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Cheap Wii Accessories Flood into Big Lots Stores

Submitted By: E. Thomas & James Arden



Recently Big Lots stores across the country have been receiving massive shipments of inexpensive Wii accessories and peripherals. This includes controller add-ons, like the ones you see pictured above, nunchuck controllers, and Wii Balance Board Accessories. We decided to hit the streets to see what we could find. After checking stores in both California and NY we discovered a ton of different merchandise. As you can see from the picture above, we came back with quite a haul. Most items range in price from $5 to $10, with a few larger items in the $15 to $20 range. Almost all the items you see are compatible with Nintendo's Wii Motion+ Accessory.

It should be noted that we found different quantities and a varied selection of items at each Big Lots store. As always, your personal experience may vary. We were also informed that stores are still receiving new product shipments every week. Be sure to check back often.

Pictured Above:

Baseball Bat (Safe/Foam Version, Not Pictured: Standard Plastic Version)
Golf Club
Magnum Gun
Tennis Racket (Safe/Foam Version, Not Pictured: Standard Plastic Version)
Wii Sports Resort: Bow and Arrow Set
Wii Sports Resort: Frisbee
Wii Sports Resort: Jet Ski Handlebar Set
Wii Sports Resort: Paddle (Boat Oar)


Here's something that might be of interest to collectors. We found this item at the Big Lots Store in Troy, NY. Its the Resident Evil Shot Blaster. Not only is this gun a neat collectors item but it also functions very well. Its a surprisingly tight little gun controller that works extremely well with Capcom's two Resident Evil light gun games. The package includes a Thumb Stick Cap and a Wii Controller Skin. This is one item we don't expect to last very long. The price is $15.

Here is a list of every item we found in all the various stores on our journey. As you can see, there is an enourmous selection of unique and interesting products.

Wii Accessories:

3-in-1 Wii Shotgun (Pistol Grip, Rifle, Scoped)
3-in-1 Sports Kit (Tennis Racket, Baseball Bat, Golf Club)
Biggest Loser Dumbell Set
Biggest Loser Fitness Cord
Biggest Loser Jump Rope
Biggest Loser Wrist and Ankle Weight Set
Controller Charge Pack (2 Rechargable Wii Controller Packs w/ Docking Station)
Fishing Pole Kit
Gladiator Kit (2 Swords and Shield)
Ping Pong Paddle Set (Red & Blue)
Shotgun Controller Shell (Version 2: Duck Hunting Style)
Steering Wheel
Wii Balance Board Charge Pack (USB Powered Rechargable Battery)
Wii Balance Board Aerobics Step Platoform  
Wii Bowling Ball Shell (By CTA Digital.
See It In Action HERE.)
Wii Boxing Gloves
Wii Fitness Mat
Wii Controller and Nunchuck Skins (Rubber, Assorted Colors)
Wii Sharp Shooter Gun Shell (Different from Magnum Version, Much Larger)
Wii Skateboard Accessories (for use with Wii Balance Board)
Wii Sports Resort Accessory Set: Jetski, Frisbee, Red & Blue Swords
Wii Sports Resort: Basketball Shell

Wii Controllers:


Nunchuck Accessory (iConcepts "Wii-Li Controller") $10


Wireless Wii/GameCube Shockwave Controller $20*
(*editors note: this item may be of interest to those looking for a good wavebird clone.)

Overall we had a lot of fun with all of our new Wii accessories. The Magnum Gun is surprisingly good. Its also half the price of Nyko's popular "Perfect Shot." The Tennis Rackets were very fun. Although you need to play in a large room otherwise you're in for trouble. Still the effect is solid and it really adds to the fantasy / immersion of playing Wii sports.  The Boat Paddles were also a big hit with our friends and family. 

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