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Danger! Mickey Rourke!

Written By: E. Thomas



My story begins at E3 Expo 2009. Legendary Actor Mickey Rourke was on hand to promote his role in Bethesda's new game Rogue Warrior. The game is based on real life bad ass Richard "Dick" Marcinko. (Pronounced: Mar-SINK-oh.) Marcinko has been a Navy man for over 30 years, even serving two tours of duty in Vietnam as a decorated Navy Seal. What better actor to play this military legend than tough guy actor Mickey Rourke.

Mickey Rourke has played a number of hard nosed characters over his long career. He has played a wrestler, a character named Harley Davidson, and the grizzled and violent "Marv" from Sin City. Rourke also has a notorious personality trait, he hates being photographed by the paparazzi. So of course, what did I do? I decided to snap a couple of shots when he wasn't looking. Bad idea....


(The First Pic: His body guard is not amused.)

Now I certainly wasn't trying to deliberately antagonize Mr Rourke. Anyone who meets me at the E3 Expo knows I am extremely polite. Mickey Rourke is just one of my favorite actors, and I had to get at least one picture. After I took the first shot I could tell he was a little miffed. After I took the second shot I knew my life was in danger.

Once I took the second picture and the flash hit Mr Rourke, he twitched violently, he even made a loud grumble. It was an almost animal like growl. I could tell he was literally clenching his entire body trying to contain the urge to kill me. Even though Rourke was accompanied by a large and intimidating body guard, I knew that if I took one more shot he would beat my ass himself! Bodyguard or no bodyguard. I quickly put my camera away and disappeared into the shadows.


(The Second Pic: He's feeling really tense as he clenches his fist tightly around his pen.)

Later I returned to the Bethesda booth just as Mr Rourke was finishing his lengthy autograph session. He was still at the booth being interviewed by the mainstream press. He spotted me coming a mile away and he looked PISSED. For a minute I thought I should run. But then something happened, he took one look at me, and my goofy looking fanboy clothes, and he realized I was not the hated paparazzi, but rather an honest and sincere fanboy. That's when his mood lightened. To my surprise he actually gave me a big smile as he was being ushered into a private room. He even gave me a little pat on the back. A wave of relief came over me. At least I wouldn't be getting my ass kicked by the Actor/Boxer. Well, its all in a days work and the E3 Expo.

About The Author: E.Thomas is our resident E3 Expo Veteran. He often finds himself in strange and unusual situations, and he leads a life that's somewhere between the movie "The Big Lebowski" and the adventures of Indiana Jones. He does not make it a habit to antagonize angry and potentially dangerous Hollywood Superstars. It just happens.