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Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the 12th Day of Atlus
Atlus Fans Rewarded with 12 Day Prize Giveaway!


Our friends at Atlus are holding a special contest just for members of the Atlus Faithful. For 12 consecutive days the company will be giving away great prizes including games and Atlus memorabilia. Prizes include their outstanding portable titles Persona PSP and Strange Journey for the Nintendo DS. And also the highly praised GOTY Demon Souls! Each prize package is unique and may include one or more of the following items:

  • Atlus Online Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent t-shirt
  • Class of Heroes™ for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) System
  • Crimson Gem Saga™ for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) System
  • Demon's Souls™ art book with soundtrack CD
  • Demon's Souls™ autographed poster
  • Demon's Souls™ for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system
  • Eternal Poison™ art book
  • Knights in the Nightmare™ art book
  • Luminous Arc™ art book
  • Luminous Arc™ card holder
  • Rule of Rose™ soundtrack CD
  • Shin Megami Tensei®: Persona 4™ Japanese art book
  • Shin Megami Tensei®: Persona 4™ side B soundtrack CD
  • Shin Megami Tensei®: Persona 4™ art book
  • Shin Megami Tensei®: Persona 4™ t-shirt
  • Touch Detective™ mug
  • Trauma Team™ sticker 
  • Shin Megami Tensei®: Strange Journey™ for Nintendo DS™
  • Shiren the Wanderer™ for Wii™

  • All you have to do to enter is join the Atlus Faithful Mailing List. Simply click THIS LINK to join the club. Already a member? Then don't worry, you are already in the contest. Best of luck to everyone. Here's hoping 'Atlus-Claus' brings you a great holiday gift!


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
    4:43 pm pst          Comments

    Tuesday, December 29, 2009

    CABAL Online Gets 'Reloaded'

    New Dungeons, Quests and Holiday Items Unveiled This Week

    El Segundo, Calif.-Dec. 17, 2009- OGPlanet rolled out Reloaded, a major content update for its action MMORPG CABAL Online, this week. New dungeons, quests and items are among the additions, as well as some significant user-interface and game-mechanic changes.
    A host of brand-new dungeons created especially with lower-level players in mind have been added, making the leveling-up process in CABAL Online even more fun, and increasing new players' ability to jump right into the world of Nevareth. A slew of new quests have also been added, including Honor Quests, which enable players to wear additional ability-enhancing accessories, and Book of Soul Quests, dungeon-based quests that offer enormous experience-point rewards.
    CABAL Online players will find the game's user interface upgraded, with special attention paid to interface within parties. Party formation and loot distribution are now more convenient, allowing players to better focus their attention where it belongs: killing monsters! A revamped skills system streamlines the process of acquiring new abilities by letting players learn skills without traveling back to a city, and the buff cap has been removed, so characters' stats can now be improved without limit.
    Just in time for the holidays, new gift boxes have also been added to CABAL Online. The presents can reveal any number of items when unwrapped, and some lucky players will find holiday surprises, including a festive Santa Sleigh!
    About CABAL Online:

    In CABAL Online, players are called upon to protect the people of Nevareth from an evil entity known as Cabal. Centuries ago, the evil Cabal all but destroyed Nevareth, but the land was saved and rebuilt by seven great masters wielding the ancient abilities of Force Power. Nearly a thousand years later, Cabal has returned, and it is up to players to master the intricacies of the Force Power and use them to save Nevareth.
    Set in a diverse environment that includes ice temples, forgotten ruins, desert hideaways, mutant forests and volcanic citadels, CABAL Online engages players with dynamic quests that tie-in beautifully to the game's storyline and more than 300 dungeons to explore.
    CABAL Online includes both Player vs. Environment and Player vs. Player gameplay, with some servers designated specifically for PvP combat. An option that allows players to manually attack, rather than auto-attacking targets, provides additional control and accuracy, which is especially noticeable in PvP combat. In a unique approach to moderating PvP combat, players who continuously kill, or "gank," lower-level players will be transported to an in-game jail, where they will wander a seemingly endless maze until their sentence is complete.

    CABAL Online can be downloaded at http://cabal.ogplanet.com/.


