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Friday, July 10, 2015

07/10/2015 - Codemasters Partners With FIA World Rallycross Championship


Codemasters today confirmed DiRT Rally™ has a new co-driver with the announcement of a long-term collaboration between the FIA World Rallycross Championship and the UK based video game developer. The first stage of this partnership will see RX Supercars, tracks and racing modes implemented into DiRT Rally as part of Codemasters’ commitment to deliver regular content updates during the game’s Early Access phase on Steam.
World RX features a grid of cars whose makes and models will be instantly familiar.
Their performance is anything but. Boasting more raw power and acceleration than most other motorsports, Rallycross Supercars accelerate from 0-60mph in under two seconds from the green light, tackling jumps and ruts and effortlessly drifting around corners across both dirt and tarmac.
Owners of DiRT Rally will soon be able to drive a choice selection of these cars for themselves across three different game modes and experience the sheer speed, action, dynamism and performance that go to make World RX one of the fastest growing and most exciting motorsports in the world. As with previous updates, this new content will be available free of charge.
DiRT Rally’s Lead Designer, Paul Coleman, commented: “From the outset we wanted DiRT Rally to be the ultimate off-road racer and to fulfill that vision we knew we had to include World RX. Since the launch in Early Access back in April we have continued to add new, diverse content to the game and World RX will add another dimension that will challenge even the most experienced players.”
At the World RX round in Sweden over the weekend, the Championship’s top drivers were able to test drive virtual versions of the six hundred bhp RX Supercars that compete in the World Championship.
“Codemasters have done a brilliant job – the details is very realistic and not far from real life,” explained Team Volkswagen Sweden’s Johan Kristoffersson, who is currently second in the overall World RX drivers’ standings.  “As drivers we are always wanting to change the smallest things with our cars, but this version is very good. There are just a couple of tweaks that need to be made and then I think it will be just like driving the real thing.”

Check out the
exciting new trailer to learn more about this incredible new partnership. DiRT Rally™ is available now on STEAM Early Access. Join the DiRT Team for the road ahead and follow updates from the studio on Facebook and Twitter.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

07/09/2015 - Super Awesome Quest Now Available on App Stores
Super Awesome Quest, a turn-based fantasy tile-flipping combat game launches July 9 on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon!

Boomzap’s new mobile RPG launched worldwide on July 9, 2015 for iOS and Android, and it’s playable in several languages including English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Taglish (Tagalog/English), Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Russian.

Super Awesome Quest is an original free-to-play fantasy adventure game on mobile with a unique tile-flipping combat mechanic and an in-depth crafting system. Follow the adventures of three heroes - a Paladin, a Valkyrie, and a Mage - on their quest for honor, riches, and super awesomeness by fighting the hordes of the Undead Army, crafty kobolds, nefarious bounty hunters, dangerous dragons - and more.

New playable characters and upgradeable pets can be unlocked as players go  through the story. There are dozens of enemy types to battle with by flipping tokens to attack. Through the game’s in-depth crafting system, players can make their own epic gear and personalize their heroes with hundreds of customization options. Other features include a non-stop survival mode called Awesome Arena, comparing progress with friends, and more.

Watch the trailer here:

About Boomzap Entertainment
Boomzap Entertainment is an independent game studio headquartered in Singapore with developers working virtually from over 20 cities in 14 countries, predominantly in Southeast Asia. Since its formation in 2005, Boomzap has grown to become one of the largest employers of game developers in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This 2015, Boomzap is ready to release its first self-published game in the form of Super Awesome Quest.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

07/07/2015 - New Information on Sustainaville

Join The Closed Beta Test Now And Discover Diverse Zones That Educate And Entertain All Ages

Melbourne, Australia –July 7, 2015 –  Save the Children, the world's leading independent organization for children, revealed more information for its mobile, PC and Mac title,  Sustainaville. Developed by Good Games Productions and currently in closed beta, all proceeds from in-game purchases are directly donated to the international children's charity.  Players can apply for the closed beta at the Sustainaville website at https://www.sustainaville.org/

Save the Children works to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world population's needs are perceived. Players will gain a true appreciation for the challenges that aid workers face; just like in real life, getting some help from others can mean the difference between success and failure when establishing a sustainable community. Sustainaville gives you the chance to build sustainable communities in four regions: Arid, Island, Savannah, and Tropical. 

