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Celebrating Five Amazing Years!

Written By: E. Thomas


2014 Arcade Tokens - Limit 1000 Units Each - 2000 Units Total

In 2014 we celebrated the five year anniversary of our collectible arcade token giveaway. For the past five years we have mailed over 500 arcade tokens to places across the country and around the globe. We also sent 25 incredible prizes to some randomly chosen lucky readers. It is truly an amazing feat and incredible amount of work, and it's all accomplished by just one man. Here's a look inside our amazing giveaway and a sneak peak at things to come.

The Gallery Countdown:

As always our giveaway began on June 1st, 2014. This was the final day of our yearly arcade token countdown. In keeping with tradition our new tokens were revealed in our annual arcade token image gallery. Every year we create a new art gallery filled with cool and unique collectible arcade tokens. The countdown usually lasts 60 days and on the final day we reveal our new coins.


New Exclusive Five Year Anniversary Coin:

This new collectible coin celebrates the Five Year Anniversary of the Arcade Token Give-Away. This exclusive Dual Metallic (Bi-Metallic) coin is made from two different metals. The outer ring is made from high quality Nickel Silver. The inner circle is made from traditional Yellow Brass. The front side of the coin features the deadly "Pixel Invader!" He is the official mascot of DigThatBox.com. The reverse side features a brand new design celebrating our Five Year Anniversary. Look closely and you will see tiny Attack Fighters in the outer ring. This luxurious coin is the most expensive and valuable token ever produced by this website. We spared no expense in making this brilliant new coin. It has now been retired and will never be made available again from this website.  


Completing The Epic Space Battle Trilogy:

The Copper Space Battle Coin completes the epic Space Battle Trilogy of Gold, Silver and Copper Arcade Tokens. The front side of the coin features the heroic "Attack Fighter." On the reverse side of the coin is the deadly "Pixel Invader!" This is the highest quality Copper Token ever produced by this site. It has now been retired and is no longer available from this site.

The Mailing Begins:

The mailing process is an incredibly grueling and time consuming task. It literally takes several weeks to accomplish and all this hard work is done by just one person, yours truly, the author of this article. This giveaway has become so popular that our mail server usually crashes during the first couple of days. Once things slow down I finally begin the process of picking the winners. Each year I start by verifying the mailing addresses. This is no small task I can assure you. I often see people return from previous years. I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel to see so many familiar names writing in for a coin. After the addresses are verified I hand pick every single coin. That's right, I hand pick every coin that goes out in the mailing. I want everyone to get the best coin possible.

Once I have sorted and hand picked all the coins I place each token in a coin protector known as a "coin flip." This protects them from damage and helps preserve them. The coin flips are then placed inside small coin envelopes. The coin envelopes are taped to a 3x5 card, which also helps to protect the tokens during the mailing process. Finally I stuff the cards into self seal envelopes, print all the address labels, and apply the stamps. Then its off to the post office. Our local post office has told me that I can only mail 100 coin envelopes a day, because our envelopes jam their machines, so it usually takes a week or more before I can finally mail all the coins.

This is where I must admit that the mailing process has become too daunting of a task for me to handle alone. The 2014 mailing was so difficult I thought I was going to lose my mind. So in 2015, for the first time ever, I have actually recruited some help with the mailing. I will still hand pick every single coin. However now I have a legion of assistants to help me stuff, label and mail all the prize envelopes. Hopefully this means that coins will be mailed out much earlier than they ever have been in the past. We plan on sending out the 2015 coins in late June, which is only a few months from now.

Tokens by the Numbers:

The first 500 people to respond to our promotion received both of our new collectible arcade tokens. This year, we mailed tokens to 550 people around the world. In total, we have distributed roughly 15,000 arcade tokens worldwide since 2010. We have created nine different tokens over a period of five years.

Tokens Across the Country:

Ever since we started this promotion in 2010 we have been able to mail tokens to every state in the USA. That's an incredible accomplishment and it's something that makes us very happy. This year California lead the way with the highest number of entries. Texas and Illinois tied for second place, with Florida coming in third, followed closely by New York, Nevada, Washington, and Virgina.

Tokens Around the Globe:

Since the start of this promotion in 2010 we have shipped tokens to over 40 different countries around the globe! We shipped tokens to the following nations: Austria, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Sweden, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Trinidad/Tobago and the United Arab Emirates.

Prize Winners:

Contest winners are chosen in one of two ways. The first person to respond to our mailing always wins a prize. The rest of the winners are chosen through a lottery system. Basically everyone who sends in an email is assigned a number. That number is written on the back of a penny. The pennies are then stuck into a large purple sack. We shake up the coins and pick one out. We repeat this process for every prize. The last person chosen automatically wins the spam prize. Prizes are mailed separately from the collectible arcade tokens.