    Submitted By: E. Thomas

    1:26 pm pst          Comments

    Monday, December 28, 2009

    A Year End Message From the ESA


    Dear Friends,

    Before 2010 begins, I thought it would be worthwhile to look back at the computer and video game industry's many accomplishments during the transformative year that is drawing to a close.

    Similar to all sectors of our economy, 2009 was a year filled with challenge for our industry. We were not immune to the economic difficulties caused by the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression. However, these difficult times did not prevent us from achieving a number of milestones that position the industry for continued success in the years ahead and further cement our place in our nation's cultural, social and economic life. 

    Our bright future could be seen in scores of new titles that attained significant sales and critical acclaim. The Beatles: Rock Band from Harmonix and MTV Games, for example, is having a unique impact on popular culture by providing players with a chance to experience the world of the Beatles. In addition, Take-Two Interactive's The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony helped make downloadable content a common term in even the most casual gamer's household.

    The Federal Trade Commission commended the leadership of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) as it once again set the bar high as the entertainment industry's gold standard for consumer ratings systems. The federal agency said that "of the three entertainment sectors, the electronic game industry continues to have the strongest self-regulatory code."

    One of the year's highlights was the growing recognition that games are making important contributions to all levels of education. In June, The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop issued Game Changer: Investing in Digital Play to Advance Children's Learning and Health, a report analyzing how computer and video games can be used to aid children's health and educational development. Many schools are incorporating computer and video games into their curricula, a trend the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) supported when we participated in the National Middle School Association's 21st Century Classroom Exhibit. In addition, last month, President Obama announced our industry's involvement in a new educational initiative to motivate and inspire students across the country to excel in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Finally, in a trend I am sure you all are following first-hand, an ESA survey found that a record number of colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning – 254 in 37 states and the District of Columbia – now offer courses and degrees in computer and video game design, programming and art.

    Elected officials throughout the nation are recognizing our industry's economic benefits. Texas Governor Rick Perry proclaimed February 3, 2009, "Entertainment Software Day" in Texas and, in April, signed into law a significant improvement in the state's economic incentive program for digital interactive media production. The Louisiana legislature and Governor Bobby Jindal adopted a 25 percent tax credit for investment in game production projects and a 35 percent payroll tax credit for such projects. In total, 18 states actively considered legislation this year to create or significantly expand existing incentive programs for digital interactive media development and production.

    With the help of industry advocates, we fended off two major legislative threats seeking to unfairly regulate the distribution of computer and video games in Utah and Louisiana. And as always, we remained vigilant in defending the interests of our industry and gamers. In 2009, we expanded the membership of the Video Game Voters Network (VGVN), which plays an increasingly important role in cultivating advocates and standing up for our Constitutional rights. This year, VGVN members sent thousands of letters to legislators across the country that directly impacted the debates on dozen of bills.

    Reflecting our overall health, the ESA's membership roll also grew during this year with eight publishers joining the association. These companies are helping to set the industry's agenda and policies while, at the same time, receiving the unique benefits that come with joining the ESA. Their involvement makes our association an even stronger advocate for the computer and video game community.

    Finally, I am pleased to highlight 2009's rebirth and revitalization of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 Expo). The improvements made this year once again make the E3 Expo our industry's preeminent event for announcing and previewing trends and cutting-edge and innovative products. The event now once again reflects the energy, innovation and excitement that are so much a part of the computer and video game industry. The support from all industry sectors and corresponding stakeholders position the 2010 E3 Expo for growth at a time when other trade shows are shrinking or fading.

    So, as 2009 draws to a close, I look back with great pride at all we have accomplished together. I know that our strength, creativity and innovation will continue to grow in 2010 and beyond. I wish you and your families a joyous and healthy holiday season.


    Michael D. Gallagher
    President and CEO
    Entertainment Software Association


    Submitted By: E. Thomas

    1:08 pm pst          Comments

    Thursday, December 24, 2009

    Happy Holidays from Everyone at DigThatBox.com!


    The Staff at DigThatBox.com would like to wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas to you all! And best wishes throughout the New Year!


