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Friday, February 14, 2014

02/14/2014 - Heroes of the Obelisks Big Update Now LIVE
Hero of the Obelisks’ Biggest Update is Now Live!

February 14, 2014 – GBE Games has launched HOTO’s biggest update to-date! Titled “Dungeon Masters”, this major update introduces an expansive layer of new content to the highly-touted, free to play dungeon crawler MMO. View the new video here.

To download and play HOTO for free, visit

HOTO’s Dungeon Master Update showcases the expansion of Altea (the continent to which players reside) where 5 new level 50 dungeons are revealed: Auritalt Mine, Forest of Lost Souls, Sahardion Desert, Underwater Garden and Lifeless Sanctuary, in addition to 3 new Hardcore dungeons (level 50, level 20 and level 10 respectively) for those who seek greater challenges! On top of this, a new Open Field known as Leinjawe Forest has been included for level 20-30 adventurers brave enough to enter (Open Fields are high risk, high reward zones where monsters hit hard but drop highly-prized items)! A new exclusive zone within Trinzel (the main town in Altea) has also been added. The castle known as Lauren Fortress will be accessible to Trinzel’s ruling guild members, who will now be able to enter the Hall of Champions to which they’ll be able to challenge a powerful wizard. Defeating him and his minions will unlock a vast wealth of treasures!

The much anticipated update also brings a major revision to the current classes’ skills. Alterations were made to better balance each class’s role which includes removal of some old skills and additions of new ones. Hero leveled characters (level 50+) will also be able to unlock one extra new skill at each level. Take the opportunity to test out these skill changes in the newly added Colosseum; a special area used for GM events and PVP matches.

Lastly, new and old players will now appreciate that Trinzel has received a facelift. The introduction of Open Field portals, main dungeon entrance, and class NPC relocations to the center of town will make travelling a lot easier and quicker! In addition to the town’s improvements, quest tracking and leveling has been simplified for beginners. Quests now have directional arrows to assist players throughout the storyline and the experience required to level has been lowered!

For all the latest news and information on HOTO and to download and play for free, visit

Connect with HOTO on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/herooftheobelisk  

Twitter @hoto_mmo

You Tube http://www.youtube.com/herooftheobelisk  

About GBE Games:

GBE Games is a provider of online interactive entertainment experiences and services. Through its growing library of social game titles, GBE Games presents players the possibility to join an emerging community of gamers and immerse themselves in virtual worlds that evolve and change based on their involvement. Comprised by a multi-talented team of professionals with an expansive knowledge of the global games industry, GBE Games' goal is to become one of the leading providers of online interactive entertainment.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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02/14/2014- Puzzle Slots Now Free on iOS
Free Puzzle Games & Slot Machine Games Converge in Puzzle Slots

Game Insight launches Puzzle Slots, a unique hybrid iOS game combining puzzle games with slot machine games

Moscow and San Francisco – February 14, 2014 – Game Insight, a world leader in mobile/social games, has announced the launch of a unique cross between free puzzle games and slot machine games for iOS: Puzzle Slots. This intriguing hybrid game combines the fast action of slot machines with the popular and easy-to-pick-up Match-3 games. The game is now available for download on the Apple App Store.

The mysterious world of Puzzle Slots is full of surprises and adventure as players encounter new opponents and earn piles of gold coins for their victories. Players will also hunt for treasures at the bottom of the ocean, challenge pirates, as well as explore sunken destroyer ships.

Puzzle Slots also offers tournaments and secret quests, along with in-game competitions with other players. The game also includes additional social features such as the ability to play with friends and exchange in-game gifts.

Download Puzzle Slots for iOS and become the king of the island in this unique hybrid game!

Download Puzzle Slots from the App Store:

Visit the official Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/PuzzleSlots

About Game Insight
Founded in 2010, Game Insight is a global-facing developer and publisher of varied, user-focused, and free-to-play games for all major mobile and social platforms, including iOS, Android, Facebook, and Web. We are a team of more than 800 passionate game developers who actually play games ourselves. Our internal network consists of 17 different studios that constantly create and update high- quality games, many of which have already become #1 top-grossing hits in mobile application stores and on social networks around the world, which has led Game Insight to build a global audience of more than 150 million users. Visit
http://www.game-insight.com/ for more info.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

02/13/2014 - Slam Dunk Basketball 2 Arrives on App Store and Google Play
Start off the NBA All-Star weekend with Slam Dunk Basketball 2

Norrköping, Sweden, 13 February, 2014 – Slam Dunk Basketball 2 is now available on Apple App Store and Google Play. With 5 million players in the first game it’s a guaranteed hit amongst basketball fans.

