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Thursday, February 28, 2013

02/28/2013 - The War Z Available on Steam with New Content ad Features

LOS ANGELES – February 28, 2013 – The zombie survival MMO game The War Z is now available for download on the Steam platform.  Since its initial release on Steam in December of last year, the popular, online game has received several content updates and now includes many more of the features that players have been demanding.  The game community has continued to grow and new players will be able to join existing servers or rent their own private server to play with friends and/or clan mates. New content and features for the game will be added in the coming months, providing new gameplay options for the community as they delve deeper into the game.

The War Z is an online, multiplayer, survival-simulation game set in an open world infested with zombies.  Players are thrust into this post-apocalyptic world five-years after a viral outbreak that ravaged the human population and left, in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion.  Hordes of undead zombies roam the cities, and the few remaining human beings have devolved into a lawless, nomadic society where the sole objective is to survive at any cost.  Players must use skill and cunning in order to acquire food, weapons and other supplies necessary for survival.  While navigating the vast landscape, they will discover cities teeming with the undead as well as other players that may or may not be friendly.

The game is published by OP Productions and is developed by Hammerpoint Interactive.

Players can visit
http://www.thewarz.com for more information.  They can also have a chance to win gear and game access by “liking” on Facebook (http://facebook.com/warzmmo) and “following” on Twitter (http://twitter.com/the_war_z).

About OP Productions, LLC
OP Productions, LLC is a Los Angeles based publisher.  The group is responsible for publishing and operating The War Z.

About Hammerpoint Interactive
Hammerpoint Interactive was formed in 2011 by a team of experienced developers looking to create a fresh experience in the online, multiplayer arena.  With members of the team coming from large publishers, such as Electronic Arts and Activision, as well as having worked on large multiplayer games, such as World of Tanks, they bring a unique skillset to multiplayer game development that appeals to both hardcore and mainstream gamers. The company is backed and financed by Arktos Entertainment Group.

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

02/27/2013 - Enhanced Version of Need For Speed MW Coming to Wii U
All-New Co-Op Features Allow Players to Team Up With a Friend and Make Trouble Together in the Wii U Enhanced Version of Need for Speed Most Wanted
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Jan. 17, 2013 – Team up to top the Most Wanted List! EA and Criterion Games announced today that  Need for SpeedTM Most Wanted winner of more than 30 industry awards, is coming to Nintendo’s Wii UTM system on March 19 in North America and March 21 in Europe.   Need for Speed Most Wanted unleashes gamers into a connected, open world where they race, chase and explore their way to become Most Wanted amongst their friends. 

Utilising three unique features of the Wii UTM  GamePad controller and including bonus content, the Wii U game makes the race to become Most Wanted more fun and social than ever before. Firstly, introducing an all new local co-op mode, Co-Driver, one player drives using the Wii RemoteTM  controller or Wii U Pro Controller, and another player uses the Wii U GamePad to provide control and navigation assistance on a fully interactive real-time map. Using just their fingertips, a partner can distract pursuing cops, switch from night to day or activate enhanced performance for any car and even control the amount of traffic on the road. This is the ultimate advantage for gamers who like to stir up trouble for the cops, their friends or just for fun.

For another competitive edge, players can change their mods, switch into their favorite cars, track milestones and uncover the city’s hidden gems, all on the fly with the Wii U touch screen, ensuring nothing ever slows them down.

Finally,  Need for Speed Most Wanted on Wii U brings the blockbuster action of the open world racer to players’ fingertips. The entire game is playable off-screen using the Wii U GamePad, so gamers never have to put the game down. 

Need for Speed Most Wanted on Wii U also includes the Ultimate Speed Pack, so players can take to the streets five of the sickest, most ludicrously fast cars ever made: McLaren’s F1 LM, Lamborghini’s minimalist artwork, the Aventador J, the track-focused Pagani Zonda R, Bugatti’s reigning world speed champion, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and Hennessey’s savage 275 mile-an-hour ragtop beast, the Venom GT Spyder  .