    Submitted By: DigThatBox
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    Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    Trauma Team Behind the Scenes:
    Meet The Voice Actors

    The folks from Atlus have produced this second video giving you an exclusive look behind the scenes of Trauma Team, the upcoming medical drama video game. This time fans get to meet the voice actors behind this exciting production. This video provides a unique look at the talented professionals who bring the Trama series to life.

    For more info please visit:


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
    3:43 pm pst          Comments

    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    Trauma Team Behind the Scenes:
    Voice-Over Recording

    Our friends at Atlus have produced this outstanding video giving you an exclusive look behind the scenes of Trauma Team. Go inside the studio and witness the voice over process first hand as the stars of the game record their dialogue.

    For more info please visit: http://www.atlus.com/traumateam/


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
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    Monday, December 21, 2009



    Performance to be Held in New Orleans with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

    DVD, Blu-Ray and Volume Two CD to Follow

    Video Games Live and PBS are joining forces to create an exclusive nationwide PBS special based around the highly successful Video Games Live concert series.  The breakthrough performance will be taped on February 5th, 2010 at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and is slated to begin airing in June 2010 on PBS stations.  Tickets for the performance will be going on sale Friday, December 18 at 10am CST.

    Reaching an average of over 58 million viewers a week, PBS is the most prominent provider of programming to U.S. public television stations. “We believe the concept of introducing young audiences to an orchestra through the music of video games fits perfectly with PBS’s mission in a very new and creative way,” said PBS Vice-President of Programming Joe Campbell.  “We are very optimistic that the program will be a big success!”

    Recently described by the New York Times as “Captivating!” and “Bombastic!”, the record breaking and award winning Video Games Live has continued its mission to demonstrate to the world how artistic and culturally significant video games and their music have become.  Performing to sold-out crowds around the globe, Video Games Live has been thrilling gamers, families and mainstream audiences since its initial inception in 2002.  “This is an incredible opportunity for us to reach an audience that normally may not be familiar with how far video games have come and how amazing the music can be,” said prolific game composer and CEO of Video Games Live, Tommy Tallarico.  “It’s an honor for us to be a part of such a groundbreaking event with PBS and I’m really excited about the potential positive effects this will have on the entire game industry and its millions of fans.”

    The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra is the only musician-owned and collaboratively managed professional symphony in the United States. The members of the LPO are dedicated to creating live symphonic music and maintaining a resident full-time orchestra that serves as an integral part of the cultural and educational life of New Orleans and the Gulf South region. “What could be more fun than to be part of this performance phenomenon,” says Babs Mollere, Managing Director of the LPO. “Our musicians are looking forward to being part of an interactive evening of music and video footage with fans of all ages.”

    A companion DVD and Blu-Ray will be made available in 2010 which will showcase additional segments and many special extras including behind the scenes footage, making of Video Games Live, interactive angles, exclusive game developer and composer interviews, special never before seen game trailers and much more.  This will be the first time a video game concert DVD and Blu-Ray will be distributed worldwide.  Also being released will be the follow-up to the award winning Video Games Live: Volume One CD which debuted on the Billboard Charts at #10 in 2008.  Video Games Live: Volume Two will include many of the new segments included over the past two years as well as some of the most popular classics.  All products are scheduled to be released in the summer of 2010 following an exclusive window of availability through PBS.

    Tickets for the performance start at $15 and can be purchased beginning at 10am CST on Friday, December 18 by visiting ticketmaster.com, calling 1-800-745-3000 or at the Lakefront Arena Box Office.


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
    9:24 pm pst          Comments

    Friday, December 18, 2009

    GTA: San Andreas - Tarnell and The Snake River Canyon Jump!

    Tarnell is back!!! The man in green returns to scene with another death defying stunt! This time Tarnell challenges the deadly Snake River Canyon. In 1978 legendary stuntman Evel Knievel tried to jump the massive canyon in a rocket powered vehicle. [1]

    Unfortunately he failed, barely escaping with his life...

    Now Tarnell tries to succeed where Knieval failed. Only this time he's going to ride on the hood of a rocket powered car! No seatbelts for this stunt crazed madman, and no parachute either!!

