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Friday, May 9, 2014

05/09/2014 - Rallying legend Subaru set to join Auto Club Revolution
Rallying legend Subaru set to join ACR!

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne - May 9th 2014: Fans of the Japanese-based cars, famous for their handling quality and motorsport history, will be able to take to track and challenge friends in the iconic SUBARU IMPREZA P1 2000 and the stunning SUBARU BRZ 2012! The SUBARU BRZ 2012 a car whose set-up was once described as “a recipe for agility, low roll, tossable handling and general chicanery” by Top Gear magazine....sounds like a perfect fit for ACR to us!

Both cars will offer up some exciting races, we can’t wait to see how they handle everything from the crazy curves of Lakeside Italia to the fast and furious Hockenheimring Grand Prix circuit!

The Subaru announcement is just one in a raft of new additions coming to ACR as part of a major update; you can look forward to even more big announcements in the coming weeks. #ComingtoACR


About Auto Club Revolution

Designed, developed and published by Eutechnyx, Auto Club Revolution is a free-to-play online racing game and car community built in collaboration with the motor industry. Featuring officially licensed tracks and cars, it delivers a best-in-class racing experience to the free-to-play market via the world class Eutechnyx-owned racing engine.

Twitter: @autoclubrev

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

05/08/2014 - GTA Online High Life Update Coming May 13th
GTA Online: The High Life Update Coming Next Week Tuesday May 13th

Take in the view from any of the five new apartments in The High Life Update.

Coming next week on Tuesday May 13th, it's time to expand your foothold in Los Santos with The High Life Update for
Grand Theft Auto Online, which features new high-end apartments, multi-property ownership, four new vehicles, the powerful Bullpup Rifle and more. This automatic update to GTA Online adds five new options to the Los Santos real estate market at prime locations like Eclipse Towers, Richards Majestic and others, all featuring the latest new interior design. With multi-property ownership, you'll also now be able to own two distinct properties simultaneously.

Customized Zentorno, Massacro, and Huntley S hit the streets.

For those looking to take advantage of the expanded garage space that comes with owning an extra property, there's a trio of exquisite new cars plus a hot new motorcycle to add to your collection. The Enus Huntley S (SUV), Dewbauchee Massacro (Sports), Pegassi Zentorno (Super) and Dinka Thrust (Motorcycle) will all be available to purchase in GTA Online from Legendary Motorsport - and accessible from any garage property in Story Mode. The High Life Update also adds 'Non Contact' to the bevy of available Race options, which will allow you to play standard Races with collisions disabled between player's vehicles (other players appear as semi-transparent and you'll still be able to collide with non-player traffic, structures and other scenery).

Outfit the new Bullpup Rifle with a scope, suppressor, tints and more.

You can also protect your investments with Ammu-Nation's latest arrival, the powerful Bullpup Rifle. And the new Mental State player stat shows you just how passive or psychotically unhinged fellow players in your session really are – so you'll know if you need to have it at the ready when they approach. The High Life Update also includes new wardrobe options, vehicle horns and player toasts/celebrations as well as 15 new Jobs - including 5 new Contact Missions.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

05/07/2014 - Tesla Effect Launches on GOG.com
"Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure" Launches on GOG.com!

DRM-free Digital Distributor brings back the one-liner cracking, fedora-clad private investigator for a brand new retro-futuristic adventure; Tesla Effect available DRM-free for $19.99

For anyone not yet acquainted with detective Tex Murphy - he's the definition of old-school, he likes his coffee black, and his women bitter. The iconic protagonist of the fan-favorite 90s cinematic adventure game series is back with a brand new case to solve.
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, a modern blend of Full Motion Video adventuring and humor Noir, is available now for $19.99 on GOG.com. 

About GOG.com
GOG.com is a store that sells DRM-free games for download. With more than 650 games in its catalog and 150+ partners, they have games from every big studio you’ve ever heard of—Electronic Arts, Activision, Ubisoft, Square-Enix—and games from indie studios that produce brilliant games in obscurity. Formerly known as Good Old Games, GOG.com has games from as far back as 1981 and as recently as yesterday. With the best games in history for PC and Mac, GOG.com has grown to be the #2 independent digital distributor on the ‘Net.  

