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Friday, December 19, 2014

12/19/2014 - Trials Fusion PC Online Multiplayer Free This Weekend

From December 19 to December 21 PC Players Can Race the Competition in Online Multiplayer

London, UK — December, 2014 – Today, Ubisoft® announced a limited time open weekend for the Online Multiplayer in Trials Fusion on Windows PC only.

This two day event for Trials Fusion will take place from December 19 at 10am CET to December 22 at 10am CET. Players can sign in with their existing Uplay account to be granted immediate access to the Online Multiplayer during this event. 

Online Multiplayer is coming to all players as a free update in early 2015, and will allow four players per race on the Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft and up to eight players on the Xbox One games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Windows PC.

Developed by RedLynx in collaboration with Ubisoft Shanghai and Ubisoft Kiev, Trials Fusion has sold over one million copies and offers players an unlimited array of obstacles and challenges as they race against the clock to set track records.

For the latest information on Trials Fusion, please visit

For the latest news on Ubisoft collectible merchandise, please visit and like the page

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/19/2014 - Armored Warfare Christmas 2014 Exclusive Giveaway
Armored Warfare - Christmas 2014 Exclusive Giveaway
Get ahead of the game by signing up for the beta now to acquire a tank commander!
My.com and Obsidian Entertainment are giving away a new commander to all players who log in to their Armored Warfare account or sign up for beta access before January 18th, 2015.

Collecting commanders is vital to success in Armored Warfare. Each has a completely unique set of skills and characteristics that can be leveled up, so having a diverse range of them will contribute hugely to the player’s chances of victory. Commanders take time to acquire, however, so this giveaway brings players the chance to get the jump on their enemies early.

This commander, Anthony Diaz, was a military career man that worked his way up from humble beginnings as a Private. Having exhausted the many possibilities the army brings, he felt the only way to find new challenges was to enter the private sector, bringing him to the modern battlefield of Armored Warfare.

To get this exclusive gift you should go to this page by January 18th, 2015: http://aw.my.com/us/cbt/commander.

Please find more information about commanders in Armored Warfare in this article:

Don’t miss your chance to secure this awesome advantage for upcoming battles.
Merry Christmas from all at My.com and Obsidian Entertainment!
Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/19/2014 - Pac-Man sculpture unveiled in Madrid
Pac Man sculpture unveiled in Madrid

Today at 12.00 pm, a commemorative sculpture of Pac-Man has been unveiled at the Campus of the Rey Juan Carlos University by the Japanese Ambassador in Spain.

The sculpture, which is more than two meters high, represents the iconic figure of Pac-Man as a symbol of the strong and prominent role that the videogame industry plays within the economy.

Pac-Man is a character from the realm of entertainment who became a worldwide icon in the 1980's and continues to be as popular as ever today, given that, over the last 30 years or more, Pac-Man has continued to star in new versions of the game, as an entire universe has gradually been created that revolves around this amiable character.

Pac-Man has thus become a veritable point of reference for the international digital entertainment industry and a symbol of the strong and prominent role that this industry plays within the economy as a whole and in terms of job creation.

The commemorative sculpture has been erected at the Rey Juan Carlos University in order to recognize the fact that this is the first public university in the Madrid Region to offer a Degree in Video-Game Development. It also marks the future contribution that the University's students are likely to make to the world of interactive leisure.

The inauguration will feature the participation of the Dean of the University, Mr. Fernando Suárez, the Japanese Ambassador in Spain, Mr. Kazuhiko Koshikawa, and cultural and business attachés from the Embassy, not to mention representatives from Bandai Namco, the company that owns the rights to the character.

About Pac-Man
Created in 1980, Pac-Man is the longest-running video-game character: for more than 30 years different versions of the game have been launched, as an entire universe has gradually been created that revolves around this amiable character. In 2014, Pac-Man will be present on the market with a new television series on Clan, "PAC-MAN™ and the Ghostly Adventures", as well as an extensive line of toys and video games.
Launched in 1980, Pac-Man was created by the Japanese designer, Tôru Iwatani. Its name comes from the onomatopoeic Japanese word " paku-paku", which is equivalent to "yum", the sound we make when we chew.

