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Friday, December 5, 2014

12/05/2014 - Innovative New Titles Astrosurf Now Available
What happens when physics and visual art collide in outer space?

5 December 2014, Rotterdam

Astrosurf, the new intergalactic app that gets you bobbing and weaving through the cosmos, racking up points as you go. On your way, unlocking new spaceships keep players entertained for weeks and striving for a better High Score.

Hailing from Rotterdam, NL, Oskar Maan and Jan Bijster of Moanbej make up the artist/physicist duo and have launched their first app for Android and iOS devices. Together, their expertise in fine arts, physics and their passion for games have brought about this beautiful and challenging cosmic experience. Be warned, they have taken their players seriously and have not made the game an easy feat. Although everyone can play the game, their target group is made up of those who play to win, are not afraid of a challenge and want to see their High Score on the international list of top players. The developers have made sure to keep the humor in gaming by referencing fun icons from pop culture and popsicles.

The Android launch on Nov. 13, 2014 quickly garnered international recognition and was featured in LA-based Culture Collide in their Best Apps column: “if the pun-y name wasn’t enough, the app’s gorgeous illustrations will keep you interested for weeks on end”. Now the iOS version is released it is time to let the world know.



Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

12/04/2014 - Game Music Bundle offers 19 Soundtracks for Just Ten Dollars
Game Music Bundle: 19 Soundtracks for Just Ten Dollars

 The best deal in game music features everything from indie favorites to epic MMORPG soundtracks just in time for the holidays
San Francisco, California - December 4, 2014 - The merry team at Loudr is pleased to present a dashing assortment of game music soundtracks in the form of Game Music Bundle 8, the latest and greatest iteration of the world's most beloved videogame music bundle. Just in time for the holidays, there's no better gift for the game music fan on your list than this festive collection of tunes from independent artists and games both big and small, and it's available for two weeks only - December 4th - December 18th:

Game Music Bundle 8: 19 Soundtracks for $10

As always. fans can pick up five soundtracks for only $1 or contribute $10 to unlock the entire bundle of 19 soundtracks, a generous buffet of hundreds of songs that will keep you busy into the new year and beyond.

A few of the many treats featured in Game Music Bundle 8  include the frosty score to Double Fine Adventure! (Lifeformed: Immerse), the intricate atmospheres of  Gods Will Be Watching, Disasterpeace's jolly soundscapes in  Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, and the wondrous Korean MMORPG soundtrack to Monarch: Heroes of a New Age

The full list of albums on offer as a part of Game Music Bundle 8 are as follows: 

Level 1 (unlocked at $1) 
  • Gods Will Be Watching - fingerspit
  • Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake - Disasterpeace
Super Time Force - 6955
The Sailor's Dream (Original Soundtrack) - Jonathan Eng
Zombies - Bignic

Level 2 (unlocked at $10) 
  • Dreamfall Chapters Reborn Original Soundtrack - Simon Poole

Freedom Planet - GalaxyTrail
FTL: Advanced Edition - Ben Prunty
  • Gods Will Be Watching Alternative Soundtrack - fingerspit
Hack N' Slash - Paul O'Rourke
Halfway - Gavin Harrison
Izakaya Ōmen ~MINI~ - Maxo
  • Lifeformed: Immerse - Lifeformed
  • Lovely Planet - Calum Bowen
Majestic Nights - Das_Fokks
Monarch: Heroes of a New Age Original Soundtrack - Goomin Nam
Spell Team Death Match - Bignic
  • The Novelist - Kent Hudson
  • Wanderlust Adventures - Chris Christodoulou

"Since the very beginning, our goal at Loudr has been to build technology that supports songwriters," reflects Loudr Chief Executive Officer Chris Crawford. "We have been overwhelmed by the talent and community around video game music. Game Music Bundle 8 places a handful of your favorites alongside each other starting at just $1, a deal we are beyond excited to be able to offer. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!"

Grab Game Music Bundle 8 today-the clock is ticking! 

