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Friday, September 2, 2016

09/01/2016 - Telltale Walking Dead Returns This November
'The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier' Premieres This November

Third Full Season in Critically-Acclaimed Series Premieres This November
Fellow Survivors,

During our panel at PAX West today, Telltale took the stage to deliver some additional details surrounding the highly-anticipated third season of  The Walking Dead.

Since its unveiling at E3 in June, the title and release window for the next season of the series have been tightly under wraps. Today, we can announce that 'The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier'  will be premiering this November on consoles, PC/Mac, and mobile platforms. The series will also be available for purchase on a special 'Season Pass Disc' for consoles, which will include the premiere episode for the third season, as well as access to all subsequent episodes in the five episode season for download as they become available.

"This third new season will serve as both a continuation of what's come before in our story, as well as an all-new beginning set nearly four years after the outbreak events of Season One,"  said Kevin Bruner, Co-Founder and CEO of Telltale Games.  "As a harrowing and horrific drama, 'A New Frontier' will explore beyond what it means to survive in a world ravaged by the undead, and will see our characters confronting the new rules of order and justice in a land being brutally reclaimed and rediscovered by what's left of humanity itself."

Players will take control of series newcomer Javier, a man struggling to keep his family together in the new world, while also playing as Clementine, now a teenage survivor holding secrets of her past while fighting to protect family of her own.

"When we began this series, we explored what it meant to protect a character like Clementine at all costs,"  said Kevin Boyle, Executive Producer on the series.  "Years later, meeting her for the first time, Javier will begin to unravel the mystery of who Clementine has become, as her story intersects with his - both of them still driven by the things they value most long after society's collapse."

'The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier' will be premiering this November. For more news and information on the third season, stay tuned to telltale.com, follow @telltalegames on twitter, and on follow our page on Facebook.com/TheWalkingDeadGame.
Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

08/01/2016 - Morning Men Launches on Steam in November
Morning Men Launches on Steam November 22, 2016

Pixel Federation Takes Players to the Golden Age of Sci-Fi After Successful Steam Greenlight Campaign

After a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, Pixel Federation has announced the release date for its episodic story-driven adventure game with RPG elements.  Morning Men will launch on Steam on November 22, 2016.

When Pixel Federation launched its Steam Greenlight campaign for Morning Men, they had high hopes. Based on the feedback received, they were confident in their success. The problem was, the team didn't know how long the process would take; however, all of their expectations and assumptions were thrown out the window when Morning Men was Greenlit in just five days! 

With such overwhelming support and new drive for the game, the company decided it is time to announce the release date —  Morning Men will be released on Steam for PC, OSX and SteamOS/Linux on November 22, 2016.

Watch the
Trailer and head to the Steam Greenlight Page to learn more about Morning Men.

About Morning Men
Morning Men blends an out-of-this-world story with point-and-click adventuring and turn-based JRPG-style combat. Each character has his or her own traits, which can be changed based on your decisions made throughout your adventure. Help, hurt, or even ruin one of your companions lives by either masterfully or carelessly picking your next narrative step.

About Pixel Federation
Founded in 2007 and based in Bratislava, Slovakia, PIXEL FEDERATION is comprised of more than 180 game enthusiasts bringing fun and entertainment to people from all around the world. The company currently has four games available across multiple web and mobile platforms in over 200 countries. There are also four other games in development: Galactic Junk League, Fable Clinic, Morning Men and CoLab. Pixel Federation focuses on building complex games that bring joy and challenges to its players, whilst also providing a social experience with friends.  

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

08/31/2016 - RunGunJumpGun Launches on PC and Mac
Gambitious Digital Entertainment Launches ThirtyThree’s Electrifying Action-Platformer RunGunJumpGun on Windows PC and Mac

AMSTERDAM – Aug. 31, 2016 - Gambitious Digital Entertainment and independent developer ThirtyThree have released the side-scrolling retro runner-platformer RunGunJumpGun. A neon fever dream of action inspired by the precision and speed of Downwell, movement of Flappy Bird and attitude of Hotline Miami, this ruthlessly challenging experience thrusts players into the jaws of death at breakneck velocity.

