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Friday, January 2, 2015

01/02/2015 - New Chapters Released for The Island Castaway Lost World
Sync The Island Castaway®: Lost WorldTM Between All Your iOS Devices & Enjoy New Game Chapters – Free Update from G5 & Sampad

In the latest version you'll get to plunge into the Spirit World, meet four new characters, defeat two new enemies, learn to cook two new dishes & try to escape the island!
San Francisco, California – January 1, 2014 – Are you ready to plunge into the Spirit World to save the day in the real world? Download The Island Castaway®: Lost World™ version 1.4 to your iPad or iPhone and start this break-neck journey today! The new update is available free on the App Store now. At the top of the list of features of this version is a universal login, giving players the ability to play the same game between all of their iOS devices. Now you can play The Island Castaway: Lost World on your iPhone during the day – on your way to work or at the checkout line - and pick it back up where you left off on your iPad at night.

Among the additions also are two fresh chapters in the storyline, four new characters, like Ghostly boy, two hazardous enemies – the giant Beetle and Chameleon, two new recipes – Tambusi Mix and Irish Ragout, improvements and tweaks. Your tasks will be to rid islanders of evil spirits that live on energy of their fears and doubts, find the phantasmal copies of magical statues in the shadowy world to easier locate them in our world, and try to escape this secluded island!

New engaging adventures are awaiting you, check out The Island Castaway: Lost World 1.4 today!

What's New in Version 1.4:

Your favorite island adventure just got that much more adventurous! Get ready for more island to explore and syncing between iPad and iPhone.
  • TWO NEW CHAPTERS! That means more locations to search and more tropical mysteries to solve.
  • NOW ON IPHONE! Play anywhere, anytime, while syncing play between your favorite iOS devices. Whether on the train to work or on the couch late at night, you never have to stop playing!
  • FIVE NEW CHARACTERS! Meet more fellow castaways who need your help to survive. Can you assist them all?
  • TASTY NEW RECIPES! With scrumptious meals like Tambusi Mix and Irish Ragout, you might not want to leave the island after all.
Continue your unbelievable journey now!

About the game:

In The Island Castaway: Lost World, players will experience all new, heart-pounding adventures and unending fun. A brand new, intriguing tropical island, challenging quests, a riveting and fresh storyline along with fearless indigenous characters await you! You can finally find out whether or not the castaways made famous in the first 2 installments make it off the island in one piece. Being stranded on a remote island has never been so entertaining!

After a shipwreck, your main goal is survival, although getting off the island would be great too. But first you must step up and become the leader of the castaways to prevent chaos and ensure everyone's well-being. To provide reliable food sources for your group, build a fish farm to catch eels, a quail farm to cultivate poultry and a crab farm to trap shellfish. Also create a clay pit and a liana farm to source the building materials needed for shelters. Track down rare plants for your magic potions, and be mindful about protection while exploring the island. Befriend the natives and learn to cook all kinds of local cuisine.

But it's not just about keeping safe, dry and well-fed. To escape the island and return home, you must decipher bizarre markings on the ground, collect ancient statues, kill dangerous monsters and unravel this mysterious island's dark secrets!

The Island Castaway: Lost World is a treat for fans of the franchise, survival simulators fans and newcomers to the genre. It's absolutely glorious – colorful story, cartoonish graphics and loads of engaging quests make the game vivid and believable! You will be immersed into this adventure from the first quest. And the fun will never end with regularly scheduled free updates!

The game is developed by Sampad®, Awem Games® and published on iOS by G5 Entertainment.

Key Features:

  • A stunning tropical island to explore
  • Over 630 challenging quests to complete
  • 32 types of resources to prep and store
  • 27 original and engaging characters to meet
  • 26 delicious native dishes to master
  • Five magic potions to concoct: protective, transfer, speed, immortality and spirit protection
  • Nine farms to build: a fish farm, crab farm, clay pit, liana farm and quail farm
  • Collections of trophies and statues to piece together
  • Regular game updates to keep you fascinated for months
Game trailer:
The Island Castaway®: Lost World™ Update 1.4 for iPhone and iPad

iTunes Store:
The Island Castaway®: Lost World™ for iPhone and iPad

The game is also available on  Google Play.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

01/01/2015 - Fake Colours Steam Launch New Years Day Announcement
Fake Colours Steam Launch New Years Day Announcement:

The hit game, Fake Colours by Forthright Entertainment, launches today, January 1st, 2015 on Steam. Fake Colours is the hottest new puzzle game that is receiving rave reviews. With 30 challenging levels, Fake Colours delivers hours of gameplay and replay ability through their unique Time Attack mode. It starts out deceivingly easy, but increasingly becomes more challenging as new elements are added into the game.  Easy to learn, but hard to master, Fake Colours is a perfect option for all video game fans. 

Fake Colours went through the Steam Greenlight process in less than two months receiving a rave response from the Steam Community.  The Steam launch of Fake Colours brings a redesigned UI, and adds support for four languages: Brazilian-Portuguese, Korean, Russian, and Ukrainian. These where the most requested languages by the Steam Community and Forthright Entertainment plans to add a few more languages on the next update. 

Download Fake Colours today, and see for yourself what challenges await you.