Need for Speed Most Wanted lets gamers compete against the people they want to defeat most – their friends  . With EA’s innovative online technology Autolog 2, the game automatically tracks and compares best race times, high scores and more. These stats are broadcast throughout the open world, fueling friendly competition and rivalries. Curious if you’re still dominating the leaderboards? Autolog 2 alerts you every time you’ve been knocked off the top, reminding you it’s time to reclaim your position.  Need for Speed Most Wanted’s online multiplayer also ups the ante for social competition. Gamers pick a car, meet up with their friends and are immersed in a non-stop playlist of action-packed events. Whether it’s competing for the best starting position, the ultimate jump, or finishing first place, if there’s something to do, there’s someone to beat. Any Speed Points earned on Wii U will add to your existing total if you are playing the game on any of the other available platforms.

Need for Speed Most Wanted for Wii U will be available March 19 in North America for $59.99 and March 21 in Europe for €69.99.

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

02/26/2013 - Etrian Odyssey IV Now Available on Nintendo 3DS

Long Standing RPG Series Debuts on 3DS, Delivering Deep Customization, Enhanced Graphics, Map Charting With Bottom Touch Screen, and New Casual Play Option

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 26, 2013 - ATLUS, a brand of Index Digital Media, Inc., today announced the release of  Etrian OdysseyIV: Legends of the Titan,  available on the Nintendo 3DS, available in retail stores as well as for digital download on Nintendo eShop.   Etrian Odyssey IV delivers a wealth of content with more than 30 hours of RPG action, enhanced graphics and 3D effects, more immersive 3D dungeons, and upgradeable skyships that let players travel and battle among the clouds.  Those that pre-order or pick up  Etrian Odyssey IV at retail launch will be treated to a limited edition art book, with exclusive images created by famed illustrator Alexandra Douglass, as well as a music CD full of early arrangements by game composer Yuzo Koshiro (while supplies last).  

Players will utilize the 3DS' bottom touch screen to chart out a path and create maps to aid in the team's survival of the dangers that await. The game delivers deep character creation and party customization options, and an all-new casual play option will provide greater accessibility for novices.  Players may access the guild card and character trading functionality through the 3DS StreetPass feature, and alternately trade content using QR codes as well.

Much like the QR codes distributed for the game's demo, ATLUS is providing additional QR Codes for the retail version of the game that will allow users to unlock more in-game gift items and quests. These QR codes will appear in various ATLUS channels, including FaceBook and Twitter pages, through the launch window and beyond.

"Etrian Odyssey IV is gaming's best tribute to retro RPGs," said Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ATLUS.  "While this game is the epitome of old-school RPG, we're excited to add new elements to truly leverage the 3DS including 3D dungeons, StreetPass functionality, and ability to read QR codes for special quests and items."

For more information, visit

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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Monday, February 25, 2013

02/25/2013 - Bioshock Infinite Features Original Score by Garry Schyman

Los Angeles, CA, Feb.25, 2013 - Award-winning composer Garry Schyman has created a unique musical score for the highly anticipated video game BioShock Infinite developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K Games. Recorded with solo string instruments, intimate string ensembles, and experimental percussion, Schyman's raw and intensely emotional score reflects BioShock Inifinite's compelling narrative, following the development of the relationship between the lead characters, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, and immersing players in the game's spectacular alternate early Twentieth Century setting. BioShock Infinite will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows on March 26th, 2013.

Film, television and video game composer Garry Schyman is one of the interactive medium's foremost composers, renowned for his multiple award-winning score for the original BioShock - winner of Best Original Score from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, Spike TV's Video Game Award for Best Original Score, G4 TV's Soundtrack of the Year and four awards from the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G) including Music of the Year, Best Interactive Score, Best Original Instrumental and Audio of the Year.

"It doesn't get any better for a composer than to be able to score a game as remarkable as Bioshock Infinite," says Schyman. "It provided a vast canvas filled with extraordinary and completely unique characters and situations that permitted me to be creative in ways that we composers usually only dream of. Much thanks goes to Ken Levine, James Bonney, and the entire team at Irrational for inventing such an astonishing world and then letting me write music for it!"

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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