    Will Tarnell survive? Can Tarnell survive? Tune in and find out!!!


    Submitted By: DigThatBox

    12:45 am pst          Comments

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    Super Mario Shortage UPDATE:
    Target Stores Get Last Minute Restock


    Super Mario Shortage UPDATE: Following up on yesterday's story it appears that Target stores  across the country have received a major last minute restock of NSMB Wii. Our east coast writers found copies in several Upstate New York locations from Albany to Saratoga NY. Target stores have the game in stock and in large quantities. This is a major relief for many of the Holiday Shoppers we spoke to on our travels. Some of them had been looking for the game for the past couple of weeks. We know exactly how they feel. We've been checking the stores on a daily basis since last weekend only to come up empty handed every single time.

    Rumors claimed the title might get a restock a week before Christmas. It appears those rumors were true as the shipment arrived exactly a week before the holiday. Its not certain whether Nintendo produced additional copies or if Target simply held back some of their stock. (Competing retailers still have empty shelves.) But either way, the shoppers we spoke to were relieved to finally got their hands on a copy. So it appears that if you are looking for Mario, Target is the place to be, at least for the moment. 

    UPDATE 1:Although currently not available online, a quick check of the
    Target website shows the game in stock at several local stores in the Los Angeles area. Be sure to check the site for yourself before you head out to the store.

    UPDATE 2: Just in case you still can't find a copy, there are rumors Toys R Us may receive copies a just before Christmas Eve. On a personal note, as a collector the morning of Christmas Eve is a great time to visit your local Toys R Us store. They traditionally receive last minute shipments for those crazy, last minute shoppers.


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
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    Wednesday, December 16, 2009

    Super Mario Shortage - New Super Mario Bros Wii SOLD OUT


    SOLD OUT!!!

    It looks like Nintendo's latest Super Mario title is in short supply across the country. After reports of shortages first appeared online we decided to investigate the problem for ourselves. So we loaded into the party van and hit the streets to see what we could find. After searching 8 Walmarts over a 25 mile radius we could not find a single copy. The same goes for the 4 Target stores in the same area. And again for the video game chain stores like GameStop, Play N Trade,  and GameCrazy.

    But wait, the problem only gets worse. Once we returned home from our massive journey we decided to call stores in other cities. Sure enough almost every store we called said they were out of stock. From Los Angeles to New York, one store after another, we came up empty handed.

    So what does this mean for Holiday Shoppers? Well don't panic yet. Nintendo may still restock the shelves in time for the Holiday Season. However we've already witnessed unscrupulous ebay profiteers selling the game for as much as $90.

    If you're looking for a copy don't go to ebay. Just show up at your local department store or Toys R Us early in the morning. The best time is when the open their doors as most stores stock over night. The early morning is your best chance to score a copy. Also, video game chain stores tend to get their shipments in the early to mid afternoon. This would also be a great time to call or show up in person.


    Submitted By: E. Thomas

    12:25 am pst          Comments

    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    STRIKERS 1945 PLUS Ready to Fly With iPhone, iPod Touch


    Beloved Arcade Shooter Recreated for iPhone Now Available on Global App Store

    Dec. 15, 2009 - WindySoft Co. Ltd.(www.windysoft.net) today announced the release of STRIKERS 1945 PLUS, a mobile shooting game set in World War II, for iPhone and iPod Touch.
    STRIKERS 1945 PLUS, developed by Psikyo and X-nauts, sold millions of copies throughout the world for Neo Geo MVS System, PS2 and PSP. The newly unveiled iPhone version boasts all the features, including the seven air-fighters, of the original.
    "Windysoft is very pleased to present STRIKERS 1945 PLUS, popular among gamers worldwide for more than a decade, to iPhone and iPodTouch gamers," said Chil-Hyun Baek, CEO of WindySoft Co., Ltd. "WindySoft will dedicate all our efforts to consistently providing Apple's App Store customers with the best, most entertaining mobile games."
    STRIKERS 1945 PLUS can be downloaded from the Apple Global App Store.

