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Friday, June 22, 2012

06/22/2012 - Word Trick Now Free on App Store
Word Trick® Now Free to Download For iOS from Apple App Store
Outplay Entertainment and FreeAppADay.com Bring Free Tile-Based Trickery to All Lovers of Lexica
Dundee, UK – June 22nd 2012 – Outplay Entertainment today announced that their wildly popular game of wits and wordplay, Word Trick®, is available to download in Ad-Free premium form for iOS from the Apple App Store from today! The offer, which is available for a limited time only, comes as the Dundee-based Developer collaborates with FreeAppADay.com to celebrate 20 million turns played in their game of fab’ vocab’, after wordsmiths worldwide sated their addiction to diction across Facebook and iOS.
Douglas Hare, CEO of Outplay Entertainment expressed his delight at the constantly growing popularity of Word Trick®:

“We're delighted to be celebrating this milestone.  Word Trick has proven to be a hit with players from around the world and consistently receives 5 star ratings on the App Store and on Facebook.  We look forward to welcoming many more players to the game and our growing Outplay community."

Following the introduction of tax relief for the digital games industry from the treasury, Scotland's First Minister, Alex Salmond welcomed the latest milestone for the Scottish developer – whose previous forays into fun include the phenomenally popular Booty Quest™:

“Outplay Entertainment is a fantastic Scottish success story, as the growing popularity of Word Trick illustrates.  I was delighted that Outplay Entertainment chose to set up their base in Dundee, and that decision has clearly paid dividends.” 

Word Trick® is a classic word game with a totally addictive twist! Rack up your word scores by matching special green Trick Tiles anywhere on the board, achieving massive multipliers and becoming the victor with some vicious vocabulary! Delivering a truly social experience, with up to four-player local and online multiplayer, and the ability to find friends to play with via Facebook, there are even more opportunities to work on your winning word-based wizardry!

Word Trick® is now available for a limited time, absolutely free, for iOS from the Apple App Store:


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Thursday, June 21, 2012

06/21/2012 - Flaregames Releases Huge Update for BraveSmart
flaregames Releases Huge Update for Runaway Hit BraveSmart

200K Download Milestone Surpassed as Puzzle Strategy Game Adds New Levels and Finetunes Gameplay

KARLSRUHE, Germany – June 21, 2012 -
flaregames GmbH, a mobile games company, today announced the first major update for its popular puzzle strategy game, BraveSmart, a match 3 game set in a comical Scottish world. The game was released in late May and quickly saw more than 200,000 downloads as it rose in the charts around the world. The updated game is now available in the App Store, and via Google Play and other Android markets and makes the game even more fun for players of all skill levels.

BraveSmart is about helping Scottish clans colonize the Highlands. To do this the player swipes the screen and combines resources intuitively: Three stones make a smithy, three wood piles a hut, three building a warehouse and so on, up to castles. The mechanic of the game is simple, clever and shows its depth as players progress in this addictive match 3 game.

"BraveSmart has hit the top of the charts in every market already and we’re making it even more fun for the players,” said Andreas Suika, flaregames' Creative Director and Game Designer for BraveSmart. " We’ll continue to fine-tune all of our titles to ensure we balance the fun with the challenge. The average consumer review score of “5 stars” proves our commitment to quality.”


Official Website: www.bravesmart.net
About BraveSmart
  • It’s Alive!: Players can now reach level 27 in BraveSmart 2.0! Woohoo! The familiar challenge continues with even more levels filled with Scots, sheep, walls, forests and other obstacles. 
  • The Challenge Continues: It was difficult before, we figured that out and made it a bit easier, but it’s still one of the most challenging mobile games ever created. Don’t worry, we know you want a game the is both fun and challenging!
  • Better Path: The objectives on some of the levels have been adjusted and the tools are explained better now. You also get time to practice, so there’s no reason the sheep will beat you... if you’re good! 
  • More Land in Scotland: the structure of the maps and worlds have been completely revised, offering players a better challenge over more levels. BraveSmart is for players that want a challenge and have the stamina to be a hero!

About flaregames
Based in Karlsruhe, Germany, flaregames is a highly motivated team of industry veterans closely collaborating on a new generation of mobile games. The company was founded in 2011, to focus on the development and operation of free-to-play games for smartphones, and tablets. flaregames‘ pipeline currently consists of a portfolio of titles for mainstream and Mid-Core gamers. All of the games are being developed with the goal of offering fun, deep and long-lasting, gameplay experiences that engage players. 

