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DC Comics Justice League #1 Review

Written By: Robert Gonzalez

September 12th, 2011


Written by: Geoff Johns

Art by: Jim Lee

Inks by: Scott Williams

Colors by: Alex Sinclair

Justice League #1 starts off with a bang... literally. I should note that this story takes place "5 Years Ago" so it's a new origin story. Batman is chasing an alien creature and the police are firing away at them both. Is there any better way to start a story than in the middle of the action? Batman eventually teams up with Green Lantern, who shows up out of nowhere to help figure out what aliens are doing on Earth. They follow the creature into the sewers where it blows itself up hoping to take out the two heroes, shouting "For Darkseid!"


After some witty banter between this unlikely duo, the two heroes decide to go to the city of Metropolis. There is another alien in the city who goes by the name 'Superman.' It's assumed that all aliens are bad, which seems kind of xenophobic, and I'm sure this will become an important theme as the series evolves.

Green Lantern's ring easily finds Superman. Since he's such a hot head, he rushes inside the building where Superman is located, only to come flying right back out, only this time not on his own power. The last page promises Batman VS. Superman in the next issue.


Well, this was a good start for the new series. Story wise, the writer was faithful to the characters. Batman and Green Lantern both acted just like their recent big screen counterparts. Batman was the rough, mean, no nonsense type of guy who uses his brain to work things out. Green Lantern was the typical "shoot first, ask questions later" goofball. Batman was running circles around him. Superman, however, seemed off. Even though he was only on one page, he looked strange. I have a feeling he wouldn't just punch someone even if they were as annoying as Green Lantern.


The art was very nice, but I have a problem with the character designs. What's up with everyone having a turtleneck? Personally, I like turtlenecks, I own a few and when the weather is permitting, I'll wear one. But when you are flying around and potentially fighting bad guys, do you really want to risk having to stop and scratch your neck?

Batman was wearing Kevlar armor, similar to his movie counterpart, and Green Lantern has upgraded his costume to give himself shoulder pads and boots. Being human, they both need the extra protection. Superman, however, was wearing what appears to be full body armor. Why in the world would Superman need body armor? It seems out of place. I also thought the sound effects used for the book were lazy. The artist cut and pasted the same words all over the place.


The inking and coloring truly enhances the artwork. The panel where Green Lantern is floating over Batman looks fantastic and it's all because of the colors and the inks. Overall, I'd say this book makes me want to see more of this series.

I want to see how this super group gets together to defeat the big bad enemy, which I assume will be someone, called Darkseid. Darkseid was the big bad villain from the last season of Smallville. I just hope it isn't that same character because Young Clark easily defeated the legendary villain. Either way I will be excited to see where the series is headed, and to witness the debut of the new Darkseid.