazing looking new console. It will surely be a day one purchase for me.

09. Anything by Rockstar Games


Take 2, parent company of Rockstar, is rumored to be coming to E3 in a "big way." That's quite a bold statement. Surely they will have something to back up this level of hype. Now I'm really excited about the next Mafia game, as I have always been a fan of that series. However, it's the games made by Rockstar that truly have my attention. I would be happy to see anything by Rockstar games, whether it be new GTA content, another Midnight Club title, or the long awaited sequel to Red Dead Redemption. I would even be happy with an HD remaster of Red Dead Redemption itself.

10. The Next Legend of Zelda Game


My number one pick for E3 2016 is the next Legend of Zelda game. I have eagerly awaited any news on this mysterious new title. I am hoping for a full playable demo at the show. I want to explore the vast open-world landscapes we have seen in teaser footage. I want to sample the gameplay and see how it differs from previous titles. I want to face new enemies and have new adventures. I also can't wait to hear the new musical score. That's something that has always made this franchise great. Finally I want to see the ability to choose the gender of your character. This will bring a new level of inclusiveness to a title that is loved by millions from all walks of life. Nintendo never disappoints me when it comes to the Zelda franchise. Their booth will be my first stop when I get to the convention center on day one.


I would love to see a price drop on the amazing Xbox One Elite Controller. Quite simply, this is the best gaming controller ever made. More people need to own this incredible device. Unfortunately the $150 price tag is a bit steep for many gamers. A price drop would help more people experience the joys of this finally tuned pro controller. There's nothing else like it on the market.