The founder of the company is Klaas Kersting, co-founder and former CEO of GAMEFORGE AG, who grew his previous company from a start-up to a global player with 500 employees and over 100 million Euros in annual revenue. For more information, please visit:

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

06/20/2012 - Konami Brings Puzzle Chasers to Facebook
All-New Puzzle Adventure Game Filled with Mystery and Romance Now Available for Social Gamers

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that Puzzle Chasers, an all-new puzzle based game, is now available for Facebook. An exciting spin on the classic, family-friendly jigsaw puzzle experience, Puzzle Chasers features an adventure storyline with memorable characters, hilarious sidekicks and top notch artwork, rarely seen on the Facebook platform! The game will test players' puzzle skills as they try to find the correct Jigsaw pieces to complete a picture before time runs out.

Puzzle Chasers follows players as they solve puzzles to unlock the next chapter in the story. Players will follow Roxy, Blake and their faithful monkey Austin, as they travel to the world's most exotic locations. As the story moves forward, the player will meet plenty of other engaging characters - the fun never ends.

In Puzzle Chasers, each level of the game starts with an incomplete puzzle. The player selects an empty space on the puzzle board and is presented with a set of pieces that they need to pick to fit in the space. If correct, the piece is placed to help complete the picture. Each consecutive correct piece adds to a combo meter as well as the difficulty. There's a limited amount of time to complete the puzzle and players can follow the story or repeat any puzzle they have completed by looking in their journal. To add to replayability, puzzle pieces are randomized so the player will never play the same puzzle twice.

The title also gets more difficult the further a player progresses, so various power-ups and unlockables will be available to help complete the journey. Featuring innovative gameplay and stunning visuals, gamers can follow Story Mode with hundred different jigsaw puzzles, or participate in the addicting, fast-paced Blitz Mode, with new puzzles introduced weekly!

Puzzle Chasers is available now on Facebook. For more information, please visit

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

06/19/2012 - Resonance Arrives on PC Today
Four Playable Characters, One Gripping Adventure: Resonance Releases Today for PC

Wadjet Eye Games selling download and Collector's Edition packaged versions at Resonance-Game.com

NEW YORK - June 19, 2012 - Wadjet Eye Games, an independent publisher of retro-styled adventure games, is announcing that Resonance is now available for PC download from
Resonance-Game.com. The first commercial release from indie developer Vince Twelve, Resonance is a complex and lovingly-crafted interactive narrative that has been under development for more than five years.

Resonance merges classic point-and-click gameplay with innovative, contemporary storytelling thanks to its nostalgic pixel-art graphics, suspenseful plotline, and creative puzzles. A brilliant particle physicist has just died under suspicious circumstances, leaving the classified details of his powerful new technology locked away in a hidden vault. Now fate has thrown together four strangers - the scientist's protégé, a doctor, a police officer, and an investigative reporter - to find the vault before this potentially catastrophic weapon falls into the wrong hands. Controlling each of these protagonists, Resonance players will decide when they should work together, which secrets to guard, and who to trust. But loyalties will be tested as the clock ticks down to global disaster, and you may discover that you've been mistaken all along...

Wadjet Eye Games is selling Resonance as a $9.99 DRM-free download from the game's official website. Through July 25, Wadjet Eye is also offering a packaged Collector's Edition for $24.99 (includes free worldwide shipping). A Steam release will follow this summer; until then, anyone who supports the development team by purchasing Resonance through the official website will get a free Steam voucher that can be redeemed immediately.

"After so much hard work, it's unbelievable to finally reach the finish line and share Resonance with the world," says Vince Twelve. "I'm grateful for the support of an amazing team of artists and musicians, not to mention the great folks at Wadjet Eye Games, without whom Resonance would have never come this far. And I'd like to give a special 'thank you' to all of the fans and backers who motivated me to work late into the night for five long years. I sincerely hope Resonance has been worth the wait!"

To view the Resonance screenshots and trailer, download the free demo, or buy the game, please visit the official website at

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Monday, June 18, 2012

06/18/2012 - Major Updates for Angry Birds on WiiU Story

Major Updates for "Angry Birds, Apple and the Secrets of the WiiU Controller."

Update #1: On Sunday June 3rd, Nintendo revealed the WiiU Pro Controller, for use with traditional multiplatform games. [Source]

Update #2: On Monday June 4th, Microsoft announced a new tablet and mobile app called "Xbox Smart Glass." [Source

Update #3:
On Thursday June 7th, The Escapist reports that Activision is working on an HD version Angry Birds for home consoles. This all but confirms a WiiU version. [Source]

Update #4: On Monday June 18th, Microsoft announced their new "Surface Tablet." [Source] It is certain that this tablet will interface with both the current Xbox 360 and its rumored successor dubbed "Xbox 720" or "Xbox 10."

Read the Original Article HERE

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