Designed as the main character for a Japanese amusement arcade game, this famous figure became one of the icons of popular culture in the 1980's (some 100,000 machines were sold in the first year alone) and has since become one of the most recognizable video-game characters of all time. In fact, Pac-Man has become a social phenomenon, generating millions in merchandising sales and the sale of other video-game-related products, such as a television series and even a top 10 single that shifted one million copies.

Pac-Man is probably the most widely played game in history. In fact, it has been calculated that more than 10 billion games have been played around the world in the arcade game segment alone. FUN FACTS AND FIGURES FEATURED IN THIS COMPUTER GRAPHICS:

About Bandai

Bandai is a manufacturer and distributor of toys founded in Japan in 1950. The company is now present in Spain since 1987 and in recent years has become the industry benchmark with their action figures, transformable robots, fashion dolls, board games, etc.  Some of Bandai's lines are the following: Big Hero 6, Power Rangers, Pac-Man, Tamagotchi, Pocoyo, Peppa Pig, Lalaloopsy and Baby Born.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/19/2014 - 52 Swipe Up released on Google Play
52 Swipe Up released on Google Play

December 19th, 2014 – Oslo, Norway – The result of Trollpants Game Studio’s internal game jam has been released on Google Play, and it’s called 52 Swipe Up!

52 Swipe Up is the protein powder to your brain-gains this winter. Stack the deck and ready your memory for this playing card puzzle game! Swipe the playing cards in the correct direction, but pay close attention: the rules change between rounds! Go to the top of the leaderboards and earn achievements so you can be like an elephant: never forget.

Trollpants Game Studio is a nine man independent company that takes the candy out of mobile games. Because candy is bad for you, and so is having a bad memory. Trollpants is based in Oslo, Norway, and have one previously released game called Witch Wing.

For more information about 52 Swipe Up, check out the
PressKit. For more information about Trollpants, check out our website!

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/19/2014 - One Man Left Holiday Sale for iOS & Android
One Man Left Holiday Sale (iOS & Android)

It's getting late in December, so happy everything, everyone! The  Tilty-Tilt Boom Boom Bundle, a collection of three Tilt to Live games, has just gotten a holiday price drop on iOS. For just a dollar more than it costs for one Tilt to Live, you can get all three!

This next part is just a heads up for your holiday price drop lists, and we'd appreciate you keeping it quiet until the 24th if possible: Starting December 24th, 
EVERY One Man Left mobile game will be on sale for the holidays, from our arcade series Tilt to Live to our Editor's Choice strategy game Outwitters. Details of those discounts are available below. Happy holidays!

On the App Store (Starting 12/24):
On Google Play (Starting 12/24):
Save $2 on 
Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous, or  Gauntlet's Revenge (66% off)  

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18/2014 - New Hotline Miami 2 Vinyl Record Collector's Edition
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Puts the Needle to the Wax with Vinyl Record Collector’s Edition


Independent developer 
Dennaton Games, rogue publisher  Devolver Digital, and creative production company  iam8bit announced that the Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number three-disc vinyl Collector’s Edition will unleash aural fury onto your ears in early 2015. Fans can now pre-purchase Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number via a substantially awesome analog offer presented on 180-gram vinyl for $60. The Collector’s Edition includes a colorful three-disc vinyl set that hosts the 28 ecstasy-fueled songs from the game and a collectable phone card containing a download code for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number and the full digital soundtrack download on Steam.  The colorful set can be pre-purchased direct from the iam8bit store starting today (http://store.iam8bit.com/collections/hotline-miami).


The tri-fold jacket encasing the vinyl features original artwork by Niklas Akerblad, the Swedish artist responsible for the striking cover art for both Hotline Miami games. The three discs include music from returning Hotline Miami artists such as M|O|O|N, El Huervo and Perturbator and new Hotline Miami artists Megadrive, Mitch Murder, and Magic Sword.

Back in my day we didn’t have fancy IBM-compatible computers or PlayStations – we played our video games on the family record player and liked it,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “You couldn’t see a damn thing but that’s what made it challenging.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the follow up to the stylish top-down shooter Hotline Miami from independent developer Dennaton Games. The original game continues to be a critical and commercial success since its launch in 2012 that resulted in more than a dozen Game of the Year nominations and awards from game critics and more than a million copies sold. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in Q1 2015.

