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Friday, April 18, 2014

04/18/2014 - Castle Crashers Collaborative Event in Happy Wars
Castle Crashers collaborative event in Happy Wars

Toylogic Inc. announced "Castle Crashers" collaborative event in Happy Wars for Xbox LIVE Arcade (XBLA) for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system.

By playing the Bounty Hunters mode in Happy Wars, you will receive equipment styled after the Blue Knight and the Barbarian. Also, if you have at least one unlocked Achievement from "Castle Crashers", you will get one Barbarian item right away!

Jump in and wreak havoc in the Bounty Hunters game mode to score items and dress up as the Blue Knight and Barbarian!The "Castle Crashers" collaboration event runs from April 17th (Thursday) to April 23rd (Wednesday).

And also the Item Shop, which was refreshed in the April major update, is now running a 25% discount. During this period, Premium Memberships and Support Items are offered at a discounted price. Now is your chance to try these new features out!

Premium Memberships and Support Items can be saved for later use, so you can stockpile them during the discount period and use them later.

Last but not least, Happy Wars is celebrating Easter! The castles and "Sacred Armor spell effects are decorated with Easter Eggs. The "Bounty Hunters" mode is also decorated with an Easter theme, so dress up as a fancy egg to go out and grab some "Castle Crashers" gear!

The Item Shop Discount Sale and Easter decorations all run from April 17th (Thursday) to April 23rd (Wednesday).

Reminder: The Happy Tickets free give-away is still available! If you haven't logged in yet, make sure to come to Happy Wars before April 23rd (Wednesday) to grab your free Tickets.

About Happy Wars
Happy Wars is a large-scale multiplayer action game that can be enjoyed by up to 30 players in online battle. 6 million and more players all over the world have been playing the game. Every Xbox LIVE members can download the game for free.
Join with players from around the world in exciting castle siege and magic spell battle action for madcap free-for-all battles in fantasy world settings.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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04/18/2014 - Game Music Bundle 7 Includes 17 Albums in One Bundle
Score 17 Albums From Award-Winning Composers In One Game Music Bundle

 Two weeks, one amazing price: Austin Wintory, Disasterpeace, and an exclusive all-new album of piano arrangement from PlayStation's Journey

San Francisco, CA - April 17, 2014 - Today Loudr is excited to unveil Game Music Bundle 7, the latest iteration of the world's most loved videogame music bundle. The collection of music from independent composers includes an exclusive album of piano arrangements of the music from the game Journey, produced by Austin Wintory. Game Music Bundle 7 can be purchased for two weeks only - April 17 - May 1, 2014 - at

As always, listeners can pick up five soundtracks for only $1 or contribute $10 to unlock the entire bundle of 17 soundtracks, a collection of over 250 songs created by composers from nearly a dozen different countries, including Turkey, Finland, Australia, Sweden and the UK.

A number of big names in game music are featured, such as Austin Wintory (Journey, The Banner Saga, Soul Fjord), Peter McConnell (Broken Age, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft), and Disasterpeace (The Floor is Jelly, Fez), among many others.

The full list of albums on offer as a part of Game Music Bundle 7 are as follows: 

Level 1 (unlocked at $1) 
  • The Banner Saga
  • Device 6 
  • Broken Age
  • The Floor is Jelly
  • Luftrausers

Level 2 (unlocked at $10) 
  • Transfiguration [EXCLUSIVE]      
  • Starbound Orchestral OST
  • Yawhg
  • Magnetic By Nature 
  • Escape Goat 2
  • Curious Merchandise 
  • Eldritch
* Winnose
  • Bardbarian 
  • Tribes: Ascend 
  • Into the Box 
  • Soul Fjord 

At the close of the bundle, top contributors who have earned a spot on the leader board will be awarded physical prize packages, which include albums signed by the composers, a signed excerpt from The Banner Saga orchestral score, full-color prints from the game Broken Age and
other surprises.
About Loudr
Loudr is the company that produces the Game Music Bundle and the only music
licensing and distribution platform where artists can sell any recording, from cover songs to mash-ups to original music, for no upfront expense. Powered by a team of musicians and music lovers in San Francisco, Loudr is designed to simplify the business of music and allow creators to spend more time doing what they love.