FIRST ENTRY: Hyperkin SupaBoy Portable with Two Games: This year Leslie A. from Austin, TX was our lucky winner first entry winner. Leslie won a brand new Hyperkin SupaBoy, along with two games (Super Mario All-Stars and Super Punch-Out!!) and a fresh pack of batteries!

Sega Genesis 80 Games Classic Console: Roger A. from Puerto Rico won a brand new Sega Genesis Classic Console with 80 games. Roger was our first winner from the island of Puerto Rico.

Atari Flashback 4: This year Donald V. from Miami, FL was the lucky winner. Donald won a brand new Atari Flashback 4, along with some batteries for the wireless controllers and a screwdriver for the battery cover lid. (See, we thought of everything!)

AtGames Master System & Game Gear Portable: Hector R. from Ontario, Canada won a brand new Sega Genesis Classic Console with 80 games.


Video Game Prize Winners:

  1. Andrew J. - Los Angeles, CA - Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) 
  2. Brian J. - Elkhart, IN - Yakuza 4 (PS3) 
  3. Doug S. - East Shakopee, MN - MMA Supremacy (Xbox 360)
  4. Eric P. - Albany, NY - Sleeping Dogs (Xbox 360)
  5. Giovanni S. - Kissimmee, FL - Dead Island GOTY Edition (PS3)
  6. Grant L. - Modesto, CA - Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360)
  7. James G. - Parkersburg, WV - Shinobi (3DS)
  8. Jason R. - Maryville, TN - Hitman Absolution (Xbox 360) 
  9. Jessica C. - Tyngsboro, MA - Sonic All-Stars Racing (Vita) 
  10. Jessica M. - Elmwood Park, IL - Game and Wario (Wii U)
  11. John K. - Hermine, PA - The Last of Us (PS3)
  12. Josh E. - New Philadelphia, OH - UFC Undisputed (Xbox 360) 
  13. Khaled A. - Brooklyn, NY - Bulletstorm (Xbox 360)
  14. Kevin D. - Salisbury, MD - Shadowrun (PS3)
  15. Lynn E. - Little Rock, AR - Virtual Tennis 4 (Wii)
  16. Mitch M. - Hanover Township, PA - Splinter Cell 3DS
  17. Nick A. - Elizabethton, WV - Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360)
  18. Peter K. - Staten Island, NY - Binary Domain (Xbox 360)
  19. Remi C. - Montreal, Quebec - Call of Duty IV (Xbox 360)
  20. Sara T. - Las Vegas, NV - Bioshock 1&2 (Xbox 360)
  21. Tina W. - Rilton, PA - Tron Battlegrounds (Wii)
  22. Trevis A. - Ewa Beach, HI - Skate 3 (PS3)
  23. Zachary W. - Portland, OR - Infamous Second Son (PS4)

Here is a great topic posted by one of our readers on the CheapAssGamer.com forums. [Link] In this topic you will see many of our loyal reader confirming that they won a prize. CAG is an incredible website and we encourage you all to sign up today! Without CAG we would not be able to find so many great deals and be able to bring you this many amazing prizes.

Another one of our lucky winners made an awesome video thanking us for his prize! It truly made my day to see this video. [Video Link] Special thanks to our good friend Pookninja3 for taking the time to make this great video.


The Spam Prize and the new Spam Prize Waiver: Our Spam Prize was claimed by Eduardo R. from Santa Fe, New Mexico. However, this year our lawyer stepped in and and told us "you cannot send canned lunch meat to someone in the mail without having them agree to a waiver. What if they eat it and get sick?" While we felt that was an unlikely scenario, Eduardo was required to digitally sign a waiver saying he would not sue us if he ate the Spam and became ill. He happily complied. As always the Spam Prize included Spam branded memorabilia and an actual can of Spam! Delicious!

Special Thanks:

We would sincerely like to thank everyone who helped us promote this event. Special thanks to our friends at AtariAge.com, CheapAssGamer.com, The E3 Expo, Comic-Con International, Rick Weis and the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, Scott Schreiber and the Classic Gaming Expo, Tokens Direct, and most importantly everyone who wrote in for a token. We would also like to thank John Hardie our friends at the Video Game History Museum.

See You Next Year!!

Arcade tokens are a testament to our love for video games. This is something that we all share. Tokens are a type of pop culture currency, and these coins are a tiny bit of video game street art, and our contribution to the gaming world.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who contacted us for a token. We love doing the Arcade Token give-away. And it's great to do something just for the fun of it. We love giving something back to our fans and also to our friends in the global gaming community. Without your support none of this would be possible. We sincerely thank you all for your interest in this project.

We look forward to bringing you more exciting give-aways in the future. Until next year...