    About STRIKERS 1945 PLUS:

    Millions of copies of STRIKERS 1945 PLUS for Neo Geo MVS System, PS2 and PSP have been sold globally over the past 10 years, and the game has now been adapted for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.
    STRIKERS 1945 PLUS offers six different kinds of fighters: the P-38 Lighting, Flying pan-cake, Spit fire, Zero fighter, Fiat, Ta152, and a hidden fighter, Ascender. The gameplay hearkens back to the flying shooter games of the 1990s. Each fighter has three ways to attack opponents: default shooting attack, energy-charged attack and bombardment, providing old-school arcade action for iPhone and iPodTouch users.
    Besides the traditional shooting action, STRIKERS 1945 is enhanced by field items that can be used immediately by the player to strengthen weapon power and supporting fire during a battle. In addition, fighters will get different sub-weapons from each power-up.
    The Strikers series so far includes Strikers 1945, Strikers 1945-2, Strikers 1945 PLUS, and Strikers 1999. 
    www.windysoft.net www.windyzone.com www.windymobile.com


    Submitted By: E. Thomas

    2:32 pm pst          Comments

    Monday, December 14, 2009

    Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition: Gameplay Trailer

    Our friends at Atlus have just released the latest trailer for their upcoming Zeno Clash game. Its coming soon to the Xbox 360.

    "In the land of Zenozoik, the city of Halstedom is ruled by a powerful clan, one which Ghat has betrayed by committing a terrible sin. Now, Ghat's brothers and sisters are pursuing him and his companion Deadra through strange and twisted lands, beyond the boundaries of the sane to the ends of the world. What was Ghat's crime and why did he commit it? The bare-knuckled brawl to reach the truth has just begun."

    Available March 2010 on XBLA.

    For more information, visit:


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
    1:09 pm pst          Comments

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    Firecore Sega Genesis Classic Console with 20 Built-In Games!
    Only $25 with Free Shipping


    The folks at BUY.com have just scored this incredible exclusive. The Firecore Sega Genesis Classic Consoleis on sale for only $25 with FREE SHIPPING. (Sales tax may apply) The console features 20 built in Sega Genesis games. (Listed below) And unlike other retro console clones this one is actually supported by Sega.

    The machine comes with two 6-button controllers, AC adapter, instruction manual and AV out cables. The unit even has a built-in IR receiver that supports wireless Genesis Controllers.(Not included) Firecore also claims the machine will be compatible with their upcoming SD card adapter, which we assume will allow users to play homebrew Genesis games on the console. There is also talk of an official game download service.

    The hardware is durable and the controllers, although somewhat light feeling, are decent representations of the classic 6-button Genesis controller. The cartridge port is tight, and that's actually a good thing, especially if your games are old and the contact points are worn.
    Now the question everyone asks is "how is the game support?" Is it faithful to the original Genesis? Well from our experience the built in games run extremely well. However when going through our collection we found that some of our cartridge games ran slower that normal, while other suffered the occasional sound bug. Still 85% of our collection ran extremely well, and for the price the system is an outstanding purchase. Here is the official list of Built-In / Pre-Loaded games:

  • Golden Axe
  • Crack Down
  • Altered Beast
  • Sonic & Knuckles
  • Ecco the Dolphin
  • Alex the Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
  • Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja
  • Columns III
  • Gain Ground
  • Arrow Flash
  • Ecco Jr.
  • Flicky
  • Decap Attack
  • Cyber Police ESWAT City Under Siege
  • Alien Storm
  • Shadow Dancer
  • Sonic Spinball
  • Jewel Master
  • Kid Chameleon
  • Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine


    Its worth noting that Sega has been a big supporter of the Plug-And-Play market, especially in Brazil where they still have a massive loyal following. Also this machine joins a long list of Sega console clones. Even the Dreamcast has been cloned and released on the international market. Dubbed the "Treamcast" the dreamcast clone features it own built-in LCD screen! After all these years people still love Sega hardware.


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
    12:43 am pst          Comments

    Thursday, December 10, 2009

    Nintendo In The New York Times Circa 1955!


    This recently discovered Trademark Notification is possibly the first Press article to mention Nintendo in the United States. Trademark notifications are often published in certain major urban newspapers. This particular article even mentions the true meaning of the word "Nintendo." The origin of this image is unknown, but we would still like to thank the Anonymous Contributor who brought it to our attention. Its truly an amazing find.


