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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

02/27/2017 - Blueprint Reality Launches Mixcast VR

First-in-a-Suite VR Tool Makes Sharing, Broadcasting, and Creating Videos of Mixed Reality Experiences Simple

VANCOUVER, Canada: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - Blueprint Reality, Inc. (
www.blueprintreality.com ), an independent virtual reality tools and game developer, announced today the launch of MixCast VR, the company’s first in a suite of tools. MixCast VR is a VR broadcast and presentation system which enables VR to be an enhanced, shared, and seamless experience. The SDK is available for developers for free on the Blueprint Tools website and shortly on the Unity Asset Store. The application for end-users is available on Steam.

MixCast VR is a powerful VR broadcast and presentation tool which simplifies the process of creating
mixed reality videos. Most current approaches to mixed reality require a combination of applications with a complex, time-consuming setup. MixCast VR provides a quick and simple one-time setup, and works across every supported application with no additional configuration. To add support for MixCast VR, developers can easily drag and drop the MixCast VR SDK into their Unity projects so end-users can showcase their experience in real-time.

“Mixed Reality is the best way to communicate what’s happening inside the virtual world via traditional 2D broadcast media,” says Ben Sheftel, CTO of Blueprint Reality. “Our goal with MixCast VR is to provide an intuitive system for developers, designers, reviewers, presenters, educators, and other end-users to share and broadcast in a simple yet powerful way.”

Broadcasters and
streamers can use MixCast VR to stream a more personal view of themselves playing VR games. Developers can use MixCast VR to better illustrate their product, game or experience, for trailers and gameplay videos. Designers and educators can use MixCast VR to demonstrate concepts and in-progress work to their collaborators to enhance rapid discussion, iteration, and learning.

MixCast VR’s technology creates a single video output for broadcasting or recording by blending a live video feed of a user in the real world with their “virtual world” surroundings and environment. MixCast VR works with a broad range of camera or webcam equipment and provides a consistent experience across supporting products. It works with off-the-shelf web-cams as well as high-end cameras, making it accessible to almost all VR end-users. MixCast VR works with either un-tracked fixed cameras, or tracked cameras that allow for dynamic movement of the camera, for more professional results. MixCast VR also includes intuitive
chroma keying calibration to key out your background colors (green screen or any other color), with good color isolation to accommodate a variety of set configurations. 

Starting today, the MixCast VR SDK is available for developers on the
Blueprint Tools website and shortly on the Unity Asset Store for free. The MixCast VR Studio application for end-users is available now for $9.99 per month or $19.99 for a three-month subscription, on the Steam store.

For more information on MixCast VR, please visit

About Blueprint Reality Inc.
Based in Vancouver, Canada, Blueprint Reality was founded with the mission to create tools to help VR developers, as well as create impactful VR games and experiences that transport people to new worlds outside their previous experience by blending powerful art and story with innovative technology and design.

Blueprint Reality is an independent, privately-held company founded by industry veterans and innovative creatives passionate about forging original works in the amazing new medium of Virtual Reality. The team’s philosophy for creating great products is built upon decades of development experience and starts with a strong foundation of tools creation to ensure their ability to progress rapidly through the whole product development lifecycle; placing games at the forefront of interaction and engagement. In addition to games such as Awaken, Blueprint Reality strives to offer its tools and development expertise as products and services to others who are newly entering the field.

For more information on Blueprint Reality, visit

Submitted by: E. Thomas

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