Slam Dunk Basketball 2 celebrates everything sports are about; skills, challenging others, winning and playing to reach eternal fame. Players hustle for cash against each other in two game modes, Head to Head and 8 Player Tournaments. Winnings are used to enter more exclusive events and purchase new balls to show off for other players.

Level up and unlock new events that take place on four incredibly detailed and unique courts. The best players each week compete to be named Player of the Week. With the ultimate bragging rights, being the best player in the world for a week!

” The NBA All-Star weekend is upon us and we will celebrate this by launching our latest game, Slam Dunk Basketball 2. With Slam Dunk Basketball 2 we want everyone to be able to take part in this awesome sport by challenging each other to become the best basketball player out there.” - Kristofer Boman, CEO at VisualDreams

The first Slam Dunk Basketball has to this date had over 5 million downloads and been featured on the Apple App Store in over a hundred countries as well as Staffs Favorite’s. Slam Dunk Basketball 2 features graphics that push the limits of the latest devices.

AppDaily.ru - Addictive gameplay, very high-quality graphics and free!
AppSpin – Slam Dunk Basketball 2 out does the first iteration by leaps and bounds

About VisualDreams:
VisualDreams is a mobile games studio stationed in Norrköping, Sweden. VisualDreams develops high-quality casual sports games for smartphones and tablets. Earlier releases are among others; Capcom published Herman the Hermit, Slam Dunk Basketball 1 and Linkies Puzzle Rush.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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02/13/2014 - Etherlords and Etherlords II Now Available on Steam

A Decade after Initial Release, Nival Re-Launches Best-Selling PC Games via Steam Anthology

February 13, 2014 – Nival, the developer of cross-platform strategy games, has announced that the classic, best-selling games Etherlords and Etherlords II are now available to players on Steam! Known and loved throughout the world for turn-based strategic gameplay and their collectible card game mechanics, Etherlords and Etherlods II have been enjoyed by players for over a decade. Fans can now download the game in either English or Russian and in Windows 7 or Windows 8 on
Steam. Each game can be purchased individually for $4.99 or $6.99 as an anthology.
Etherlords combines role-playing and strategic turn-based combat with the best traditions of fantasy trading card games. The game takes players into the world of Ether, as they lead their heroes on an unforgettable journey through lands filled with unsurpassed beauty and danger. Featuring four different races each with their own realms, creatures, magic spells and combat styles, players struggle in the ultimate battle for supremacy.

Etherlords II gives players a chance to battle one another in 5 different player-vs-player (PvP) modes, including “Round Table” during which players will be given a random set of cards. A live multiplayer server will remain online for Steam players 24 hours a day, allowing for ongoing action. 

For more information about Nival or Etherlords, visit

Submitted By: E. Thomas

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02/13/2014 - GTA Online Valentineís Day Massacre Special Is Now Available
GTA Online Valentine’s Day Massacre Special Is Now Available

Social Club Event And Livestream Broadcast This Weekend

Valentine’s Day in Los Santos is almost here, and the Valentine's Day Massacre Special update for GTA Online is now available. This includes a variety of fun Valentine's themed extras for Story Mode and GTA Online like the Gusenberg Sweeper machine gun, the new Albany Roosevelt armored limousine (which allows 2 players to ride outside the vehicle) and a host of new attire options like double breasted suits, flapper dresses, sexy undergarments, novelty t-shirts, hats, masks and more. These items are all available to purchase in GTA Online right now until the end of February - and once acquired they're yours to keep in your inventory for good.

This update also has 10 new Jobs across a variety of modes. Here are details on just a few:
  • "Shotgun Wedding" (Team Deathmatch): The title says it all. Small-scale Deathmatch around the church in Paleto Bay that’s locked to shotguns. It’ll be a lot less bloody than divorce.
  • "Property Values" (Deathmatch): Forget about love, nothing’s going to break your heart like the price of real estate. Free for all Deathmatch on an unaffordable cul-de-sac near Mirror Park. Look out for the sniper on the grassy knoll.
  • "Creek" (Parachuting): Nothing says ‘I’m in love’ like throwing yourself out of a chopper with up to seven other idiots. A steep dive, almost skirting the side of the Raton Canyon, gliding into Cassidy Creek.
  • "Vinewood Tours" (Race): Who needs love when you’ve got booze in your belly and stars in your eyes? Lap race for cars and bikes taking in all the tourist sights of Vinewood and Rockford Hills.
  • "Motorboating" (Sea Race): A good motorboating is all anyone wants for Valentine’s Day. Take your love for a trip around buoys and over jumps to the North of Mount Gordo.
  • "Heart Breaker" (Bike Race): Make your feelings known by carving a love heart into the Grand Senora Desert. Hills and jumps in this mainly off-road lap race for bikes on a heart-shaped track.
To help celebrate, we'll be hosting a special Valentine's Massacre Social Club Event Weekend that will include special in-game RP bonuses, Crate Drops, a live stream broadcast on Friday afternoon and much more. Stay tuned for more details later today.