The Arid region represents certain parts of Central Asia, and is exceptionally dry; water shortages are a serious concern, and growing crops on this dry land is a challenge. Earthquakes are also a frequent danger. Unfortunately, many communities in this region are isolated, making recovery from disasters much harder. Creating a sustainable community here will be very challenging!

The Island region represents certain parts of the Pacific Islands; education is the top challenge. Many schools don't even have teaching materials in local languages, making it difficult or impossible for students to learn. This region also suffers from cyclones, making early warning systems and healthcare essential; trained professionals and well-stocked facilities are a necessity.

The Savannah region represents certain parts of Africa; when the rain falls it can be heavy enough to cause floods and emergency situations.  Though heavy rainfall brings lots of water, pools stagnate and become undrinkable very quickly. Many communities in this region are too isolated to reach dedicated healthcare facilities, making floods and disease even more deadly.

The Tropical region represents certain parts of South-East Asia, and is prone to weather-related disasters. Creating reliable and well-constructed disaster facilities is a crucial part of successfully completing levels in this region.  Because of this region's humidity, disease can be problematic, compounded by the lack of trained medical professionals. Fortunately, fresh water is much more accessible here than it is in most regions.

Each region clearly presents unique challenges, and players will engage in various activities as aid workers who perform everything from providing food and healthcare to families in need, to ensuring water supplies. With its unique "donation platform," players can easily donate money directly to Save the Children and, in return, receive in-game currency and rewards.

Sustainaville is in closed beta now on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Visit  www.sustainaville.org  for more information and to register for the closed beta.


About Save the Children
Save the Children gives children in the United States and around the world a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. We invest in childhood — every day, in times of crisis and for our future. Follow us on 
Twitter and  Facebook.

About Good Game Productions
Founded in 2009 by Grantley Day, Good Game Productions is a developer of entertainment and edutainment titles for iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms, based in Melbourne, Australia. Follow Sustainaville on
 Twitter and  Facebook.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Monday, July 6, 2015

07/06/2015 - Space Food Truck Announces New Kickstarter
Space Food Truck: One Man Left's next game!

One Man Left Studios is proud to announce that our fifth game project is well underway! Space Food Truck is a tongue-in-cheek, cooperative digital board game for PC, Mac, and Linux. You can check out an  early gameplay video here.

Players work together to warp around a procedurally-generated galaxy of 100 planets in search of ingredients, then scramble to the planet craving each dish to complete recipe objectives. Finish every recipe before your ship falls apart to win.
You start by picking one of four unique jobs on the food truck, each with their own play style. If you have less than 4 players, you'll get to control more of the crew (or all of it if you choose to play alone). Each character gets their own small deck of cards and a different job to do.

As the Captain: Chart your team's path across the galaxy, dodging danger and searching for exotic ingredients. Her special cards help narrow down the location of the rarest ingredient and jump around the galaxy.
As the Chef: Coordinate with the rest of the crew to collect ingredients and cook each recipe. He's the only one licensed to make food.
As the Scientist: Research and unlock more powerful abilities for your team. You'll decide which characters need your help most, and might find some powerful artificial ingredients while you're at it.
As the Engineer: Try to keep your cool as the ship falls apart around you! It's up to you to prioritize repairs and keep the food truck chugging along.

Everyone will have to pull their weight if you want to win! Each turn you'll add new items, ingredients, and special abilities to your character's card deck. Choosing new cards wisely is critical to doing your job, crafting recipes, and surviving the escalating hazards of deep space.

We'll have 3 difficulties to choose from in the final game: Rare, Medium, and Well-Done.

Where We Stand
The game design is complete with a fully-functional digital prototype. We're currently in the process of implementing the artwork and effects, balancing the cards, and optimizing the user interface. Our target release window is around the end of 2015.

We've just launched our (first ever) 
Kickstarter campaign, where we hope to raise a little extra capital to afford custom audio and buy an extra month or so of production/polish time. It's not nearly the entire budget for the game, just enough to help us kick the production value up a notch.

At the same time, we're hoping to gain enough support
on Greenlight to bring this game to Steam.

Who We Are
One Man Left is a two man team that's been making games since 2009, funded 100% independently by our own game sales. We cut our teeth on the Tilt to Live series and Outwitters (you can peruse our 
entire game library here), but Space Food Truck is an effort to branch out to a new platform and make something deeper. We're excited about making the jump to PC/Mac/Linux, and all the game design possibilities that opens up for us.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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