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Friday, June 29, 2012

06/29/2012 - DFC Intelligence Releases E3 Expo 2012 Report
DFC Intelligence Releases Report on E3 2012

DFC Intelligence has released its new report examining industry trends that emerged from the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held in Los Angeles from June 5-7, 2012. For a limited time DFC is making this report available for to anyone that signs up for the beta version of the DFC Dossier.

DFC has been covering every E3 since the show launched in 1995. Traditionally E3 has been the event where major new video game products are revealed, but according to the DFC report this year’s event was fairly subdued. This was despite a major new console, the Wii U, being revealed for the first time in a playable version. “Nintendo was very cautious about what they announced at this year’s E3,” said DFC Intelligence CEO David Cole. “Not only did they not announce many specifics about the Wii U, but they did not even show the new 3DS XL portable system which is launching this summer.”

A major trend at the show was large publishers not willing to take risks on big new franchises. “This year it seemed to be all about sequels to core franchises,” said DFC analyst Jeremy Miller. “Ubisoft and Sony Computer Entertainment seemed to be the only companies taking risks on new platforms and new IP.”

The DFC report notes that E3 is normally not a show to cover new business models or platforms like smart phones or tablets. However, at the 2012 E3 some companies from Asia had major exhibits. For example, Gree a Japanese provider of games for mobile platforms and had a huge booth this year. “One of the biggest trends we saw was successful companies from Asia making major statements that they plan to expand to North America. These are potential major players that are still relatively unknown to the E3 audience,” said Cole.

The E3 report is available to DFC subscribers and those that signup for the new DFC Dossier beta. To request a copy of the report contact Insun Yoon at or signup here (

About DFC Intelligence

DFC Intelligence is a strategic market research and consulting firm focused on interactive entertainment and the emerging video game, online game, interactive entertainment and portable game markets. Since 1995 DFC has published in-depth strategic market reports and subscription-based research services. In 2012, DFC Intelligence will be launching an online version of the DFC Dossier. The DFC Dossier has been providing regular industry analysis since 2007. DFC research is used by more than 300 leading companies in over 30 countries worldwide.

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

06/28/2012 - Rebel Entertainment Announces Dungeon Rampage
New Studio, Rebel Entertainment, Announces Development of First Real-time Multiplayer Social Game, Dungeon Rampage

Burbank, Calif. – June 28, 2012 – Recently established studio Rebel Entertainment, an operating business of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI), has developed its first game, Dungeon Rampage.

Channeling years of experience from talent previously at top videogame companies including Atari, Disney, EA and Zynga, Rebel Entertainment is drawing upon the unique backgrounds of its team to create this multiplayer action role-playing dungeon crawler game. More than two million players have already signed up for the beta version currently available on Facebook and have rated it as one of the top games on the platform with 4.4 stars out of 5. After a strong start, Dungeon Rampage will continue to expand with added content including new heroes, extended maps and an ever-growing arsenal of weapons.

Rebel Entertainment’s first foray into the social gaming sphere lets players battle together in real-time, unlike most social games, in which friends typically interact asynchronously by sending feed posts or gifts to each other. Dungeon Rampage also seamlessly blends accessible, arcade-style action gameplay with a deep role-playing progression for a game that is easy to play, but challenging to master.

Dungeon Rampage has introduced real-time multiplayer to the social gaming arena with fantastic early results,” said Mike Goslin, general manager, Rebel Entertainment. “In the few months that we’ve been in beta, players of all ages and skill levels have rampaged together in dungeons more than 47 million times and slayed more than 1.3 billion monsters in the process, and we’re just getting started.”

Dungeon Rampage is a multiplayer action role-playing dungeon crawler game featuring an array of six playable warriors, including the hammer-wielding Berserker, the unconventional Battle Chef, and the katana-slashing Ghost Samurai. Players can team up with friends in real-time to enter an evil tyrant’s dungeon games, full of fierce monsters and deadly traps, where only the toughest, savviest teams survive.

Rebel Entertainment plans to release Dungeon Rampage across a range of gaming platforms as part of its portfolio of innovative social and web-based games currently in development at the studio. The game studio plans to expand its offerings in the near future to include additional titles for web, social, mobile and other platforms.

For more information on Rebel Entertainment, and its upcoming portfolio of products, please visit
www.RebelEntertainment.com. For more about Dungeon Rampage please journey to www.Facebook.com/DungeonRampage

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

06/27/2012 - Walking Dead Episode Two Now on Xbox 360
Telltale Games Serves up Second Episode of Acclaimed Game Series in The Walking Dead ‘Starved for Help’

Episode Two – Starved for Help now available on Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and will be available Friday, June 29th on PlayStation®Network*, PC & Mac

San Rafael, CA – June 27, 2012 – Leading publisher of digital entertainment Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman, the Eisner Award-winning creator and writer of The Walking Dead for Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics, announced today that, 'Starved for Help', the second episode of the game series based on the critically acclaimed comic book series, The Walking Dead, is now available for download.

In this tailored game experience, players get the chance to see how their story continues based on the decisions that they made in episode one, ‘A New Day.’

Episode 2 – Starved for Help is now available to download on Xbox LIVE® Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, followed on Friday, June 29th on PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system (*North America. Other territories coming soon).  The PC and Mac versions of the episode will also be available to download on June 29 from the in-game menu.