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
    8:50 pm pst          Comments

    Tuesday, December 8, 2009



    As 2009 draws to a close, Americans are escaping the cold by braving the shopping mall crowds and surfing retail Web sites, looking for the perfect holiday gifts for friends and loved ones. As usual, gift-givers are snapping up popular computer and video game titles, which rank highly on wish lists again this year.

    An ESA poll released last month revealed that entertainment software is as popular as ever, with 42 percent of respondents either planning to give or hoping to receive a computer or video game this holiday season. This represents a nine percent increase from the previous poll in 2007 and the highest the number has been in more than five years. When the National Retail Federation released its "Top Toys 2009" list, video games came in atop the list for boys and at number four for girls. And a Consumer Reports survey listed video games and accessories as the most popular items that shoppers looked for on the Black Friday shopping day.

    This is not a new phenomenon. Market research firm Permuto Discoveries recently released a list of the top-selling toys every year since 1960. In seven years out of the last 34, computer or video games or consoles held the top spot, including Pong in 1976, Nintendo's Game Boy in 1991 and the Sony PlayStation 2 in 2001. This year, a survey by retailer Game Crazy identified Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Microsoft's Halo 3: ODST as some of the games atop wish lists.

    Computer and video games provide great value for the family entertainment dollar, a leading reason they are so high on gift givers' lists, according to the ESA poll's respondents. A full 52 percent indicated that video games would be a way to stretch the family's gift budget in the midst of the tough economy.

    When purchasing gifts, parents should consult the ratings assigned by the ESRB that are found on the packaging of all computer and video games. This year, the ESRB introduced a new, free iPhone app that gives parents instant, on-the-spot access to its rating summaries when making decisions about which games to give as gifts. So far, 39 elected officials in 35 states have released statements in conjunction with the ESA and ESRB urging parents and other shoppers to educate themselves on the resources provided by the ESRB to ensure that the games they buy as gifts are appropriate for their children.


    Submitted By: E. Thomas

    3:14 pm pst          Comments

    Saturday, December 5, 2009

    No More Heroes: Paradise - Japanese Debut Trailer


    No More Heroes: Paradise debut trailer now online! This footage comes to us from our friends at Machinima.com. As you can see the Xbox 360 / PS3 version looks fantastic. The new cell shaded look feels similar to the recent cult classic "Borderlands." The game will feature a new control scheme, improved HD visuals and a new mode called "very sweet mode." Allegedly the new mode allows players to get a closer look at the exotic women of No More Heroes. (editor's note: We can't wait to see more of Bad Girl.) We'll keep you posted as this story develops.


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
    2:36 am pst          Comments

    Friday, December 4, 2009

    Huge Nintendo DS Gets Huge Sales: DSi LL/XL Launches in Japan


    The newest revision of the Nintendo DS has launched in Japan. Reports indicate it has been met with impressive sales. In its first week on the market the DSi:LL sold over 100,000 units. That's quite a feat for a system that's already sold over 20 million units in Japan. The following week sales remained strong with the DSi:LL moving another 70,000 units, this despite reports of hardware shortages.

    No doubt the success of the new machine is partially driven by the release of recent mega hits like Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver and the latest Professor Layton title. The Pokemon games have already sold over 3 million units since their release. Professor Layton also debuted with a massive 300,000 units sold in just the first week of sales.

    Dubbed the "Nintendo DSi:LL" ,or DSi XL here in the States, the machine is the 4th revision of the insanely popular hand-held gaming system. Sometimes jokingly referred to as DS HUGE, the DSi LL/XL is geared towards those who need a larger screen, or a larger portable for their adult sized hands. The machine is scheduled for release in North America sometime in Q1 2010.

    Source: Media-Create


    Submitted By: J. Castle

    2:31 am pst          Comments



    Shoppers are already out in force picking up the hottest computer and video games to give as gifts this holiday season.

    And thanks to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) system, those shoppers can make informed decisions about which games are most appropriate for their kids.