Learn more at

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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04/18/2014 - Popup Dungeon Greenlit on Steam
Popup Dungeon Greenlit on Steam

Kickstarter Going Strong

Apr 17th, 2014 – Triple B Titles Kickstarter project, Popup Dungeon
took a mere 11 days to Greenlight. This is in stark contrast to their previous game, Ring Runner, which took 399 days. Triple B believes the cause of this radical difference is the style and genre of the game as well as their now established fanbase, since Ring Runner was the first game their studio created. Popup Dungeon is a completely flexible Rogue style game with functionality to create any spell, ability, weapon, or character – limited only by your art and imagination. Find out more on the Kickstarter page at http://kck.st/1ovuVD9.

Long ago or yet to be, a Wizard from another world stabbed his tower into the side of the Earth like an immense dagger. It pierced into stone and time, deeper than anyone can ever dig. The only way in is through portals scattered around the world. These portals are disguised as enchanted board games, and they come with an invitation:

“Come, morsels. Your bodies do not interest me; it is human imagination which I invite into my domain. Only the greatest of you will reach the high spire of my lair, now buried deep in the roiling rock. And I will be waiting, fork in hand, to devour the banquet of your creativity with a side of wits.”

Popup Dungeon is a single player or co-op multiplayer Roguelike game with infinite flexibility on creating, sharing, and building anything you'd like. You'll never know what will be encountered in each dungeon as you delve into the depths of the Wizard's tower, or how you can mix your skills and abilities to survive each new challenge as the doors open before you. Find out more at the Kickstarter Page at

Triple B Titles is a family run game development company located outside Dallas, TX. Husband, wife, and brother pour their various talents into crafting expansive and immersive games and media, including their original title: Ring Runner Flight of Sages and the upcoming Popup Dungeon, as well as a full novel written for the Ring Runner universe. Find out more at

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

04/16/2014 - Natsume Brings Bust a Move 4 to PSN

The Re-Release of Classic Natsume Titles Continues!

Burlingame, CA. - April 16, 2014 - Natsume Inc., a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of their very popular title, Bust-a-Move 4, on the PlayStation Network store. The game will be playable on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PSP!  The game is expected to be available this spring. Bust-a-Move 4 is rated “E” for Everyone.

“Bust-a-Move 4 was a very successful and popular title, and fans have been asking for a re-release for years,” said Hiro Maekawa, CEO of Natsume Inc. “We were very happy to bring this classic back to new systems as a digital download!”

Bust-a Move 4 features eight playable modes, including Puzzle Mode, Versus Mode, and Edit Mode, where players can create up to 25 of their own personal stages! Bust-A-Move 4 was the first title to introduce both the pulley and chain reactions. Pulleys require players to play the entire field so that the weights on each side of the stage don’t rise or fall too low!

Featuring the iconic anthropomorphic dinosaurs, Bub and Bob, this dino duo must rescue the seven shattered rainbow bubbles alongside a cast of series favorites. With ten playable characters and four additional characters that can be unlocked, there’s plenty of ways to chase after Madame Luna!

Players can follow the latest news for all of the beloved Natsume franchises at
www.natsume.com and by scooping all of the latest Natsume updates, contests, screen shots and more at www.natsume.com/facebook and www.twitter.com/natsume_inc.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

04/15/2014 - Hyper Crazy Clibers Soars to PSN
Hyper Crazy Climber Soars to the PlayStation®Network

This is one import that always ends in a cliffhanger

San Jose, CA - April 15, 2014 - MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. announced Hyper Crazy Climber is available today on the PlayStation®Network for $5.99 on PlayStation®3, PSP® and PlayStation®Vita.

