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Friday, December 6, 2013

12/06/2013 - Rebellion offers Joust Legend FREE on iOS
Rebellion offers Joust Legend FREE

For one week only. Studio hints at a bigger future for the game

Independent UK developer Rebellion today celebrated the success of its critically acclaimed iOS game
Joust Legend by making it free for all gamers on Apple’s mobile devices December 6th – 13th.

Gamers can download Joust Legend from here:

Originally launched in September, Joust Legend’s combination of unique setting, intuitive, reaction-testing gameplay, and hardware-pushing visuals proved a big hit with mobile gamers and critics alike:

“I haven’t played a better iOS game than this for a very long time.” - Capsule Computers, (10/10)

“It looks, sounds, and feels, for lack of a better word, bad-ass.” - Touch Arcade (8/10)

“The graphics on this app are some of the best the mobile world has ever seen.” - Bullz-Eye (App of the Week) 

Subsequently, Joust Legend was shortlisted for two nominations at the 2013 TIGA awards, and played a crucial part in Rebellion’s 2013 Appster Awards nomination as “Best Indie Developer”.

Further glory awaits...
The week long promotion offering the premium title for free also coincides with the game’s latest update – 1.2.0 – which includes new customisation options for players’ knights and trusty steeds.

But Rebellion CEO and champion jouster Jason Kinglsey OBE hints at much more to come for the game:

“We’ve just started out with Joust Legend – it was a fun and challenging project for our team, and the positive reaction to the game was even greater than we hoped for. Today’s update is just a small step towards some great plans we’ve got – getting new players into Joust Legend and offering them new ways to play.”

Key facts
  • Joust Legend is FREE December 6th-13th and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store: http://appstore.com/joustlegend
  • The game’s ‘free’ promotion coincides with a new update that includes new content to customise players’ characters and horses, and the ability to purchase complete sets of equipment when they want.
  • Joust Legend was the nominated in two categories at the 2013 TIGA awards and a crucial part of Rebellion’s ‘Best Indie Developer’ nomination at the 2013 Appster awards.
About Rebellion

Rebellion® is the studio behind worldwide number one hit games such as Sniper Elite V2 and Aliens vs. Predator. One of Europe's leading independent video games developers and comic book publishers, Rebellion is privately owned company based in Oxford, United Kingdom, and prides itself on its unique and innovative approach to IP development and stewardship. It has been responsible for a diverse portfolio of publisher-owned and internally developed IPs, including Star Wars BattleFront, Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death, The Simpsons Game and Sniper Elite.

Rebellion’s publishing portfolio includes multi award-winning British science fiction comic 2000 AD, the 2000 AD Graphic Novel line, the internationally-acclaimed fantasy, science fiction and horror imprint Solaris Books, and shared-world pulp imprint Abaddon Books.

For more information please visit:

Like Rebellion on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RebellionDevelopments

Follow Rebellion on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rebellion

Subscribe to Rebellion on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Rebellion2000ad
Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

12/05/2013 - Speedball 2 HD arrives on Steam and PC
Speedball 2 HD Arrives at Full Throttle on PC

LONDON, Dec. 5, 2013 –Mastertronic joined forces with two Godfathers of Britsoft to bring you an all-new version of one of the greatest games of all time,  Speedball 2 HD. Speedball 2 HD is now available on PC for $9.99.

If gaming life has a narrative, Speedball 2 plays a huge part in many stories. From original developers The Bitmap Brothers and Jon Hare’s Tower Studios comes a faithful high definition remake of the peerless ‘90s classic. Relive those epic Speedball memories with a brutal mix of handball, football, and ice hockey, punctuated by super power-ups and tactical switches, all brought together by Appster’s ‘2013 Indie Developer of the Year,’ Vivid Games.

Players choose their team, lock them in and then get ready for ruthless action! Players can manage and upgrade their Speedball team with full player transfer market across four planets and new formations. Featuring 330 team members to choose from and six new arenas, the ultimate mission is to assemble a Speedball team to win the Intergalactic Champions League and bring the greatest prize in galactic sport back to Earth. Points are earned by injuring opponents as well as scoring goals, so let the carnage begin!