    Just today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a report that found the computer and video game industry "outpaces" other entertainment industries in providing clear age ratings and restricting children's access to mature-rated products. The report says retailers have made "great strides" in stopping 80% of sales of games rated "Mature" to minors. These ratings give parents peace of mind as they choose which games to buy for their children.

    Help us spread the word about this important report -- take a few minutes to send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about the FTC's praise for video games:


    It's encouraging to get this kind of positive feedback about video games -- especially from a government agency like the FTC.

    For a long time, most of what you'd hear about video games was uninformed criticism from officials trying to score political points by railing against games and gamers.

    Help make sure as many people as possible know about this FTC report and the ESRB system. It only takes a few minutes to send a letter to the editor -- and it could make a big difference in the American public's perception of video games and gamers. Send your letter now:


    Thanks for your support.

    -- Video Game Voters Network


    Submitted By: E. Thomas
    2:30 am pst          Comments

    Thursday, December 3, 2009



    Sony's little wonder turns 15 today!

    On December 3rd, 1994 the Playstation was launched in Japan, and the rest they say, is history. The "little machine that could" swept the globe and would usher in the "Playstation era," much to the delight of video game fans everywhere.

    It seems like just yesterday I was waiting in line outside Toys R Us to buy my first Playstation console. Little did I know how much this machine would change my life and the video game world forever. At the time Sony was an underdog. They press was having a field day beating them up, as were the fanboys. But I was always a true believer. Plus, being a multi-console fanatic I loved and craved new hardware. When I heard Sony was jumping into the market I said "Bring it on! The more the merrier. Hang those who talk of less!"

    15 years later and its been one hell of a ride. And the funny thing is I still own my original Playstation! Its a cherished prize from one of the greatest times in video game history. Thanks for all the great times Old Pal.

    Get in on the fun by visiting Sony's Official 15th Anniversary Website:

    Official Playstation 15th Anniversary Website

    Cake Photo Courtesy of everdale1


    Submitted By: E. Thomas

    5:01 pm pst          Comments

    Wednesday, December 2, 2009

    Standing up for video games in California


    California gamers are lucky to have Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes.

    With video games expected to be among the hottest presents this holiday season, Assemblyman Fuentes is urging California shoppers to pay careful attention to the age and content ratings given by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) so they can make informed choices about the games they give as gifts.

    Assemblyman Fuentes understands that restricting people's access to games is the wrong approach. Instead, he is encouraging people to use the ESRB ratings to make responsible decisions about the games they buy.

    As important as it is to be critical of those elected officials who would seek to stifle the free expression rights of video games and the people who play them, it's just as important that we applaud those who stand up for them.

    Will you take a moment and show Assemblyman Fuentes your appreciation?

    ESRB ratings appear on the front of virtually every game's packaging and provide an age recommendation, such as EC (Early Childhood 3+), E (Everyone 6+), E10+ (Everyone 10 and older), T (Teen 13+), M (Mature 17+) and AO (Adults Only 18+). On the back of the package, next to the rating, are content descriptors that provide information about what may have triggered the rating, or may be of interest or concern to parents.

    With a recent poll showing that 43 percent of Americans planned to buy one or more games in 2009 -- and a majority doing so during the holiday season -- it's even more important for parents to make sure the games they buy are appropriate for their families.

    Assemblyman Fuentes agrees, so please take a moment now to thank him for his help:


    Thanks, and happy shopping!

    -- Video Game Voters Network


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    Tuesday, December 1, 2009

    Shiren The Wanderer: Official Trailer and Web Site Now Online

    For a thousand years, a princess has slept inside the Karakuri Mansion. When Shirens former master bestows upon him the Karakuri key, he quickly finds himself entangled in a millennium-old mystery, wandering through past and present to unravel the story of the girl and vanquish an ancient, lurking evil

    As the ronin warrior Shiren, youll wander the old country, encountering dungeons filled with snow, sakura, walls of fire, and more. Control up to 3 party members and stay alert as you wander through dungeons, collecting items and outthinking your enemies! Easy mode lets newcomers find a foothold in the dungeons while Normal mode presents a more rigorous challenge for veterans.

    Available February 9, 2010.

    For more information, visit:


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