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Flashback with a new Intellivison Video Game Console

Written By: E. Thomas

Nov 1st, 2014



In 1979 Mattel Electronics introduced the Intellivision, a revolutionary video game console that would set the gaming world on fire. The name was a play on the phrase "intelligent television." Smart gamers would soon come to realize that Intellivision had some of the best and most unique games on the market. The system and it's games were created by a rag tag group of brilliant developers known as the Blue Sky Rangers. Mattel also recruitted journalist George Plimpton (aka "Mr. Intellivision") to be the public face of the Intellivision advertising campaign. Together the group would take the industry by storm and change the world of video games forever.

Now 35 years after the debut of the original console AtGames has brought the Intellivision back to your living room with the new Intellivision Flashback. AtGames is well known for their series of classic plug and play video game consoles. The company has produced Atari, Sega and ColecoVision hardware as well as a series of handheld Sega game systems. As you will soon learn the Intellivision Flashback is one of their finest products to date.


The Hardware:

The console itself beautifully replicates the look and feel of the original Intellivision game system, only much smaller. It even has the classic simulated woodgrain finish. The Intellivision was always one of the most stylish video game systems. Long time fans will not be disappointed with this modern update. It truly looks great and it faithfully captures the essence of it's legendary ancestor.


Original Intellivision Controller VS. Intellivision Flashback Controller

Here we see an image showing the original Intellivision controller compared to the new Intellivision Flashback controller. As you can see it is an accurate reproduction of the revolutionary original controller. The look and feel of the controller is just about perfect. Our only complaint is that diagonal movement at times can be a little tricky. Small complaints aside, the device still performs very well in most games. You can even buy an adapter to use the Intellivision Flashback controller on your original Intellivision 2 or Sears Super Video Arcade. (Link)


The package also comes with 10 pairs of controller overlays. These overlays cover the keypad on the Intellivision Flashback controller. They are used for specific game related functions for each game. This was one of the many cool innovations created by the original Intellivision team. They add a bit more depth and complexity to the gameplay.


Unfortunately the basic Intellivision Flashback bundle does not include game overlays for every game on the system. However you can order all the missing overlays from the official Intellivision Online Store. (Link)

Opening The Box: The Full Package

In this unboxing video we take a look inside the box to show you everything you get with your new Intellivision Flashback video game console. Take a closer look at the hardware and see everything you get in the box.

The Games:

The system comes bundled with a robust library of 60 built in games. The list of titles includes Astro Smash, Buzz Bombers, Shark Shark, Star Strike and many more. You get a full catalog of the best Intellivision games. We have provided a full list of games below, broken down into various categories. The only notable exclusions are a few licensed arcade titles and the great Activision Intellivision games.

Intellivision Flashback Game List:


Buzz Bombers
Frog Bog
Hard Hat
Hover Force
Night Stalker
Shark! Shark!
Sharp Shot
Thin Ice
Thunder Castle
Triple Action


Armor Battle
B-17 Bomber
Crown of Kings
Sea Battle
Sub Hunt
Tower of Doom


Learning Fun
Learning Fun II
Math Fun
Word Fun


Bomb Squad
Horse Racing
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack
Las Vegas Roulette
Royal Dealer


Space Armada
Space Battle
Space Cadet
Space Hawk
Space Spartans
Star Strike


Auto Racing
World Championship Baseball
Slam Dunk: Super Pro Basketball
Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling
Deep Pockets: Super Pro Pool & Billiards
Football, Super Pro
Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf
Slap Shot: Super Pro Hockey
Spiker: Super Pro Volleyball
Stadium Mud Buggies
Super Pro Decathlon (Decathlon)

A Faithful Reproduction:

Now the most important question is how well does the system replicate the original gameplay? I am very happy to say that Intellivision Flashback games are extremely close to the real thing. It is one of the most faithful plug and play consoles I have ever owned in my collection. Both gameplay and sound are true to the original console. The system was developed with the help of the Blue Sky Rangers, the team that created all the great Intellivision games. In my opinion this is the reason why the console is such a fantastic product. This group helped tweak the product until it was just about perfect. You can actually watch the Blue Sky Rangers talk about the development of the new Flashback in this video. (Video Link). This input gives the system a great pedigree and a solid foundation upon which to build an amazing product.

The Final Word:

The Intellivision Flashback is a hit. It's the best new retro gaming product of the year, It is a well designed console that comes with an excellent library of games. If you grew up with the Intellivision you will definitely want to buy this system. If you still have your original Intellivision console, you still need to add this gem to your collection. If you have never played Intellivision games before now, this is a great place to start. The Intellivision Flashback is an outstanding product at a great price.

Exclusive Intellivision Productions Blue Sky Rangers Bundle:


Here is the ultimate item for the serious Intellivision fan. This bundle includes a special, limited edition sleeve autographed by every member of the Blue Sky Rangers! It also includes additional game overlays for every game on the system. Wow! This is one collectible that is sure to sell out very quickly. It retails for only $60. The Blue Sky Rangers bundle is available exclusively from the Intellivision Productions website. (Link)

About The Author: Elliott S. Thomas is a hardcore retro gaming enthusiast. His retro gaming collection could fill a small house. He is currently working to complete his growing library of Intellivision collectibles.

Be sure to check out your Retro Gaming YouTube channel for 1000s of classic gaming videos.