“Retro style PC games are a growing trend. Many of today's game developers, like Vivid Games, grew up in the 8- and 16-bit eras and enjoy using their talents to breathe new life into old classics. We have all enjoyed working with Mike Montgomery to bring back the magic of the original Speedball franchise with enhanced mechanics and features for the modern gamer,” said Jon Hare. “Speedball 2 was one of my favorite games on the Amiga, so when Mike offered it to me to work on I couldn’t turn it down. We have done great things with Speedball in recent times at Tower Studios and now we have Speedball 2 HD, the best version of this classic game ever to grace a PC screen.”

“Working on the original The Bitmap Brothers games, it becomes apparent how much of those games are still relevant today,” said Mike Montgomery. “It’s been a fascinating journey translating the original Atari ST game for modern engines but with that said, Speedball 2 HD is as strong and addictive as ever before.”

Developed by Vivid Games and designed, directed and produced by Jon Hare with Mike Montgomery, Speedball 2 HD is available now on Steam with a 20% discount.

In addition, indie developers Mode 7 are offering all that buy Frozen Endzone a 30% discount to Speedball 2 HD on Steam.

Speedball 2 HD is available for 20% off the first week only at:
Get Games: http://getgamesgo.com/product/speedball-2-hd
GOG: http://www.gog.com/game/speedball_2_hd

Receive 30% off Speedball 2 HD on Steam when you purchase Frozen Endzone, available here: http://www.frozenendzone.com

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/04/2013 - PixelJunk titles now on MAC App Store
Award-winning PixelJunk titles are now available on the Mac App Store!

Double Eleven has brought the original PixelJunk Shooter and Monsters to the Mac App Store for OS X Gamers!

PixelJunk™ Shooter features an advanced fluid dynamics system that requires a keen sense of observation to be able to manipulate fluids in the game's surroundings. Players interact with water, magma, and more in this fluid-based shooter, through a range of cavernous environments in a bid to save the scientists trapped underground!

PixelJunk™ Monsters is a tower defence in which players take on the role of Tikiman in the quest to protect his offspring from countless waves of monsters. Players place weapons at strategic points around the landscape to destroy the invaders! Monsters can attack by land and air so players must be prepared to fight hard!

Both titles are now available on the Mac App store:


Be sure to follow @DoubleElevenLtd for future announcements and updates!

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12/03/2013 - Ninja Kitty for iOS Worldwide Release Dec 5th
NINJA KITTY for iPHONE, iPAD and ANDROID - Worldwide Release December 5, 2013

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, CANADA –December 3, 2013 - The villainous Evil Dragon King has begun his plot to destroy the "Kitty Claws Clan" and take over the world!  They have kidnapped the Ninja Kittens and are holding them captive until the Kitty Claws hand over the Mystical Sword.  Only our brave Ninja Kitty warriors can rescue the Kittens and defeat the Dragon Empire once and for all.

NINJA KITTY is a new casual mobile game which debuted in Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Japan and the Philippines and is now ready to take over the world.  Put your ninja skills to the test as you run, jump, and slide your way past deadly traps and obstacles.  Use powerful ninja warrior weapons to slice through hordes of minions and terrifying bosses on your way to victory!

Game Features

·         Colorful and Adorable 3D Graphics
·         Non-Stop Action on a winding path
·         5 Lush Environments to explore
·         25 Exciting Levels - Earn the Master Rank in every one
·         Thrilling Boss Battles
·         Endless Mode for an infinite challenge – Compete with your friends
·         150+ unique obstacles to hinder your path
·         Over a dozen weapons – swords, claws, staffs and more
·         4 Unique Armor Sets
·         5 Ninja Kitty Characters – Unlock them ALL
·         Swipe or Button controls - play how you want

The game is produced by an exciting company from Canada called CrowdWorld Inc.  “We are confident that Ninja Kitty will be a breakthrough iOS and Android game that people are really going to enjoy playing,” says CrowdWorld president, Alexander Julien.   Ninja Kitty supports iOS platforms iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5 and higher; and Android Platforms Galaxy SII and higher.   Game is $1.99 to download.