One of the zanier games MonkeyPaw Games has imported, in Hyper Crazy Climber players climb (and climb some more) on a variety of buildings and structures. The goal of each level is simple: start from the bottom and make your way to the summit. You’ll need to watch out for falling rocks and other obstacles, otherwise reaching the top of the level will be impossible without precise timing.
What sets Hyper Crazy Climber apart from other crazy climbing action games is the focus on the full-body controls.

Each side of the controller is mapped to different limbs to make your crazy way around the obstacles. You’ll need muscle memory in your fingertips and a strong internal rhythm to grasp each hand and foot hold. This is perfect for players who love the challenge of mastering deliberately difficult, yet fair, controls.

Hyper Crazy Climber is part of a long running video game series that originates from the early days of coin-op arcades. Hyper Crazy Climber released back in 1996 in Japan and this is the first time this game is seeing a release in North America.


Hyper Crazy Climber Features:
  • Hyper, crazy climbing puzzle action
  • Unique stages that test reaction and muscle memory

About MonkeyPaw Games
MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. is a digital distribution-focused videogame publishing firm that specializes in bridging Japanese and Western markets with offices in San Jose, CA and Hokkaido, Japan.

MonkeyPaw Games has introduced numerous true Japanese imports to Western and European markets, including Gaia Seed, Sonic Wings Special, and Cho Aniki, as well as classic RPGs such as Vanguard Bandits, Alundra and the Arc the Lad series of games. MonkeyPaw Games revitalizes these Japanese experiences for the PlayStation®Network in the PSone® Imports section. MonkeyPaw Games also supports titles on Xbox® LIVE Arcade, Nintendo® WiiWare, Nintendo® DSiWare and PC gaming digital distribution platforms.

"PlayStation" is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Follow MonkeyPaw Games Updates:

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Monday, April 14, 2014

04/14/2014 - Soda Drinker Pro Coming to Xbox One
Soda Drinker Pro, the world’s most advanced FPS (First Person Soda) drinking simulation, is coming to Xbox One!

Players will soon be able to experience Soda on levels never before humanly possible with  Soda Drinker Pro for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft! Soda Drinker Pro will be available through  ID@Xbox, the self-publishing program for independent developers on Xbox One.

This new version includes more than 100 simulations plus 10 never-before-seen game exclusives for Xbox One. It will also feature Kinect for Xbox One support, giving players the option to truly feel the cup in their hands as they grasp their Soda and drink it into infinity.

This version also features new gameplay modes that include the hyper-realistic simulation mode as well as achievements and other surprises that will be announced closer to the launch date.

“We are truly excited to have the opportunity to release Soda Drinker Pro for the Xbox One. We have been working hard to fine-tune the fluid dynamics, from the condensation on the cup to the carbonated bubbles that float up the straw, this is something we are so proud to release for the Xbox One!” - Will Brierly Soda Drinker Pro Developer

The wonders of standing next to a rock while drinking Soda
It’s a well known fact that when you stand next to the right rock while inside a Soda drinking simulation you are transported into a wonderful world of many dimensions. This has been known in the Soda simulation world as “Vivian Clark.”

The Xbox One Vivian Clark experience is built directly into Soda Drinker Pro and features a brand new game engine built from the ground up with 500% more content than the original version, drastically improved graphics and gameplay, and thousands of possible options for the player to experience. The world of  Vivian Clark will continue to grow over time, always giving players new and wonderful experiences.

About Soda Drinker Pro - 
Soda Drinker Pro is the premier in software in the first person Soda drinking genre. Experience what it’s truly like to drink a Soda at the beach, in the park, and even…in space! Soda Drinker Pro gives players over 100 intense Soda Drinking simulations across a wide array of landscapes.

With Soda Drinker Pro, you don’t need to have a Soda in hand to experience a Soda in your mind.

Increase your Soda-drinking abilities with Soda Drinker Pro! Many Soda-drinking simulations only give you the can, but in Soda Drinker Pro you get the real deal slurps and all. Imagine the feeling knowing at any moment you could take a Soda and place it to your lips. And then YOU decide when to sip it! Soda Drinker Pro gives you this ability and so much more.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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