For more information on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number please visit www.devolverdigital.com or follow us on Twitter  @devolverdigital and @hotlinemiami

About iam8bit
Founded in 2005, iam8bit is a creative production company that refuses to be pigeonholed, having crafted unique and memorable experiences for a broad spectrum of brands like HBO, Nintendo, PlayStation, Disney, MTV, Activision, Universal, Capcom, Interscope, Warner Bros., Machinima and countless others. These attentively cultivated experiences come in many forms — from events to one-of-a-kind mailers to commercials and films. In addition, iam8bit is currently developing several original IPs for feature, TV and digital distribution. The company is co-owned by Jon M. Gibson and Amanda White, and is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Find out about more awesomeness at 
www.iam8bit.com and  @iam8bit on Twitter.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/18/2014 - Konami Unleashes 4K PC Version of MGS Ground Zeroes
KONAMI Unleashes 4K PC Version of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Open World Prequel

El Segundo, CAKonami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today released the PC version of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES via Steam’s digital distribution service. The PC edition of METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES marks the first use of 4K compatibility in the METAL GEAR SOLID series, boasting an increase in the number of simultaneous light sources, the number of models that can be displayed on-screen and increased shadow resolution. The game is available now for an SRP of $19.99. 

METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES takes place in 1975 and sets in motion a series of events that culminate in the stunning plot lines of the upcoming METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN. GROUND ZEROES stars Big Boss - legendary hero and mercenary - as he infiltrates a sprawling secret prison base called ‘Camp Omega’ in Cuba on a rescue mission. He soon finds himself alone behind enemy lines, in a truly non-linear mission that showcases key advances to the series made possible by the use of Kojima Productions’ FOX Engine.

METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES is centered on a large open environment, with missions where time of day and weather cause a dynamic effect on the game and its content. The game offers total freedom of movement within its missions by allowing users to choose how they engage guards, what routes they traverse and who they rescue. As such, the game offers incredible replay value, encouraging players to revisit its content in order to find more secrets. Furthermore, the game features an online global ranking system where players can compete in unique in-game and mission challenges, as well as achievements to see how they compare against others around the world.

About Konami Group
Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. is a leading developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties. KONAMI's titles include the popular franchises METAL GEAR SOLID, Pro Evolution Soccer, and Castlevania, among other top sellers. The latest information about KONAMI can be found on the Web at
www.konami.com. KONAMI CORPORATION is a publicly traded company based in Tokyo, Japan with subsidiaries Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. in the United States and Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. in Windsor, UK. KONAMI CORPORATION is traded in the United States on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KNM. Details of the products published by KONAMI can be found at http://www.konami.com

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/18/2014 - Shady Pants Studios Announces Grand Theft Pizza Delivery Beta
Grand Theft Pizza Delivery: Beta Build

Today, Shandy Pants Studios has released the beta for their debut game, "Grand Theft Pizza Delivery".

The Beta was offered to kickstarter backers as a reward, and has now been released.
The Beta Build contains the full 25 mission campaign, without the sub-missions. The beta has also worked on feedback from the Alpha Build.

Shandy Pants Studios is made up of two 13-year-olds, and the game is made completely by them.

They have single-handendly created the game, it's graphics and it's extensive soundtrack.

They estimate the the full release will be a couple of months away.

The game is still on steam greenlight, and has Received positive feedback. The beta is being distributed through itch.io.

Main Website - shandypantsstudios.com  

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/18/2014 - Tetris Ultimate Now Available Xbox One and PS4

London, UK — December 18, 2014 — Today, Ubisoft® announced that Tetris® Ultimate is now available as a digital download on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system for £7.99.

Tetris Ultimate is the latest iteration of the world’s most loved puzzle game that offers fun features, unique visuals and addictive gameplay for all ages. Featuring six exciting modes, anyone can test their skills solo or against friends, with up to four players who can get in on the action:

·Battle – Knock out challengers and be the last person standing.
·Battle Ultimate – Similar to Battle mode but with crazy power-ups.  Compete in the ultimate battle showdown using power-ups to clear away lines, shower opponents with blocks or shift their Matrix to the left after each move.
·Marathon – Complete level 15 and rack up as many points as you can.
·Endless – Keep clearing lines until your stamina runs out.
·Ultra – Race to score as many points as possible before time runs out in this three-minute challenge.
·Sprint – Clear 40 lines as quickly as you can.

Tetris Ultimate is currently available for Nintendo 3DS™ at retailers and digitally through the Nintendo eShop. The game will also be released in 2015 for Windows PC and the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system.