CrowdWorld is also launching an amazing new social network for casual gamers and friends as they continue to make awesome high quality 3D games for the mobile world.  Watch for details to be released.

About CrowdWorld Inc.

CrowdWorld is a social networking and game development company from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.  CrowdWorld plans to revolutionize the way people "connect, share and play" in the promising markets of mobile, social networking and gaming. 

COMING SOON - Watch for these three thrilling NEW games being released by CrowdWorld Inc in the next few months .


Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Monday, December 2, 2013

12/02/2013 - Classic Cinemaware Amiga Games coming to Samsung Apps Marketplace

Iconic game developer Cinemaware has teamed up with 100% Indie to bring its back catalog of classic Amiga games to a modern, mobile audience, through the Samsung Apps marketplace.

Formed in 1985, Cinemaware is famous for developing games rooted in classic movie genres, with iconic games such as

As well as announcing plans to release a range of new cross-platform games, the company has started relaunching its classics to new platforms this month, delighting retro gamers who will recall the highly acclaimed standards that earned the studio several entries in “Best Games of All Time” lists.

The first game to be released as a Samsung App through 100% Indie is
ROCKET RANGER, which originally blasted off in 1988. The game sets the player in a world where the Nazis won World War II. Using rocket pack technology sent from the future, the player must travel the world and rid it of the escalating threat, combining strategic planning, infiltration by spies and lots of action scenes.

“These games are a delight for so many, combining great gameplay, excellent narrative, cinema references, art, and retro game styling,” says Chris Byatte of 100% Indie. “We’re thrilled to be working with such a range of titles and look forward to playing these games again on modern Samsung Android devices.”

“It’s an exciting time for Cinemaware, as we launch new games and target new audiences with our classic games from a quarter of a century ago,” says Lars Batista of Cinemaware. “We’re keen to ensure the standard of the games is still as high as before and being sold on the Samsung Apps marketplace means we are still as good as people expect. Thanks to 100% Indie for making the whole process so simple - and watch this space as the games are released on Android!”

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/02/2013 - Frozen Pepper releases new Custom Controller App

Gamers can now use touchscreen technology to create custom controllers and joysticks

Pisa, Italy -- Game developers Frozen Pepper  have announced the release of an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch designed to change the world of gaming. CCP (Custom Control Pad) allows gamers to use their mobile devices as an extension of their keyboard by creating virtual controllers, joysticks and keyboard that can control either Mac or PC games and programs. Custom Control Pad app is currently available for download on the App Store for special launch price of $0.99 in the Productivity category.

Users of CCP can create and save multiple controller layouts/skins for use with different programs and/or games. A variety of traditional interface elements are available for each layout, including joysticks, knobs, buttons, slide controllers and many other GUI elements. Established keyboard commands (like Ctrl+Alt+Delete) can be translated into single button commands. Further, CCP receives data from users’ computers in real-time via a public API, allowing the user to customize and mod programs/games to show program or in-game data on their iPad. Default skins and layouts are included in the app for those who do not wish to create custom controls, but simply wish to control their computer remotely via wifi. CCP was designed for Pro Applications and works with all PC and Mac applications which use a keyboard (or joystick) as an input source.

About Frozen Pepper:

Frozen Pepper is an iOS game development company founded in 2008 by Ottavio Radicati in Pisa, Italy. They have developed several very popular flight simulation/helicopter simulation games in partnership with Ethervision & iDev2 that have consistently been ranked highly by Apple. RC Plane is one of the 100 top grossing iOS apps worldwide - RC Plane 2 is ranked in the app store #15 worldwide, #1 (iPad)/#2 (iPhone) in the UK and in the Top 10 in Europe. RC Heli Gold was named one of Apple’s “Best Apps for Kids” and is one of the Top 100 apps in 20+ countries, worldwide.

CCP © Frozen Pepper, 2013 - All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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