Today's automatic title update includes the triumphant return of the Rat Loader pickup truck to GTA Online. This vehicle and all its mods are available for free until the next title update, so anyone who might have lost one from their garage previously can now re-create it at no cost. Just grab it from the southernsanandreassuperautos.com in-game website and modify it at any Los Santos Customs location. 

The Rat Loader returns to GTA Online. Snapmatic photo
taken by jBhIpS.

This title update also enables solo players in Races to earn GTA$, plus provides fixes for numerous issues, including incorrect time displays for some players in the Bad Sport pool, issues with the Cornrows haircut and situations where characters would become bald after using a mask. For a complete list of fixes in this update, please check out the article on our support site.

To get today's update, just power up your online-connected PS3 or Xbox 360 and load up GTAV, and you'll be prompted to download the automatic update (Xbox 360 players will also be required to download an additional compatibility pack). From there, head to the in-game store from the pause menu to access and download the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

02/12/2014 - Extrasolar Launches February 18th
Extrasolar Launches Feb. 18

San Francisco, CA - February 11, 2014

Extrasolar puts you at the heart of a sci-fi thriller as you explore an alien planet one unique, beautiful photo at a time. After four years in development, this groundbreaking interactive experience will open its doors to the world on February 18, 2014.

On its surface, Extrasolar looks like a legitimate scientific expedition. When you apply, you’re promised a chance to control one of the many rovers that the private space agency XRI has put down on the surface of an alien world. But before long, the story back on Earth becomes just as compelling as the startling discoveries on the planet as you find yourself wrapped up at the center of a conspiracy, not sure whom to trust.

Unlike most games, Extrasolar is experienced at the pace that might be expected if you were driving a rover on Mars for NASA. As Lazy 8 Studios founder Rob Jagnow explains, "We wanted to create a rich experience that fits into our busy schedules. Most of our rover drivers check in for just a few minutes, a couple times a day. It takes most players about a month to play through the first season - a satisfying story arc with no shortage of surprises."

Players experience Extrasolar through a variety of channels - websites, video messages, email, voicemail, gorgeous photos of an alien landscape, PDF files and more. The result is a story that's woven into the familiar digital media of our everyday lives, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. As Phil Hornshaw at Game Front remarked, "While lots of game developers talk seriously about immersion... Extrasolar achieves its immersion not by drawing players into some other world, but by overlaying itself onto theirs."

Lazy 8 Studios, the small independent team behind the project, has pioneered new technologies that create surprisingly realistic "photos" of the planet's surface. These images are created on high-powered computers in the cloud so that Extrasolar can be played without any special hardware. If you have a web browser - even on your phone or tablet - then you can have the experience of exploring the beautiful and mysterious alien landscapes of Epsilon Prime.

The project's unique story and mechanics haven't gone unnoticed. Extrasolar has already garnered attention at several major festivals, earning nominations for the Gamer's Voice award at South by Southwest, awards at IndieCade, and the Nuovo Award at the Independent Game Festival (IGF). As explained by Mike Rose of Gamasutra, "The Nuovo Award is meant to celebrate the most unique and different indie games, and in this regard, Extrasolar is a perfect fit."

Extrasolar’s first season of content is playable in its entirety for free. Participants can make a one-time payment for extra features, but this is completely optional.

To learn more about Extrasolar, you can visit
whatIsExtrasolar.com. Or if you're ready to dive right in, go to extrasolar.com.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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02/12/2014 - Muraski Baby Coming to PS Vita in North America

Varese, 12th February 2014Ovosonico, the independent Italian studio founded by industry veteran Massimo Guarini today is excited to share that it's debut title, Murasaki Baby, is officially coming to North America later this year too.

