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Industry Giants Face Off at E3 Expo 2013

Written by: E. Thomas


Three industry Giants prepare to face off at 2013 E3 Expo. This is sure to be the most intense conflict in gaming history. Old rivalries, new allies and a heated battle for the consumer dollar. Who will win? Here is a break down of all the players in the game. I will show you their strengths and weaknesses and you can decide for yourself who will be the ultimate victor.



In the previous generation industry veteran Nintendo utterly trounced both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 with the Nintendo Wii. However, both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 had a very respectable showing and fought bitterly for second place. And while it seems that shipment numbers favor the PS3 over the 360, one glaring fact remains; the PS3 has lost billions for it's parent company, which itself is struggling financially. The gaming industry isn't a charity, it's a business, and whether we like it or not the most important factor for all of these companies is the bottom line.

Sony has won two generations in a row with the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2. Nintendo has ruled over 3 different gens with the NES, SNES and the Nintendo Wii. Microsoft has yet to taste victory in any console generation. Sony is hungry to regain their position at the top, while Microsoft is desperate to defeat Sony as it's primary rival. Nintendo just wants to remain successful, catering to their own market. Which of these companies has the advantage going into the next gen? Let's take a look at the strengths of each company.


PS4 ADVANTAGE: It already appears that the PS4 is headed to E3 with a huge stable of games. Sony has also said that the PS4 is focused on gaming first, which is something I support strongly. This has also been a popular statement with video game fans in general. However there are still some unanswered question about the PS4 itself. The controller has a "share button" which has caused quite a bit of controversy among hardcore gamers. I personally love the idea of sharing gaming videos with my friends, it's a revolutionary concept. However the idea of sharing my gaming status on Facebook does not appeal to me at all, unfortunately many gamers seem to feel the same way. Fortunately for Sony, their focus is still on the games and that's what matters the most. This will win them big points with potential consumers. And if you don't like the share button you certainly don't have to use it.

Also, remember those financial difficulties I spoke of earlier? Well the bright side of all of Sony's financial troubles was always the PlayStation brand. The PS3 didn't lose money because it was unpopular, on the contrary, it lost money because it was a very expensive console to produce. Sony wanted to give consumers the best, so they sold their console at a loss. This strategy always worked well in the past but unfortunately it didn't work with the PS3. Sony knows its gaming division can save the entire company. You can bet they will come to E3 swinging for the fences. They will put their full power behind the PS4 and it will surely not disappoint anyone who loved the previous PlayStation consoles.

The questionable reliability of the Xbox 360 hardware during the last gen also provides a big advantage for Sony. I personally went through four different Xbox 360 consoles. I am a person who takes very good care of my possessions and I have never had a game console break on me in all my years of gaming, except for the Xbox 360. Literally every gamer I know had at least one defective Xbox 360. This fact alone may drive consumers in their droves to the PS4.


XBOX ONE ADVANTAGE:The Xbox One looks to be the all in one gaming system and multi media device the industry has promised for the last decade. Sony banked heavily on this concept with the PS2 and the PS3. The inclusion of a DVD player in the PS2 won the company big sales in the early part of the century. Microsoft hopes to repeat this success, and take the concept even further than Sony ever dreamt of in the past. At the center of this plan is the controversial Kinect camera. Love it or hate it, the original Kinect camera helped extend the life of the Xbox 360. It's also a very fun product. If Microsoft can effectively calm consumer fears about privacy the product may help carry the Xbox One to victory.

Microsoft also has a ONE BILLION dollar budget put aside just for Xbox One launch games. That kind of money will certainly buy a lot of exclusives. They have also spent $400 Million to acquire an exclusive deal with the NFL. For many it seems that the company simply wants to buy their way to an easy victory. You can be sure Microsoft will also have a hefty advertising budget for the Xbox One.


NINTENDO WII U ADVANTAGE: Few will argue the fact that Nintendo always has the best first party line up on any console. Their games alone are strong enough to carry their hardware. They never disappoint their loyal fanbase. The company exists in it's own market as a result of their "blue ocean strategy." This basically means instead of battling in an existing market, create your own market and rule it entirely. Nintendo will put it's entire focus on the Wii U at E3 Expo 2013. We expect many surprises along with a return of several fan favorites. The company also has a new partnership with their old rival Sega. This is sure to bring a lot of great exclusives to the Nintendo Wii U.

Another huge advantage of the Nintendo Wii U is cost, both of the hardware and the games. We expect new system bundles at E3 along side a potential price drop. This will put the Wii U in a lower cost bracket when compared to both of the rival consoles. The Wii U also has the advantage of being able to support used games. There are no restrictive DRM policies and people are free to share, trade and resell their games as they wish. This fact alone gives the Wii U a big advantage as both Microsoft and Sony have been unclear as to their final plans regarding game sharing and used games.

The Nintendo Wii U also stands as the only family friendly console on the market. While the other companies may court the family dollar, only Nintendo is dedicated to families and gamers of all ages. While this fact may not sit well with your average angsty teenager, this strategy is at the core of the Nintendo philosophy, it has brought them a great deal of success in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Ironically while Nintendo is often smeared as a company for children, they actually have the oldest and the largest fanbase, while it's two main rivals focus on the teenager and college age markets.


No matter who you pick next generation the clear winner is the consumer. This kind of heated rivalry is great for gamers. You never want your favorite company to grow lazy or complacent. All three companies are in a bitter struggle for their very survival. This ensures the next gen will be full of incredible games and tons of big surprises. I am literally counting the hours until the start of the E3 Expo. I will see you on the show floor!


About The Author: Elliott S. Thomas is a hardcore gaming enthusiast. He always buys every console on the market. He also enjoys handheld, mobile, arcade and PC gaming. If it plays games Elliott owns it.