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There is a New Hero in Town!

Written By: Abel S. - "Honest Abe"



Cheap Toys Last All Summer Long, Too!

Let me start right off by saying that I am a huge Star Wars fan.  I love the toys and have quite a sizable action figure collection (1977 to the present!). Yes kids your trusty reporter, Honest Abe, is a toy collector.

I believe the current line of Star Wars figures to be first rate.  Everything from the packaging to the paint apps to the playability…awesomeness!  G.I. Joe and Transformers are no slackers either.  Hasbro has been a leader in quality toys for quite some time.  (and I’m not saying this to suck up to almighty Hasbro and Uncle Lucas.)  But we here at DigThatBox are always looking for other ways to have fun. In today’s tight economy, it’s important to make every dollar count.  While strolling down the toy aisles of Target, I discovered at least one alternative to action figure fun:  FEARLESS FORCES.


This is taken directly from the packaging:

"It is the not-so-distant future---and the world as we know it has dramatically changed. In the year 2030, the pillars of civilization, long battered by the effects of crime and war, are weak and crumbling---supported only by a few peaceful nations. Sworn to defend the last vestiges of law-abiding society on our planet, these countries are allied as the NEO-EARTH INITIATIVE, partners in a desperate mission to create a new world order from the corrupt ruins of the old one.

Throughout recent history, a mysterious terrorist organization known as DARKSTORM has enabled and empowered humankind’s most evil forces with advanced weapons and bottomless financing. From these unions it has built a vast army bent on dominating the world through fear. Having infiltrated most of the world’s law enforcement and military infrastructures, DARKSTORM has tapped into the heart of nearly every government on Earth---and now its terrible goal is just within its grasp.

But one thing stands in DARKSTORM’s way---a team of specially trained super-soldiers called the FEARLESS FORCES---assembled by the Neo-Earth Initiative to champion lawfulness and defend the tenets of a new world order. Armed with the strength and skills to make them extraordinary weapons of good in a world gone bad, the heroic operatives of the FEARLESS FORCES are just the kind of soldiers you need to fight powerful enemies who don’t know the meaning of surrender’!

Join the action and adventure of the FEARLESS FORCES story today---and meet a cast of enigmatic heroes and ruthless villains as you uncover the mysteries of a dangerous new world."


Sounds intriguing and once I started looking at the figures more intently; I noticed the detailing wasn’t too shabby.  The paint apps were good and they seemed to be quite articulated.  I’m going to focus now on the figure I picked up, Scythe the Darkstorm Commander.  (A toy hero has gotta have a good toy villain)  Just a quick note on the packaging for starters:  One thing that I noticed was the original artwork behind every figure.  I just found that to be a nice touch.  As for the figure itself, I must say I was pleasantly surprised.  Articulation was top notch.  Knee, waist, shoulder, elbow, bicep region and full head/neck area all move nicely.  Since Scythe is painted in mainly dark colors, you don’t see the hinge points quite so obviously.  On some of the other figures painted with flesh tones, the screws are quite visible.  Minor quibble.  Scythe is covered in primarily body armor which is grey but has some nice silver accents as well.  He comes with “an elite issue rifle” (that’s taken from the website).  He has a sidearm that is not removable.  One thing I liked as well was that the rifle fits in either hand.  Oftentimes, the weapon is designed for one hand only.  It’s the little things like this that I can appreciate.  These little details add just that much more to the playability. 


The toy line also has a few nice accessories/vehicles available.  Some figures come with 3-wheeled “AT-WAR” cycles; some come with Hover packs (like a jet pack).  There is also a Harbor Raider (attack boat), Storm Stinger (attack copter) and an ATV available. 

So where do I get these wonderful toys, you ask? The only place I’ve seen them is Target (but they don’t carry any kind of Target exclusive sticker).  The price? $1.99 per figure! There’s also a four-pack of figures and accessories that retails for $9.99.  With Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures hovering around the 8 dollar mark, I think the Fearless Forces make a fine substitute for kids today. 

(By the way, kudos to you if you know where I got the title for this article from!)

Abel S. a.k.a. "Honest Abe" has written reviews for Dark Horizons, JoBlo and MusicTap.  He has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade. He can usually be found at his keyboard ranting and rambling about the human condition or watching Beavis & Butthead.