In the game, Baby wakes up in a dream world, envisioned by a child’s fantastical imagination and populated by weird and wonderful characters. In her hand is a purple heart-shaped balloon. She has lost her mommy, and it’s the player’s role to be her guardian. Take her hand, and guide her on a fantastic journey through the nightmarish land.

As you travel through the dream world, you will encounter many situations that will require lateral thinking to navigate. Using PS Vita’s rear touch pad, you can switch the mood of the game from serene green fields to a scary hellish world. It’s up to you to figure out how to use the tools at your disposal to keep Baby safe and navigate through the story.

We have more to share in the future — stay tuned for new updates on PlayStation Blog or on the official website

Murasaki Baby will showcase at IndieCade East on February 14 -16, feel free to drop by and get a taste of the game at the PlayStation booth.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

02/11/2014 - League of Angels Features Angel Cosplay

Publisher R2Games announces upcoming Newsletter-exclusive League of Angels cosplay photos with notable cosplayers.

February 11, 2014 – Reality Squared Games (R2Games)
teased earlier in January that their latest game’s titular Angels would be portrayed by a number of cosplayers, in particular Maridah, Ginny McQueen, HezaChan and Heroes of Cosplay star Riki LeCotey (aka Riddle).

Maridah’s portrayal of Angel “Lorelei” has already been completed, of which a limited number of photos have been
shared on social media sites. Ginny McQueen’s “Sylvia” is nearing completion and should be seeing the light of day very soon. Having recently joined in, HezaChan is currently working on an upcoming costume “Amora”, and Riki LoCotey’s portrayal of “Prospera” is expected around mid-March. Exclusive cosplay photos will be made available to subscribers of the League of Angels Newsletter. Those interested can sign up for it on the official site, here: http://loa.r2games.com/

Teasers of these cosplays are also shared regularly on League of AngelsFacebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

League of Angels is a hybrid turn-based fantasy MMORPG/strategy game. Combining aspects of multiplayer games with a few new twists, League of Angels brings a unique flair to browser gaming – in addition to embarking on engaging quests, dominating in massive PvP and outwitting fierce events, players can also seek out and train angels and collect rewards from minigame challenges. With a growing selection of 9 Angels and numerous units, players set off on a journey to re-awaken the Angels to bring peace back to a broken world.

To start playing the game now, or for more information, visit the official League of Angels website:

About R2Games
R2Games is a global online game publisher specializing in microtransaction-based, free-to-play browser and mobile games. The company primarily works with development teams whose games appeal to wide audiences. R2Games' growing portfolio includes hits like Wartune, Blade Hunter, and Dragon Pals. The company manages all marketing and PR, locates distribution channels, and carries out day-to-day operations including customer support, community management, promotion/event design and implementation.


Submitted by: E. Thomas

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02/11/2014 - MMO Hall of Fame Announces 5 New Inductees
Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online and Wizard101 Make the 2014 MMO Hall of Fame Class

MMO Hall of Fame, an online museum for massively multiplayer online games, today announced that five new MMO games will be enshrined into the hallowed virtual walls of mmohall.com.

PLANO, TX (Feb. 11, 2014) – The third annual MMO Hall of Fame induction ceremony has arrived. Five new MMO games have been selected by the 2014 members of the MMO Hall of Fame Voting Committee. The games being inducted include: Guild Wars (released in 2005), Star Wars Galaxies (released in 2003), Planetside (released in 2003), Lord of the Rings Online (released in 2007) and Wizard101 (released in 2008). All of these games were selected based on their major contributions to the massively multiplayer online gaming industry as well as to the millions of fans who have enjoyed them over the years.

Each committee member selects 10 games they feel have set standards in the gaming field. The lists of nominees are forwarded to the Hall of Fame and tallied by the curator. Any games receiving 60 percent of the votes become automatic inductees. There were a handful of games newly appearing on this year’s MMO Hall of Fame ballot due to this being their first year of eligibility. Some of the top games include Age of Conan, Warhammer Online and Wizard101. However, only Wizard101 made it in its first year.

The 2014 MMO Hall of Fame Nominating Committee is a roundtable comprised of gaming industry notables: Carsten van Husen (CEO, Gameforge), J. Todd Coleman (Creator of Shadowbane, Wizard101, Pirate101), Andreas Weidenhaupt (CEO of Infernum Productions), Linda Carlson (Director of Global CR, Sony Online Entertainment), Mark Hill (Senior Product Manager, Perfect World Entertainment), Torsten Meier (Lead Public Relations, Bigpoint), Terri Perkins (Media Strategy Director, Funcom), Richard Vogel (President, BattleCry Studios, A Division of Bethesda Softworks), Eric Bloom (Gamer, Lead Vocalist of Blue Oyster Cult), and Carolyn Koh (MMO Gaming Writer).