Steam Game Link

Forthright Entertainment Facebook

Forthright Entertainment Twitter

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12/30/2014 - Sky Patrol Launching on App Store in 2015
Sky Patrol – Launching on the App Store in 2015!

Beartrap Games are delighted to end a great 2014 by announcing that  Sky Patrol will be landing onto the App Store next week.

Promising a thrilling arcade challenge, this explosive strategic shooter will be available to download on the 8th January 2015!

Already internationally acclaimed and three-times award nominated,  Sky Patrol is on a mission to bring true arcade gaming back!  Following great support and interest at the Tokyo Game Show and the amazing feedback received from the Windows Phone release,  Beartrap Games are unleashing a unique and yet nostalgic classic title to the App Store.

In this premium mobile combat challenge, the player’s task is to oversee and protect their allied convoy on perilous journeys through enemy territory.  As the convoy advances, the enemy will attack in force.  It will be up to the player to defend and protect their charges as they strive to complete their vital mission objective.

With 50 non-stop action packed levels, epic boss battles and over 6 hours of exhilarating gameplay, the studio warns that ‘survival won’t be easy’.  Don’t panic though, the players are equipped with a multitude of weapon types to choose from – each more powerful and destructive than the last!

Fin McGechie, Creative Director at  Beartrap Games, commented “In Sky Patrol we set out to create a high quality arcade mobile game which showcases the quality behind our studio!  We wanted to give players a real gaming challenge that will keep them going back for more!

Fin added “This is the first title in a planned series of Patrol games…having already received  amazing feedback, we are excited to see our creation explode onto the App Store“.

Look out for  Sky Patrol on the App Store next week!

To find out more about Sky Patrol, follow Beartrap Games’ adventure…

Like Us:
Follow Us: www.twitter.com/beartrapgames
Read About Us: www.beartrapgames.com

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Monday, December 29, 2014

12/29/2014 - Nikita Online and Boyojoy Launch Clash of Olympus
NIKITA ONLINE and Boyojoy Launch Clash of Olympus via GameXP Connect

29th of December 2014, Moscow. — NIKITA ONLINE and Boyojoy are pleased to announce the Russian release of web-based side-scrolling MMORPG Clash of Olympus on the GameXP entertainment web-portal.

Almost 12 million Russian-speaking users will be instantly introduced to Clash of Olympus following the game’s release on the GameXP entertainment web-portal owned by a leading Russian online games publisher and developer NIKITA ONLINE.

“Considering the sheer number of Russian-speaking users our game is going to be exposed to after the launch on GameXP, we deem our cooperation with NIKITA ONLINE as a matter of strategic significance,” states Boyojoy’s COO Leo Wang.

Clash of Olympus (
http://bb.gamexp.ru/) may give an impression of an arcade platform game to those watching it being played from behind somebody else’s shoulder. Why is it so? Well, first of all, Clash of Olympus is a side-scroller, which means that all the characters move mostly from left to right and vise versa. Secondly, Clash of Olympus is marked by intense gameplay uncharacteristic of any typical RPG. And the third thing to complete the illusion is the game’s fiercely flamboyant visuals. Only after spending some time here on his or her own can a player discover the true nature of Clash of Olympus: it is a real MMORPG with class system, PvP and PvE modes, pets, quests and more!    

GameXP Connect will grant the Clash of Olympus an opportunity to reach fast-growing audience of the entertainment web-portal GameXP (
http://www.gamexp.ru/) as well as utilize an extensive set of advanced services from voice chat to 24/7 support team.

Currently more than 11.8 million unique users are registered on the GameXP entertainment web-portal. A number of titles of different types and genres are available for them, including four projects launched via GameXP Connect (
http://channeling.gamexp.ru/). Such companies as Gala Lab., RosIgra, Labbit Games, Vision Games, Crazy Bit, Amber Games, Oofsource, Aratog Games and Boyojoy have already appraised this platform’s advantages.

NIKITA ONLINE was founded in 1991 and became the first game company in Russia. It has two offices — in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don. Currently NIKITA ONLINE operates in Russia, CIS and the Baltic states with 22 MMO and browser-based titles, including social and mobile game The Panic Room: Outrage. The company has developed more than 100 titles and localized more than 70. Today there are more than 11.8 million unique users registered in NIKITA ONLINE’s projects. For more information please head to

Boyojoy is mobile and web games publisher and developer founded in 2010 with its head office situated in Shanghai. The company is staffed with both young aspiring specialists and vastly experienced professionals. As a strategic priority, Boyojoy is currently focused on promoting its business in overseas countries and also plans to launch an own-developed gaming platform.

GameXP Connect is a platform which allows a devstudio quickly and painlessly put their game on the GameXP entertainment web-portal and thus get access to its multi-million audience (over 11.8 million unique users) along with the elaborate infrastructure — from billing system to in-game voice chat and 24/7 support service. For more information please head to

GameXP (
www.gamexp.ru) is an entertainment web-portal which unites more than 11.5 million users offering them the dozens of free-to-play online games along with the wide array of user-friendly services and diverse content provided by both professional journalists and gamers themselves. The portal embodies the social network with well-developed recommendation functionality which allows the users to easily learn of their friends’ preferences as well as share the information of their own tastes. In 2013 the Gameland magazine awarded GameXP with ‘The trendiest online games web-portal’ title.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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