'Starved for Help', met with critical praise at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), winning GameSpy's Best Adventure Game award. IGN.com nominated 'Starved for Help' for Best Xbox 360 Game, Best PC Game, Best PS3 Game, Biggest Surprise, and Overall Best Game of Show, saying "…'gut-wrenching' doesn’t even begin to describe Episode 2”. Official Xbox Magazine said that Episode Two is “…promising even more intensity than its nerve-jangling predecessor.”

The Walking Dead is set in the world of Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series.  Lee Everett, a man convicted of a crime of passion, has been given the chance for redemption in a world devastated by the undead. Players experience life changing events, meet new characters and familiar ones from the original comic, and also visit locations that foreshadow the story of Deputy Sherriff Rick Grimes. The Walking Dead offers a tailored game experience - player actions, choices, and decisions affect how the story plays out across the entire series.

The Walking Dead: Episode Two - Starved for Help is the second in a series of five episodes. Each episode is available for 400 Microsoft®Points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360® and for $4.99 per episode or as a $19.99 season pass on PlayStation®Network. The Walking Dead is also available as a $24.99 five-episode season pass on PC and Mac from the Telltale Online Store and other digital outlets.

The Walking Dead: Episode Two - Starved for Help is rated 'M' (Mature) for Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, and Strong Language by the ESRB.

For more information on the game, visit
the official website, Facebook, and follow Telltale Games on Twitter. For more information on The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, and all of his titles, visit www.Skybound.com.

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

06/26/2012 - Zombie Burst FREE Today Only on App Store
Join the Bone Chilling Journey in Zombie Burst, the Eerie App Available for FREE Today Only

Fight Against the Undead Today Until Midnight Tonight at No Charge

Los Angeles, CA – June 26, 2012 – Embark on a wonderfully gross adventure in an ever-thrilling Zombie hunt to try and save what little is left of mankind after fatal Zombie attacks. CatFoster Media, a publisher of innovative gaming apps for mobile and tablet devices, announced today that Zombie Burst, the first of its kind amongst the realm of Zombie apps is available for free for one day only! Zombie Burst is available for the iPhone™ and can be downloaded in the
App®Store until midnight tonight free of charge.

Check out a sneak peak of this frightfully addictive adventure in the new trailer:

In Zombie Burst, you find yourself as the sole survivor of a vicious zombie infection! You must use your freakishly strong hands against the ruthless biting zombie machines by popping their pimple-like heads with your fingers in order to burst their brains and fight your way out of Chicago. Dominate the leaderboards as you play through 10 gut-wrenching levels, bursting countless brains and wiping away the goo of the Zombies in order to unlock achievements, score points and claim victory in this dreadfully addictive adventure! As the desired target, you must prepare yourself for hungry ghoul attacks as the poisonous bite determines your fate.

Additional Haunting Zombie BurstGame Features Include:
  • Four Zombie Classifications to Annihilate: Pea Head, Brains, Gallon and Dome – each has its own unique strengths and characteristics that make it difficult to catch and kill
  • Goo Galore: Every bursting brain splatters goo on the screen making it increasingly harder to see the enemies; be quick to clean the screen or suffer deadly bites
  • 10 Levels: Destroy thousands of zombies through 10 challenging unlockable levels, each set in environments inspired by real Chicago locations and landmarks, from a dismal bathroom and monumental movie theater to a glowing gas station and legendary Lower Wacker Drive
  • Lethal Leaderboards: Become the ultimate zombie destroyer and track your achievements and rank in Game Center; increase your standing as you replay unlocked levels
  • Bonus Content: Keep the zombie battle fresh with new levels, characters and in-game content released through updates shortly after launch
Download Zombie Burst today for FREE! And don’t miss out because the App goes back to $0.99 at midnight tonight!

Zombie Burst for iPhone is available now in the AppStore and is coming soon to other platforms. For additional information on Zombie Burst , please visit
http://zombieburst.com/index.html. Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ZombieBurst. Or follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/zombieburst.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

06/25/2012 - Marvell Pinball 3D Coming to Nintendo 3DS June 28th
Marvel Pinball 3D for Nintendo 3DSTM Set to Release June 28, 2012 in North America and Europe for the Nintendo eShop!

Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to download Zen Studios’ critically acclaimed pinball game starting June 28, 2012 in North America for $7.99 and in Europe for €7.00. Marvel Pinball 3D features four exciting Super Hero tables based on characters from the Marvel Universe, and is now in stunning stereoscopic 3D.

Marvel Pinball 3D is packed full of great features including online leaderboards, hot seat multiplayer, multiple view points and rewards for playing and accomplishing table specific missions. 

Marvel Pinball 3D Table Line Up

  • Live a day in the life of the Marvel Universe’s favorite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist on the Iron Man table! Tony Stark literally suits up in his Iron Man armor to combat infamous foes like the Mandarin, Whiplash and Ultimo.
  • Join Blade and Hannibal King in New York to fight off the vampiric forces led by Deacon Frost. Special lighting effects switch between day and night, so be sure to regenerate during the day in order to prepare for the battles after dark.
  • Rally the troops and prepare to help Captain America and the Howling Commandos defeat Baron Zemo and the Red Skull, as you fight to control the power of the Cosmic Cube.
  • Take on Doctor Doom alongside the Fantastic Four. Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Thing and the Human Torch are extra fantastic in beautiful 3D!

The trailer is also available on the Zen Studios YouTube Channel.

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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