Guild Wars missed being a unanimous selection by one vote, but it is certainly very deserving of being in the MMO Hall of Fame. Big congratulations to all of the 2014 MMO Hall of Fame inductees. The Voting Committee did a great job.” said Doug Kale, Marketing Director of the MMO Hall of Fame.

For the complete list of votes and percentages, please log on to the MMO Hall of Fame at

ABOUT MMO Hall of Fame

The MMO Hall of Fame recognizes the massively multiplayer online games that have brought years of excitement to millions of fans worldwide. The MMO Hall of Fame is owned and operated by Fuzz Buzz Media of Plano, Texas.

 ABOUT Fuzz Buzz Media

Fuzz Buzz Media, based in Plano, Texas, is a marketing and business development company representing business websites in social media, online gaming, general reference, entrepreneurs and Texas restaurant reviews.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Monday, February 10, 2014

02/10/2014 - Iqioi Launches Blackmore on Kickstarter
Iqioi Launches Blackmore, Steampunk Adventure Game, on Kickstarter

Kamakura, Japan, Feb. 10, 2014 - Iqioi Co., Ltd, a new Japanese indie game developer announced today a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its steampunk adventure game, Blackmore, for PC and other platforms.  Well-known game writer and director, Jeremy Blaustein, will be working with some notable talent including voice work by David Hayter (Snake in the Metal Gear Solid® series), character design by Satoshi Yoshioka (Snatcher®, Policenauts®) and music by Motoaki Furukawa (Snatcher® and many others). This will mark the first time that Blaustein, Yoshioka and Furukawa have worked together since Snatcher® and the first time for Blaustein and Hayter to work together since the very first Metal Gear Solid®.

Famous for his work on Snatcher®, Metal Gear Solid®, Silent Hill® 2, 3 and 4, Shadowhearts; Covenant®, and many others, Jeremy Blaustein is often praised for his well-crafted dialog, humor and directing sense. This will mark his first foray into directing his own game, but he promises that Blackmore will capture the spirit and essence of a Japanese graphic adventure while offering a polished and well-written story.

“So many of the games I’ve been lucky enough to work on, such as Snatcher®, Suikoden 2® and others, just seem to live on in people’s hearts and they don’t want to see them disappear. They want games with that strong Japanese flavor like from the cartoons they grew up on, but with stories and characters that will touch their hearts. We’re sure we can do that with our team,” said Jeremy Blaustein, director of the project.

David Hayter, long-time actor behind the voice of Solid Snake from the Metal Gear® series of games added. “I really wasn’t planning on participating in any more Kickstarter game projects, but when I read Jeremy’s story and saw some of the preliminary artwork, I was very excited and wanted to get involved.  I just love steampunk.”

Blackmore is set in an alternative universe London of 1888. The heroine of the game is a young woman named Emma Blackmore who, along with Descartes, her robot companion, must use their wits and gadgets to solve the Whitechapel murders before time runs out.

About Jeremy Blaustein
Jeremy Blaustein has been translating, writing and directing games over a career that spans 20 years. A list of his extensive work can be found at:

About Satoshi Yoshioka
Satoshi Yoshioka is a veteran game artist who has worked on Snatcher®, Policenauts®, TMNT®, The Adventures of Batman and Robin®, and others.

About Motoaki Furukawa
Motoaki Furukawa is a game composer who has worked on Snatcher®, Gradius II®, Dracula X®, Suikoden®, Tokimeki Memorial®, Ganbare Goemon® and many more.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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02/10/2014 - IndieGala Interstella Bungle Now LIVE
IndieGala latest bundle goes Interstellar and unlocks a new title!

February 10, 2014 – Rome, Italy: IndieGala’s new bundle is available now and it’s gone interstellar and now has a new title added to the astronomical roster of games. The IndieGala Interstella bundle is at an incredible pay-what-you-want offer and today sees the stunning hand drawn pixel point’n’click Finding Teddy unlocked!

With IndieGala customers not only decide how much they want to pay, but also how much of the proceeds go to the Able Gamer charity.

The bundle, that lasts for 15 days, consists of Cubicity, Interstellar Marines and Rush Bros for a minimum of just $1, with Finding Teddy, Beast Boxing Turbo, Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewoves, Intersetellar Marines: Spearhead Edition and PixelJunk Shooter unlocked when customers pay more than $5.99!