For more information on Tetris Ultimate, please visit

For the latest news on Ubisoft collectible merchandise, please visit and like the page www.facebook.com/ubicollectibles.

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12/17/2014 - Dragon Atlas v1.1 Coming December 18th
Dragon Atlas v1.1 Coming December 18th

Christmas has come early in the land of Ymir. Dragon will receive a major update this December 18th. This update makes training and upgrading your dragons easier than ever. Mercenary skill cooldowns will be shortened and the wending machine will be improved. Version 1.1 also brings improvements to PvP and the Arena Rankings.

For new players, Rookie Progress has been further optimized to make the game's beginning easier to understand for new comers. Server 2 "Fertile Hills" will also be launched alongside the update. It's the season of giving, so stay tuned for our Christmas and New Years events in the land of Ymir!

Play now on 37.com: http://dragonatlas.37.com/?cid=54&scid=new102


About 37Games

37Games is a global online game publisher specializing in free-to-play browser and mobile games. The company has an in-house dev team that works with other game designers to make games appealing to hardcore and causal gamers alike. With 37Games already strong presence in Asia, it aims to become a global brand by publishing games in North America and Europe in the near future.

37.com allows players to not only game, but to become part of a global gaming community - all from the computer or smartphone. Players can battle side-by-side with their fellow players for a more engaging experience.

Publishing micro-transaction-based, free to play games, 37Games taps into demographics previously unreached by the gaming sector. Free to play means anyone, from any part of the world, can partake in the fun! 37Games is redefining the way games are developed, localized and published to create amazing, novel experiences for all kinds of gamers all over the world.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

12/17/2018 - Mission Control NanoMech Lands on Steam Early Access
Mission Control: NanoMech Lands on Steam Early Access

Players use authentic nanoscience while fighting a rogue AI on Mars!

December 17, 2014 - Mission Control: NanoMech is now available on Steam Early Access where users can contribute to the development of this game based on authentic nanoscience and real life NASA space technology.

Find out more at

NanoMech is a single-player action-adventure game in which players use nanoscience to upgrade future space technologies to accomplish mission objectives. Set fifty years in the future as mankind is colonizing the solar system, the player begins the game by delivering a shipment of raw materials to a factory on the surface of Mars. A rogue artificial intelligence named D-brain has taken control of the factory and most of its robotic workers and refuses to let the humans go. With the threat of a massive Mars dust storm cutting off communications to the rest of the Mars bases, it's up to the player to save the other humans trapped inside the factory.

Luckily, several friendly robots are on hand to help the player fight back. The robots gift the player with a special spacesuit and teach the player how it can be improved with nanotechnology. As the game progresses, the player is helped further by scientists hiding inside the factory who leave clues and information that help the player understand and use the nanomaterials in optimal ways. This improvement process must be mastered by players as it is directly linked to the progressive difficulty in the game. Presented with puzzle challenges, the player must race against the clock to keep their robotic team members functioning while searching for more raw materials and the hidden scientists in order to get strong enough to confront D-brain directly.

NanoMech was partially funded under grants from the National Science Foundation (Grants #0823411, 0835450) and developed in collaboration with NASA through a Space Act Agreement. Nanotechnology, 3D printing and other cutting edge technologies will drive space exploration in the future. The game is based on real nanotechnology and was reviewed by experts for accuracy. Players learn about and authentically use these technologies in order to improve their equipment and succeed at mission objectives. As players learn how to defeat D-brain, they learn about atomic structures of nanomaterials and their different capabilities. Nanotechnology is science, engineering and technology conducted at the nanoscale, which is about 1 to 100 nanometers. Materials developed using this technology have special properties not previously present with traditional methods.

About WisdomTools

WisdomTools exists to create interactive experiences that are meaningful to people of all ages. Our products include video games, ebooks, interactive stories, and simulations that inspire and teach through play and stories. We use real content and promote authentic ways of solving puzzles and other challenges.
Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/17/2014 - RS Games Announces Nova Genesis Alpha Test
R2Games Announces First Alpha Test for Nova Genesis, New Browser MMORPG

The Alpha test is set to consist of two trial phases

Hong Kong - December 17, 2014 - Global games publisher Reality Squared Games revealed today plans to release its newest free-to-play browser game, called Nova Genesis. The first Alpha test of this title, developed by Feiyin Games, is set to open on Thursday, December 18th.