Armed with a massive, gravity-defying gun, players can only hope to survive RunGunJumpGun by mastering the game’s simple, two-button controls: one to explode upward in flight, the other to blast forward through obstacles. There are over 120 levels of meticulously merciless mayhem, with heart-pounding dangers and elusive pickups that demand fast thinking and reflexes to conquer. A bonus marathon mode lets players prove themselves in the ultimate test of skill against the world on the global leaderboards.

Set in a warped space-opera universe with bizarre, larger-than-life characters, RunGunJumpGun features blazing visuals, hyperkinetic sound design and a pulsing soundtrack, as well as key art from El Huervo, the creator of the distinctive cover art for Hotline Miami.

RunGunJumpGun is now available on Windows PC and Mac for $7.99 via Steam, The Humble Store, Green Man Gaming and the Mac App Store. A special edition of the game featuring its thumping digital soundtrack, a desktop wallpaper and high-resolution key art is also available for $9.99.

In addition, Gambitious Digital Entertainment has partnered with publisher Devolver Digital to offer a 25% discount for RunGunJumpGun on Steam to players who own either Downwell, Xeodrifter™, Hotline Miami or Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number on Steam (discount may only be applied once; offer valid until Oct. 1, 2016).

For more information, please visit www.RunGunJumpGun.com, and follow ThirtyThree on Twitter.

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

08/30/2016 - Legendary Devs Join System Shock 3 Developement Team

Game industry legend Warren Spector to work with key developers from Deus Ex, System Shock, and more

Austin, TX, August 30, 2016 –
OtherSide Entertainment is proud to announce the formation of its Austin development studio and that studio’s first project, System Shock 3, the latest in the series of classic, award-winning System Shock games.

Since its official inception in July, the studio has assembled its core team, made up of industry veterans under the guidance of Creative Director and Studio Manager, Warren Spector.

Warren Spector (Creative Director, Studio Manager)
The System Shock 3 team is being led by 33-year industry legend, Warren Spector, winner of several game of the year awards and honored with four lifetime achievement awards for his contributions to gaming. Warren played a key role in bringing the original Underworld and System Shock games to life and was also behind the seminal Deus Ex series, as well as Disney Epic Mickey and Disney Epic Mickey: The Power of Two.

Sheldon Pacotti - Design Director
In his 22-year career in the game industry, Sheldon has proven himself to be a multidisciplinary developer whose past experience includes stints as lead writer on Deus Ex and Deus Ex: Invisible War, on which he played a critical role. He also has credits as lead programmer and lead designer on many other projects. Among the games he has worked on are Auto Assault and America’s Army. He comes to OtherSide with an unparalleled academic background, with degrees in mathematics and literature from MIT and Harvard.

Arturo Pulecio - Art Director
Arturo brings to the project more than 14 years of hands-on experience in every aspect of video game art. Among the titles he has worked on are Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, Wizard 101, and both Disney Epic Mickey games.

Jason Hughes - Tech Director
Jason Hughes is a 21-year veteran industry technologist and generalist with deep knowledge of game systems. In a career that includes Wing Commander, Star Wars, and Disney Epic Mickey, Jason has everything from AI to graphics under his belt and has built multiple indie studios from scratch, operating both as founder and core technical leader.

All of these team leaders have worked with Spector before on games including Deus Ex, Deus Ex: Invisible War, Disney Epic Mickey, and Disney Epic Mickey: The Power of Two.

In addition, the team is consulting with members of the original System Shock teams within OtherSide Entertainment, including creative director Paul Neurath (System Shock, System Shock 2), lead designer Tim Stellmach (System Shock, Thief: The Dark Project) and art director Nate Wells (System Shock 2, BioShock).

Finally, OtherSide Austin will engage the talents of Terri Brosius, the voice behind the System Shock series’ malevolent AI, SHODAN, and concept artist Robb Waters (System Shock, BioShock). Outside creative consultants include Doug Church, game director on the original System Shock game.

To receive future updates on System Shock 3 as they become available, please register for our newsletter
here. And stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding the game engine that Otherside Entertainment will be using to create the world of System Shock 3 and other titles.

OtherSide Entertainment is an independent game studio with offices in Boston and Austin, focused on providing players with innovative gameplay, immersive worlds, and engaging narrative. In addition to System Shock 3, the company is developing the eagerly-anticipated Underworld Ascendant and innovative VR game Underworld Overlord.

For more information, visit

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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