About the games in the bundle

Cubicity is a 2D physics-based puzzle game. You play the role of Seamus, a curious guy who can't seem to keep himself out of trouble. Help him figure out how to make it home in one piece!

Interstellar Marines resurrects the old school tactical FPS, offering a unique blend of co-op, role-playing and nonlinear gameplay. Set in a believable future, you take on the role as an elite soldier handpicked to join Project IM, a top secret military program being assembled to protect mankind from all dangers outside our solar system.

Rush Bros is a music reactive Platform Racing Game that features a single player and a competitive multiplayer either split-screen local or online between two simultaneous racers. Rush through over 45 unique levels jam-packed with puzzles, obstacles and power-ups in a race to the finish line.

Unlockable extras

Finding Teddy pits you as a little girl who was sleeping peacefully with her Teddy bear, when suddenly, a monster popped out from her cupboard then stole her favorite plush. When closing the door, the little girl awoke then got inside the cupboard. and was projected into a magical world, full of monsters and oddities. She must now explore this strange land and help its inhabitants in order to rescue her Teddy.

Beast Boxing Turbo is a challenging first-person boxing game with fast-paced freestyle boxing action. You play a secret human boxer in a beastly world.

Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves transports you into an epic folktale co-written with best-selling Canadian author Bryan Perro (Amos Daragon, Wariwulf), in which two feuding brothers will have to put aside their differences to save their sister, who is pursued by the Devil himself!

Interstellar Marines - Spearhead Edition - Early Access to Interstellar Marines including all future updates and expansions + Join the Spearhead unit (unique honorary game profile) + Your username in the Hall of Honor and your name in the credits of the game + Digital download of the Interstellar Marines: The Beginning soundtrack and all future soundtracks + Digital download of art book when it's ready + Get 1 extra Interstellar Marines Steam Key to gift to a friend.

In PixelJunk Shooter, you must pilot your spacecraft through a range of cavernous environments in a bid to save the scientists trapped underground. Making your way through the game will rely on your keen sense of observation and the ability to manipulate your surroundings.

About IndieGala:

IndieGala organizes bundle sales of amazing indie games, donates to charity and is open to every developer and artist on every platform

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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02/10/2014 - Dark Lands Reaches Over One Million Downloads
Dark Lands - An epic journey, avoiding traps and fighting fiendish bosses.

10 February 2014 - Czech Republic, Prague – Independant developer, Mingle Games, today are pleased to announce that visually stunning Dark Lands on Windows Phone has achieved over one million downloads in two and a half months, with a rating of 4.70 with over 10,000 reviews.

Having been such a huge success on Windows Phone, Mingle Games are wanting to bring their smash hit title to other platforms.

‘We have a good game that people love to play and we want to bring the awesome experience to other platforms’ said Vladislav Spevák, lead designer Mingle Games ‘for new players to embrace and enjoy and KickStarter will help us achieve this.’

With a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mingle Games can give project extra valuable time to focus on the quality of the game and properly implement all new features and port game to desired platforms. To the basic survival mode, we will add a campaign and multiplayer mode, bringing additional bosses, enemies, environments. Also weapons, armours and superpowers will be added, to add more depth to this action packed game!

Vladislav Spevak and Jíri Formanek of Mingle Games will be showcasing a playable build of Dark Lands at Indie Showcase for the duration of the event.

About the game:

Dark Lands is an epic battle runner game in which you develop your hero to survive a battle by running as long as possible in what is called survival mode. You can also enjoy a challenge in hand crafted levels in the campaign mode.

Optimized for touch controls, Dark Lands is a mix of an auto runner game with a dynamic combat system, set in a beautiful fantasy horror world. Take your hero on an epic journey of defeating evil forces and enemies like goblins, orcs, skeletons or monstrous trolls and ogres on your way.

Dark Lands is available now for Windows Phone, with iOS, Android, Nintendo Wii U and PS VITA versions planned, should the Kickstarter be successful.

About Mingle Games:

Mingle Games is an independent game development studio, located in Prague – Czech Republic, with a main focus on mobile gaming. Our goal is to create global company with our own brands and the franchises, open to expand to a variety of new business areas. The company was founded in 2012 by two experienced game developers Vladislav Spevák and Jirí Formánek, who worked for prestigious game companies.

Mingle Games are focused on creating quality titles for mass audience and want to bring people the entertainment they are looking for, with a unique approach and style.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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