Nova Genesis is a classic MMORPG with 2.5D graphics, set in a rich fantasy world infused with a touch of sci-fi. The game features three unique playable classes as well as six distinct races that make up the mobs, bosses and NPCs within its world. As well as a strong Hero system, Nova Genesis offers elaborate skill combos, challenging PvP/PvE and a robust character-enhancement system that aims to provide an immersive playing experience.

Key features:
  • Nova Weapons: Collect these powerful weapons by completing the main quests in each chapter. Infuse them with different types of Nebulite for invaluable attribute bonuses.
  • Squad Rush Skills: Use the keyboard to activate your Hero's hidden skills and deal ample damage to your foes.
  • Zenith: Gather your resources and interact with friends and foes in your home base.
  • Party Dungeons: Join two other players and their Heroes in challenging dungeons such as Labyrinth and Dreamscape.
Phase 1 of Nova Genesis' Alpha test will be launched on Thursday, December 18th at 9:00 EST. Feedback obtained from players of this early test will be gradually implemented during the following weeks in preparation for Phase 2. Further details are available on the game's pre-launch page.
Follow us on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NovaGenesisR2
About R2Games
R2Games is a global online game publisher that delivers microtransaction-based, free-to-play browser and mobile games to markets around the world. R2Games' growing portfolio now encompasses six languages and includes hits like Wartune, Shadowbound, and Dragon Pals. R2Games' international team manages marketing and PR, locates distribution channels, and carries out day-to-day operations including customer support, community management, and event design/implementation.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/17/2014 - Skater Receives Huge Holiday Update
Skater Receives Huge Holiday Update and Contest to Win Skate Gear

Mobile Game of the Year Nominee Skater Receives Huge Holiday Update and Contest to Win Skate Gear

SYDNEY, December 17th, 2014 – Skater, the first touch-based skating game to feature real skate spots and #1 sporting game in fifteen countries is having a huge update in time for the holidays. This update includes the legendary Love Park, Philadelphia, one of the most famous spots in skating history as well as new tricks, new gear to skate with and the ability to share gameplay videos via Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Love Park Holiday Contest - Frosch is offering five Skater prize packs containing a pair of Lakai skate shoes and skateboard deck from one of the brands in the game. To enter, simply play skater on an iPhone 5, 5s or 6, save a run in Love Park and export the video to Instagram with the hashtag #LoveParkSession by 23:59 on Friday 2nd Jan 2015. Three winners will be selected based on number of likes on the post and the originality of the run as judged by the Skater team. (Full Terms and Conditions)

Skater, which recently released for iOS is designed from the ground up for mobile and captures all the things that are most fun in actual skating. Directly control your shoes and board as you perfect your flow of tricks and runs, exploring and re-inventing some of the most famous real-life skate spots. Skater celebrates style and individuality, allowing players to save and share favorite trick runs for others to browse and attempt online – with over a quarter million user-generated runs now available to play, it’s like taking part in the world’s biggest skate session!

Download Skater now!

Check out the launch trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iAJhOOkEyg

Learn more at http://www.skaterapp.com/

Join the community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkaterApp

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12/16/2014 - Two New DLC Packs coming to Payday 2
Starbreeze AB: PAYDAY 2 DLC's "The Diamond Heist" and "Clover Character Pack", to launch on Steam on the 16th of December, Game of the Year Edition and other bundles available December 18

Press Release 16th of December 2014

Starbreeze AB, one of Sweden's leading independent game developers, today announced that DLC pack no. 13 and 14 for PAYDAY 2, titled "The Diamond Heist" and "Clover Character Pack", will be launched on Steam on December 16. The DLC packs will be available for purchase at $ 6,99 and $ 4,99 respectively on PC through Steam and other digital distribution channels. The DLC's feature:

The Diamond Heist
  • An all-new heist where you steal the most famous diamond in the world from a museum
  • Pre-planning; plan the Diamond heist beforehand so you  can perform the perfect crime
  • Four new masks, materials and patterns based on historical figures and myths of old
Clover Character Pack
  • A new crew member called Clover, the first female member of the PAYDAY gang
  • The new Queen's Wrath Assault Rifle with accompanying weapon modifications
  • Clover's own personal Shillelagh melee weapon
  • Clover's mask that everyone identifies her with
  • A new perk deck called the Burglar, focusing on breaking and entering
Today Starbreeze also announced that three different game bundles of PAYDAY 2 will be available via Steam for a discounted price. Each bundle will have a unique mask connected to it. The bundles are:
  • PAYDAY 2: Game of the Year bundle, SRP $79,99
  • PAYDAY 2: Gage Weapon Pack bundle, SRP $29,99
  • PAYDAY 2: Heist Pack bundle, SRP $24,99