About Loudr

Loudr is the company that produces the Game Music Bundle and the only music licensing and distribution platform where artists can sell any recording, from cover songs to mash-ups to original music, for no upfront expense. Powered by a team of musicians and music lovers in San Francisco, Loudr is designed to simplify the business of music and allow creators to spend more time doing what they love.

Learn more: 
Follow Loudr on

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

12/03/2014 - Deep Silver Auctioning Real Life Saints Row Genki Mobile
Deep Silver Auctioning The Famous Saints Row the Third Real-life Genki Mobile for "Wings For Life" Charity

Perfect replica from the game with a working T-shirt cannon is now available for bidding on eBay

Larkspur, Calif., December 3, 2014 – Deep Silver announced today that the Genki Mobile – a full-blown, fully customized replica of the famous Genki Mobile from the worldwide video game hit, Saints Row the Third is now up for auction. The bidding has begun at $7,500 on eBay and will end on December 13th, 2014. Bidders can visit:
http://www.ebay.com/itm/161506277416 The proceeds from the auction will benefit the Wings for Life charity, a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation (www.wingsforlife.com/en/).

The classic 1956 Ford F-100 pickup was used only a handful of times as a promotional vehicle for the Saints Row franchise. It is completely restored, customized and fully street legal. To make sure there's no mistaking it for anything but the embodiment of pure awesome, the classic truck sports a customized fiberglass Genki head on the front, completely restored tufted faux-leather interior with an original dashboard and added retro gauges. An easy-to-use control panel for an awe-inspiring pneumatic T-shirt cannon is built into the back of the truck.

Fans first fell in love with the sadistic Professor Genki character in Saints Row the Third, the third game in the Saints Row series from developer Volition. Professor Genki has since become a staple in the franchise, finding new ways to deter and undermine the Third Street Saints. His appearance in the virtual world of Steelport in Deep Silver’s worldwide smash hit, Saints Row IV, revived his legacy in the franchise. Fans will be able to once more get a glimpse of the notorious antagonist in the upcoming Saints Row Re-Elected, out in North America on January 20th. All Genki Mobile auction proceeds will be donated to Wings for Life.

The Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation finances cutting edge research and clinical trials around the globe in order to find a cure for paraplegia. By means of donations, Wings for Life supports promising research projects which focus on healing the injured spinal cord. By now it is no longer a question “if” a cure can be found but rather “when” this will happen.

“Advancement in spinal cord research is largely based on private initiatives like Wings for Life. Since we depend on donations, we are very grateful for any help we can get. Generous supporters like Deep Silver enable us to keep doing a good job,” said Anita Gerhardter, CEO Wings for Life.

The full specs of the truck are available at the eBay listing:

For more information about Deep Silver and its games, please visit

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12/02/2014 - Maximum Games Announces PlayStation Experience Lineup
Maximum Games Announces PlayStation® Experience Lineup

December 2, 2014 - (Walnut Creek, CA) - Maximum Games has announced their plans for “PlayStation® Experience,” including playable demos of the company’s 2015 lineup, extra special appearances, and fan giveaways. The action takes place December 6th and 7th at Booth #115 at The Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas.

The unprecedented industry event promises to be a massive convergence of developers, publishers, and the consumers who are eagerly awaiting their latest and greatest. Front and center at “PlayStation Experience” will be Maximum Games, showing off three new titles scheduled to release in early 2015 including: 

Rugby 15

Developed by HB Studios, the first next-gen rugby game features amazing realism with true-to-life, technical moves and sophisticated AI behavior, real commentary from professional sportscasters, and official licenses for the most prestigious teams in the world. Play with the best leagues including Aviva Premiership Rugby, Pro 12, TOP 14, and Pro D2 in a brutal battle for the win.

Motorcycle Club

Fully customizable in all aspects, Motorcycle Club is a unique multiplayer experience, allowing players choice of 22 licensed motorbikes from Kawasaki, BMW, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and KTM. Choose your riders, emblems, helmets and more to create your exclusive club, then switch between bikes while racing to maximize track performance and truly master each course. 

