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Comic-Con Fun in the Petco Park 

Written By: Abel Pinedo "Honest Abe"

July 28th, 2014


There was a lot to see and do outside of the convention center this past week. Of course, everyone knows about The Walking Dead Escape and the Linkin Park concert, and it was pretty hard to miss Homer Simpsons' giant inflatable head. But what some of you may have missed out on was the goings on over at the parking lot of Petco Park. Located to the far right of the ballpark, on the other side of the bridge connecting to the Hilton Bayfront Hotel were several smaller yet interactive booths and displays that provided lots of fun as well as a few screams.


First thing as you enter the park was the giant inflatable Hello Kitty headband. Making her Comic Con debut last year, Hello Kitty returned with several activities aimed at young girls. There was a salon featuring temporary nail art, temporary tattoos, games and free headbands for everyone. At various times there was free snacks as well.

Amazon provided a nice lounge to kick back and relax for a few minutes as well as the opportunity to charge your cell phones. The big draw was a demonstration of the new Amazon lockers. As you were standing in line waiting your turn, someone would walk the line and hand you a card with a code on it. When it was your turn, you entered the code and one of the lockers would randomly pop open. The prizes including everything from comic books and sunglasses (winner, right here) to DVD's and Amazon gift cards.

Next up was Courtyard Marriott's Super Hero HQ. Whuuuuut? Confusing in name only, this consisted of a stage where kids could get their faces painted. They also featured a stage where various guests such as George R.R. Martin dropped by all weekend long for quickie interviews and meet and greets. Returning to Comic Con was the wildly popular Adult Swim fun house. This was for ages 18 and up and you had to have a special ticket to go inside. Tickets were free but were distributed rather quickly every day. Upon exiting, everyone got a free screen printed t-shirt.


With all this excitement it would be understandable to lose your head. Well, that's where Sleepy Hollow comes into play. Fox TV had a really cool looking setup of the infamous covered wooden bridge from Sleepy Hollow. By far this was one of the two most popular events at Petco. After reading through all the warnings about what you were about to experience, you entered the bridge which began with a warning from Ichabod Crane. After which, you donned Oculus Rift headgear for a truly terrifying encounter with the headless horseman.

After a nine year wait, we're finally getting a sequel to Sin City. Five of the vehicles from the movie were on display. This booth also hosted an autograph signing with the stars of the film, as well as giving out free t-shirts and mini posters throughout the weekend. There was also a drive simulation contest where the best drivers would be entered to win tickets to the world premiere in Los Angeles.

Finally, in what was easily the biggest draw of the weekend, Pizza Hut in conjunction with the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie sponsored the life sized Pizza Thrower where you could launch cardboard pizzas at several cardboard targets of Ninja Turtles nemesis Shredder. It was not as easy as it sounds as I saw many people fail to get even close. Everyone had a lot of fun though. There was also a viewing station to watch the newest trailer for the film and if you followed the instructions via Twitter, you could get a free slice of pizza. Even though the line was long, it constantly moved. To give you an idea, over the course of Comic Con, over 5000 people gave it their best shot at taking down Shredder with 33% accuracy. About ten percent of people managed to hit Shredder all three times. And over 18000 slices of pizza were given out!

Only at Comic Con can you meet the Headless Horseman, get your face painted, your nails done, fire off cardboard pizzas at Shredder and leave with a smile on our face as well as lasting memories.