"With Clover we introduce a female character to the PAYDAY gang. She will add the finesse needed to perform the perfect crime. In connection to her release, we present the Diamond heist, a heist we have teased the players with since the Dentist announced it during the summer. I am excited to see how the community reacts to this. For newcomers to PAYDAY 2, we also launch three different game bundles at a discounted price available from the 18th December." said Bo Andersson Klint, CEO, Starbreeze AB.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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12/16/2014 - Plague Inc is coming to Windows Phone
Plague Inc. is coming to Windows Phone!

We are excited to announce that Plague Inc. is spreading to Windows Phone and will be available to download in the New Year!

Plague Inc. is one of the top-selling mobile games of the last few years with over 900 million games played. It is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation which lets players create and control a global plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself.

Plague Inc. is currently available on iOS and Android. Plague Inc: Evolved is available on PC and Mac through Steam, and is coming soon to Xbox One.

More information:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PlagueInc
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/ndemiccreations  

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Monday, December 15, 2014

12/15/2014 - The Hunter Primal now on Steam Early Access

STOCKHOLM (15th December 2014) Avalanche Studios and its subsidiary Expansive Worlds today released theHunter: Primal, a frighteningly realistic dinosaur hunting experience, as a stand-alone one-time purchase on Steam Early Access.

theHunter: Primal introduces a huge Jurassic landscape (24 square km/9.3 square miles) which will push your survival skills to their limits. The very environment – dense, foreign, even poisonous – is threatening as you traverse it. And you are not alone. Throughout the different biomes of the world loom cunning predators that not only hide from you, but communicate with each other and plan deadly attacks. In Primal, the hunter often becomes the prey.

At Early Access launch, theHunter Primal features three deadly species from the Cretaceous period. There’s the Utahraptor, a fast-moving, medium sized dinosaur that hunts in packs. The lumbering tri-horned herbivore Triceratops. And of course the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex, a brutal six ton predator. Throughout Early Access and beyond, additional species will be added along with weapons, gameplay features and tweaks.

The game is based on the popular theHunter franchise, with more than 4.5 million registered players. Whereas theHunter is an ever-evolving F2P subscription service, Primal is released as a stand-alone, one time purchase.

theHunter: Primal is a new direction for Expansive Worlds”, said Christofer Sundberg, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Avalanche Studios. “It fits perfectly within our portfolio and shows the true potential of the theHunter brand, a franchise we have been working on since 2009. Move over, undead people - dinosaurs are the new zombies."

Primal was hatched after countless requests from the vibrant theHunter community, and will continue to evolve in the same fashion. During Early Access, it offers both singleplayer and multiplayer modes (up to 16 players) and is set for full release in March 2015.

“What’s great about Primal”, commented Pim Holfve, CEO of Expansive Worlds, “is the way it was conceived. Members of our community have been asking to hunt dinosaurs since 2009, and members of the team were aching to create just that game. Having the team working closely together with the community has proven very successful with theHunter, and we’re confident it will be the way forward for theHunter: Primal as well.”

For more information about theHunter: Primal, please visit the Steam page. To request interviews, assets or Steam keys for review purposes, please contact Thomas Wiborgh, Head of Communications at Avalanche Studios.

About Avalanche Studios
Avalanche Studios is the original creator of the award-winning Just Cause franchise, and is currently working on Just Cause 3 (published by Square Enix) and Mad Max (published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment) both slated for release in 2015. The studio has created acclaimed twin stick shooter Renegade Ops (published by SEGA) and self-published free-to-play service theHunter (developed by subsidiary Expansive Worlds) with more than 4.5 million registered players across 190 countries. Avalanche Studios, which is based in Stockholm and New York City, was founded in 2003 by Christofer Sundberg and Linus Blomberg. The studio develops games built on its proprietary technology, the Avalanche Engine, enabling huge open worlds filled with emergent gameplay. More information is available at


Submitted by: E. Thomas

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