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Movie Review: James Cameron's AVATAR

Written By: Harold Schossman



I’ll kick off this review with the answer to the question that’s burning on everyone’s mind: Did James Cameron outdo himself the way he outdid himself on Titanic? Yes, absolutely, Titanic looks like a home movie compared to Avatar!

Director James Cameron had to wait 12 years for the technology to evolve to be able to release his sci-fi epic in a stunning IMAX 3D format hitherto unrivaled.

Avatar follows the story of the disabled Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) who joins the Marines on the exotic, but deadly planet of Pandora. Their mission is to mine an extremely precious mineral but the native inhabitants, the Na’vi happen to dwell on the richest deposit. The Na’vi are a tribal race, bluish aliens that stand 10 feet tall and are notoriously difficult to kill.

Scientists have come up with another solution: They have engineered Na’vi bodies that can be remotely operated my humans thus allowing them to breathe Pandora’s toxic air, hopefully befriend the Na’vis and ultimately get them to relocate.

Much to the dislike Dr. Grace Sully (Sigourney Weaver) Sully is tasked to replace his late brother in steering a so-called Avatar, for only his genetic likeness will do the job.  Untrained in the language or the culture of the Na’vi Jake runs off in his Avatar body and almost gets himself killed, if it wasn’t for the very graceful Amazonian Na’vi girl Neytiri (Zoë Saldana) who steps in and saves his life. Neytiri is very aware of what Jake is, chides him of acting like a baby and urges him to go back. But it is Jake’s lack of training that allows him to befriend the Na’vi and gather intelligence for the Marines. Sully soon finds himself in a moral dilemma for he begins to understand the Na’vi yet he is pressured by the Marines to deliver results. Like it or not he must choose a side…

With Avatar Cameron delivers eye-popping vistas, a solid story with a meaningful message and yes, a kick-ass battle sequence that dominates the final third of the film. The marines themselves are somewhat reminiscent of Aliens (1986) only on a much grander scale.

I’ve seen the film in IMAX 3D and I highly recommend if you’re not watching it in IMAX 3D, be sure to watch it in 3D. This movie has been shot and designed for 3D, it just adds another huge layer of thrill to the adventure that makes all the difference.

There are so many things that could have gone wrong with this movie, If the aliens hadn’t been utterly believable the story would not have worked, the planet Pandora itself looks utterly beautiful yet it never turns into kitsch. The love story is subtle and never intrudes. Cameron steers clear of every single trap and delivers an awesome spectacle that will dominate not only the box office but the top ranks among best sci-fi movies for years to come.

About The Author: Harold Schossman is our International News Correspondent and our resident Expert Videographer. He has worked in the entertainment industry for almost two decades. Be sure to check out his outstanding video work on his YouTube account.