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Friday, July 29, 2011

07/29/11 - Arcade Token Mailing Complete
Final 2011 Token Mailing Update:
Token Mailing Complete!!


Well, after 5 long weeks of stuffing envelopes, checking addresses, and making trips to the post office, we have completed the 2011 Arcade Token mailing! We shipped 577 envelopes to people across the United States and all around the globe. Here's how everything worked out...

Tokens By The Numbers:

Week One: 120 Envelopes Shipped
Week Two: 152 Envelopes Shipped
Week Three: 138 Envelopes Shipped
Week Four: 167 Envelopes Shipped

Our original goal was to ship 100 tokens a week for five weeks. Luckily we stayed ahead of our original schedule, despite many long hours checking coins and stuffing envelopes. We tried to make sure that everyone received a token with no major flaws. So we hand checked every single token before they were sent out to our readers. This was an added bonus for those who participated in our online give-away. We wanted to make sure our online readers got the best coins in the batch!

The first 100 people received both the 2010 Gold Token and the 2011 Silver Token. But we also chose 50 people at random to receive both tokens, just  because we wanted to give everyone a shot at getting both coins.

Tokens Around the Country:

We shipped tokens to 46 of the 50 United States! California and Texas were tied for the highest number of respondents. However New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Illinois were all very close to the top of the list.

Tokens Around the Globe:

We mailed tokens to 18 different countries around the globe! We shipped tokens to the following countries. Austria, Australia, Argentina, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, and Trinidad/Tobago.

Special Thanks to Everyone!!

Arcade tokens are a testament to our love for video games. That's a thing we all share. Tokens are a type of pop culture currency. And these coins are a tiny bit of video game street art, and our contribution to the gaming world.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who contacted us for a token. We love doing the Arcade Token give-away. Its great to do something just for the fun of it. And we love giving something back to our fans, and also to our friends in the global gaming community. Without your support none of this would be possible. We sincerely thank you all for your interest in this project.

We look forward to bringing you more exciting give-aways in the future. Until next year... See you at E3 2012!!

Submitted By: DigThatBox.com

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

07/28/11 - 3DS Price Drops to $169 + 20 Free Games
Nintendo Officially Drops 3DS Price to $169. Giving Away 20 Free Downloadable Games

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Nintendo of America today announced plans to drop the suggested retail price of its portable Nintendo 3DS™system to $169.99 in the United States, as new games based on some of the world’s most beloved video game franchises head to the system. The new price, down from the suggested launch price of $249.99 and effective Aug. 12, makes an outstanding value even better and sets up a strong holiday season for the system.

“For anyone who was on the fence about buying a Nintendo 3DS, this is a huge motivation to buy now,” said Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime. “We are giving shoppers every incentive to pick up a Nintendo 3DS, from an amazing new price to a rapid-fire succession of great games.”

Nintendo 3DS has the strongest software lineup of any video game system this holiday season and the new price now opens up the glasses-free 3D experience to many more consumers. Building on the popularity of The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ 3D, which launched June 19, the upcoming game calendar is a Who’s Who of iconic video game franchises. Star Fox 64™ 3D arrives on Sept. 9, followed by Super Mario™ 3D Land in November, Mario Kart™ 7 in December and Kid Icarus™: Uprising during the holiday season. In addition to great games, Nintendo 3DS has a host of attractive features* that make it the must-have video game system this season:

The new Nintendo Video™ service automatically delivers short 3D videos from the worlds of music, comedy, animation and Hollywood.
A free application allows Netflix members with unlimited streaming plans to instantly watch TV episodes and movies streaming from Netflix.
The Nintendo eShop is a digital store for Nintendo 3DS owners that provides access to a wide variety of downloadable content, such as original 3D software, classic games that have been re-mastered in 3D called 3D Classics, Game Boy™ and Game Boy Color “Virtual Console” games in their original 2D glory, and more than 350 Nintendo DSiWare™ games. Visitors can also view video game trailers, screen shots and product information for games, including those available at retail locations.

Since Nintendo 3DS launched in the United States on March 27, more than 830,000 people in the U.S. alone have purchased one to enjoy 3D visuals without the need for special glasses. These Nintendo 3DS owners represent some of Nintendo’s most loyal customers, and Nintendo is rewarding them for getting in on the action early with 20 free downloadable games from the Nintendo eShop.

These free games are available to anyone who owns a Nintendo 3DS system and uses a wireless broadband Internet signal to connect to the Nintendo eShop at least once before 11:59 p.m. Eastern time on Aug. 11. These users will automatically be registered in the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador program. The program contains two elements:

Starting Sept. 1, Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors will be able to download 10 NES™ Virtual Console™ games at no charge and before they are available in the Nintendo eShop to the general public. These games, including Super Mario Bros.™, Donkey Kong Jr.™, Balloon Fight™, Ice Climber™ and The Legend of Zelda™, are slated to become paid downloadable games, but Ambassadors get them early for free. Once the paid versions of the games are posted to the Nintendo eShop later in the year, the updated versions will be available to Ambassadors for download at no cost. By the end of 2011, Nintendo will provide Ambassadors with 10 Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games. These include games like Yoshi’s Island™: Super Mario™ Advance 3, Mario Kart™: Super Circuit, Metroid™ Fusion, WarioWare™, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ and Mario vs. Donkey Kong™. These games will be available exclusively to Ambassadors, and Nintendo currently has no plans to make these 10 games available to the general public on the Nintendo 3DS in the future.