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

05/06/2014 - New Shadowgate Game Coming to Mobile

Return To Castle Shadowgate In This Complete Re-Imagining Of The Classic Point-And-Click Adventure That Started It All

Twain Harte, CA – May 6, 2014 – Development team Zojoi and indie games partner Reverb Triple XP announced today that the complete re-imagining of  Shadowgate, one of the most renowned point-and-click adventure titles in video game history, will be available later this summer on PC, Mac, iOS and Android tablets. Fans can now pre-order PC and Mac versions of the title and get in on exclusive goods by visiting the Shadowgate website,

Watch the new Shadowgate video trailer

Like the original, Shadowgate features danger at every turn and lots of ways to meet your untimely demise…

Zojoi is comprised of industry stalwarts Karl Roelofs and Dave Marsh, the original talents that made the first iteration of Shadowgate. The fantasy adventure game was an instant classic and one of the most popular, well-received titles in the MacVenture series on a plethora of computer-based systems. It then continued its surge in popularity on the Nintendo NES, GameBoy Color, and later on the Nintendo 64 system. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012, Karl and Dave are back, completely rebuilding the Shadowgate saga while accounting for today’s advanced technological and graphical capabilities.

“Dave and I are incredibly thrilled to be returning to Castle Shadowgate after all these years,” said Karl Roelofs, design director at Zojoi. “When we created the MacVenture series, we knew we had something special on our hands - the initial response from gamers around the world was overwhelming! Shadowgate has remained near and dear to not only our hearts but to those who remember the haunting original, greatly evidenced by the support our Kickstarter campaign generated. The past few years we have been hard at work re-building and updating the Shadowgate experience and cannot wait to inspire, challenge, and terrify an entire new generation of players.”

Nearly 30 years after the original version premiered on the Macintosh, Shadowgate returns, fully re-imagined and updated for today’s gaming landscape. With 4K-capable resolutions, Shadowgate not only features a stunning level of hand-painted detail but also tons of new mind-bending puzzles and more objects to interact with to help you on your quest. There are also plenty of throwbacks to the original version, so veterans and newcomers alike will all relish their journey through Shadowgate… if they survive.

“Discovering amazing indie game developers like Zojoi and helping power their success is exactly what Reverb Triple XP is all about,” said Tracie Snitker, president of Reverb Triple XP. “We see the tremendous potential in delivering Shadowgate to today’s gamer and we are working side-by-side with Zojoi to create customized programs for this unique game. We continuously evolve our initiatives to be ahead of the curve with versatile, aggressive marketing and PR strategies for indie developers around the world.”  

Shadowgate is coming to PC, Mac, iOS and Android tablets late this summer at the retail price of $19.99, but gamers impatient to get a leg-up on their journey can pre-order the PC and Mac versions today to reserve a copy for only $14.99 -  a 25% discount off full retail price. Or choose the “Adventurer Pack” to receive the full game at release plus wallpapers and a digital Shadowgate calendar.  For the true fans of high adventure, the “Hero Pack” includes all the other pre-order items plus a complete digital soundtrack, digital art book, beta tester access with in-game credits, and access to the game one week before launch!  Full details on pre-order incentives and pricing can be found at

For upcoming Shadowgate announcements visit the game’s official Website
www.shadowgate.com, follow the development team at Twitter, and “LikeShadowgate on Facebook.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Monday, May 5, 2014

05/05/2014 - Alien SpaceCraft Now Available on Amazon Fire TV
Fight Alien SpaceCraft In This Non-Stop Action Packed Game For The Amazon Fire TV

May 5, 2014 - Crave Creative Games (http://www.cravecreative.com/) is pleased to announce Alien SpaceCraft for the Amazon Fire TV.

Shoot the aliens in this classic side shooting style game. The goal of the game is to shoot as many of the aliens as you can. You get an X when an alien gets by you and once you get three X's then the game will be over. Also if an alien collides with your ship the game will be over. When a bullet does not hit anything you lose points so aim carefully.

- Fight Alien SpaceCraft
- Side Shooting Style Game
- Easy To Use Controls
- Retro Style Graphics
- Fun And Challenging For All Ages

About Crave Creative Games:
Mike Hempfling has been making apps since early 2011.


Submitted by: E. Thomas

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