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The Crashlings Have Arrived on Planet Earth!

Written By: E. Thomas

April 21st, 2014


These days blind pack figures are all the rage. It's a concept that appeals to both kids and collectors. Everyone loves a surprise and the thrill of scoring a rare item adds a lot of fun and excitement to the collecting hobby. Literally dozens of toy companies have their own blind pack items. Enter the Crashlings. This cool new toy line comes from the appropriately named Wicked Cool Toys. The Crashlings are sold exclusively at Toys R Us. Join us as we take a look at the best items in this new toy line.


Crashlings Meteor Blind Packs:

Crashlings Meteor Blind Packs sell for $1.99 and come in five different varieties. The selection includes aliens, dinosaurs, insects, monsters, and sea life. That's quite an assortment of creatures. Each life-form has their own specially colored meteor shaped packaging. There are over 155 different Crashlings with special rare and ultra rare figures to collect. There are also color variants and unique metallic style figures.

In this unboxing video we take a look a the five different varieties of Crashlings meteor packs. We were very lucky to get an outstanding selection of figures, including a rare metallic sea creature! Each toy comes with a small catalog that shows all of the figures in a particular assortment. This is great for completists and for people hunting the rare chase figures.


Crashlings 10 Pack Assortment:

If you want to build your collection quickly you can pick up the Crashlings 10 Pack. There are five different 10 packs, one for each breed of Crashling. The Crashlings 10 Pack sells for $10. It comes with five open and five secret figures which are hidden inside the packaging. It also includes a jumbo meteor popper. Simply turn this popper inside out and it will launch up to five feet in the air! The are 25 Crashlings that are exclusive to the 10 pack assortments. This includes rare and ultra rare figures.

In our next unboxing video we take a look at the Crashlings 10 pack assortment. This particular assortment is the monster pack. Wait until you see all the cool figures we got in this package! We also test out the giant meteor popper, which gives our video reviewer quite a surprise! As you will see this selection of toys is quite a value for the money.


Crashlings Meteor Missile Ship:

Blast off into space with the Crashlings Meteor Missile Ship! This awesome vehicle has many neat play features. It also comes with two exclusive Crashlings! The Meteor Missile Ship retails for a mere $12.99. The cockpit of the ship holds two creatures. There are also foot pegs that allow Crashlings to stand on the outside of the ship. The ship has a cargo bay that holds and launches the Crashlings meteors. There are even wheels on the bottom of the vehicle for high speed rolling action. It's an exceptionally well built and clever toy.

In our final unboxing video we take a closer look at the Crashlings Meteor Missile Ship. We examine it's many cool features and try out the meteor launcher. We also load up the ship with many different Crashlings for a journey into deep space!


Crashlings Catapult City Playset:

The Catapult City Playset is the grand centerpiece of the Crashlings toy collection. This amazing playset has many great play features including a meteor launcher, a high speed zip line and a group of "stack and crash" buildings. It even comes with three exclusive Crashlings! The playset sells for $20 which is a tremendous value for the money.

The Final Word:

Kids and collectors will go crazy for the Crashlings! In fact every time we have visited our local Toys R Us the meteor blind packs are always completely sold out. Crashlings are the hot new collectible toy for the summer season. With so many great figures to collect fans will have a blast hunting down all the rare and unusual creatures. Kids will also love the vehicles and the playset. There is a lot of play value in these toys and it comes at a great low price. It's the best of both worlds. So until next time, keep watching the skies! Crashlings are now available exclusively at Toys R Us!