More details about this program will be announced in the future.

Submitted By: J. Castle

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

07/27/2011 - New Custom Xbox Dashboard Videos
New Custom Xbox Dashboard Video Collection

Here is our latest video collection showing several custom versions of the UnleashX dashboard. This particular custom dash allows the user to change basic colors on the fly. We have several different colors including Pimptastic Purple, Great Pumking Orange, Rockin' Red and many more!

The dashboard has many, easy to use customization features. And switching colors has a dramatic effect on the overall look of the dashboard.

We have had many requests for new custom dashboard videos. Dashboard customization is very simple, and the results can be extremely impressive.

The UnleashX dashboard allows for a great deal of easy customization. For this particular dashboard we have added custom Icons for each category. We have also created new tabs including "Homebrew," "Emulation" and "Gaming" tabs. Each has their own custom made icon.

When it comes to speed, efficiency, reliability, ease of use, and customization options, UnleashX is the best custom Xbox dashboard.

Submitted By: The Original Underground Gaming Channel

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

07/26/2011 - Go Bowling with Tekken

Memorable mini-game from TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT

LYON, FRANCE – 26 July 2011 – NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. released TEKKEN BOWL for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on July 23, 2011. TEKKEN BOWL was first introduced as a mini-game in TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT, a brawling action game released in 2000 for consoles. In it you can select characters from the TEKKEN series and then play a round of bowling with them. The game has been powered up for its return and is out for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Two modes to choose from! Easy to pick up, but hard to master!

Ten-pin Mode

This mode uses standard bowling rules. You have ten frames in which to aim for the highest score possible. The strength of your throw is determined by the Power Meter, which moves up and down, and spin on your throw is controlled by the Spin Meter which moves back and forth. Watch the meters carefully and tap the screen with the right timing to roll the ball with the power and spin you want. Ten-pin Mode also features a two-player mode where friends can take turns and compete with each other. 

Puzzle Mode

Each stage of Puzzle Mode has a different layout of pins, poles and other items. The goal is to knock down all the pins with as few balls as possible. The number of balls remaining is indicated on the right side of the screen, and you will earn a gold, silver or bronze medal depending on how many are left at the end of the stage. Unlike Ten-pin Mode, you’ll have to carefully consider the power and direction of each shot. Sit back and watch the ending after completing all 30 stages. Plus, if you get all three types of medal for every stage, you’ll get a special ending.

Play as Jin, Xiaoyu or Panda and use their different abilities to aim for strikes!

There are three characters to choose from: Jin, Xiaoyu and Panda. They each have unique characteristics making them more powerful or better-balanced than the others, so you can find one that suits your play style best. Each character also has a unique animation when they roll a strike.

Collect all the medals by earning achievements!

TEKKEN BOWL uses the Game Center achievement system. Meet the requirements to earn medals. Complete your collection of medals by beating every all 30 challenges, ranging from simple tasks, like rolling a spare, all the way to steep challenges, like rolling four strikes in a row or getting a perfect game.
For more information on our entire lineup, please visit:

Watch all videos from Namco Bandai Games Europe on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/NamcoBandaiGamesEU

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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Monday, July 25, 2011

07/25/2011 - CGE Founders Launch New Museum
Classic Gaming Expo Founders Launch Videogame History Museum

July 25th, 2011 - John Hardie, Sean Kelly, and Joe Santulli, organizers of the annual Classic Gaming Expo, have launched the Videogame History Museum - a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to preserving and archiving the history of the Videogame industry. Currently the group is seeking initial working capital using the unique crowdfunding business plan offered through their project on the kickstarter web-site (www.kickstarter.com) The initial goal is to raise $30,000 to help finance additional fundraising activities and also to better mobilize the museum's collections for exhibit at various industry trade shows.

The enormous success of their display at the recent E3 trade show was evident as they garnered several "Best of Show" nominations from the gaming press along with positive testimonials from show-goers. "The videogame industry is double the size of the music industry and while there are several music "halls of fame" and museums, there isn't a single dedicated, all-inclusive videogame museum", said Joe Santulli. "We're taking the necessary steps toward creating a physical museum, research facility, and reference library to honor and archive the history, hardware, software, events and people of this industry."

The Museum has the support of many of the legends that helped create the industry and their Board of Advisors is comprised of some of the most recognizable names in the history of gaming. David Crane, one of the founders of the first third-party software publishing company (Activision), and the sole programmer of the original Pitfall and many others says: "I have always wished [the Classic Gaming Expo guys] success in finding a permanent home for [their] collection, which I consider to be the most comprehensive repository of videogame collectibles and memorabilia in the

The Videogame History Museum's collections are based on the popular Classic Gaming Expo museum which is comprised of over 20,000 artifacts ranging from games, hardware, memorabilia and prototypes to a vast digital archive containing magazines, design and developer notes, company press kits, back-ups of unreleased games and much more. Founder Sean Kelly states,"The Videogame History Museum is the natural extension of the work we started over 20 years ago. The museum we envision promises to be all-inclusive,comprehensive and interactive. Unlike some of the other efforts in recent years which have a limited focus, our intention is to cover it all: every game made for every system, every piece of promotional material made for each game, every revision of every console with specific notes as to the differences, the design progression, and so on."

To get more information, watch their video, or to donate and become part of the movement to make this all happen, please visit the Museum's Kickstarter project at:


Submitted By E. Thomas

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