Farming Simulator 15

The best-selling franchise returns to consoles early next year with a fleet of new vehicles, all-new machines and tools, a brand new rich and detailed environment, new missions, and an exciting new trade…logging! Create the ultimate farm using licensed tractors, chainsaws, and more to prepare your land, sow crops, harvest, and sell your bounty.

“This show is all about big reveals, tons of freebies, and unexpected surprises,” said Luke Shelnutt, Producer at Maximum Games. Indeed, the company has teased a special appearance complete with an autograph signing session, loads of swag, and a social media sweepstakes to accompany the sneak peek at their upcoming titles.

Stop by Booth #115 to take part in the excitement December 6th and 7th at “PlayStation Experience” in Las Vegas. For more information about Maximum Games, visit
www.maximumgames.com. For more information about “PlayStation Experience,” visit http://www.playstation.com/en-us/campaigns/2014/playstation-experience/.

“PlayStation” is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

About Maximum Games
Maximum Games is committed to providing quality entertainment for the gamer in everyone. Our mission is to give all people, regardless of age or interest, a solid gaming experience. We deliver premier, cross-generational console and digital titles around the world, pushing our creative limits to foster innovation in video game entertainment. For more information, please visit

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Monday, December 1, 2014

12/01/2014 - Cinemaware announce It Came From the Desert Extended Cut
Cinemaware announce Release of new Mega Drive/Genesis game

It´s never too late: 24 years after its original planned release, “It Came From the Desert™: The Action Game – Extended Cut” finally arrives for the original Sega Mega Drive/Genesis platform!!!

Yes, that’s correct! No, you don’t have to re-read that sentence! It´s a real, physical release only available for Sega Genesis/Megadrive fans! Cinemaware is proud to be collaborating together with the experts at WaterMelon (who were responsible for the great title PierSolar™) to bring you this nearly-lost cult classic!
This limited-edition version will include:

·Case with slipcover
·Cartridge (yes, a real cartridge!)

Over 10 years ago, we released the original game’s ROM as a free download for emulation fans. However, in “It Came From the Desert: The Action Game – Extended Cut”, brand-new in-game material will also now be featured in this exclusive, limited-edition version:

·New intro-sequence
·New cutscenes
·New ending sequence
·Additional gameplay elements

“It Came From the Desert: The Action Game – Extended Cut” is the action-based offshoot to the award-winning Amiga classic “It Came From the Desert”. You play the role of a young hero that picks up different kinds of weapons to save his girlfriend and his hometown of Lizard Breath, which is again the setting of a mysterious giant ant invasion years after the events of the original game.

Pre-Order is planned for early 2015 and you can register for our newsletter at
http://desert.cinemaware.com to be the first one to know about further updates and when pre-ordering starts. This is an unique opportunity for all retro and Sega Genesis/Megadrive collectors and It Came From the Desert fans – don’t miss it!

Finally, please have a look at our ongoing Kickstarter campaign for “Rocket Ranger Reloeaded”, a brand-new, stunning action-adventure game that brings back Cinemaware’s hero with the rocket pack! This week will see the release of an amazing playable demo! Please contact
sven@cinemaware.com for a preview version.!


About Cinemaware:
Originally founded in 1985, Cinemaware became an influential and innovative force in interactive entertainment across multiple platforms of computers, consoles and mobile devices. Our titles are rooted in classic movie genres and pop-culture, and are renowned for their Hollywood-caliber presentation, immersive storytelling and innovative gameplay mechanics.

Cinemaware, It Came From the Desert and Rocket Ranger are trademarks of Cinemaware. All rights reserved.

About WaterMelon:
WaterMelon has a unique history of passion and vision that differentiates itself from many other game companies. Their first project was to develop and distribute Pier Solar and the Great Architects, an epic game for Mega Drive that both marked the 20th anniversary of this platform.

WaterMelon’s true passion and goal remains consistent. It is “Making quality and fun games for the game lovers.".

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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