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Fox News Announcer Featured in Grand Theft Auto IV
Written By: J. Castle


FOX News Channel Announcer Featured in GTA IV

In a strange turn of events a familiar voice from the FOX News Channel has appeared in the game Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV). One of the Network's most recognized announcers is featured in this faux political attack ad. Oddly ironic considering the nature of FOX News.

The highly controversial game has one unusual feature. It actually allows players to watch television while playing the game. Your character has a television set in his meager home. Players can view full length TV shows and commercials. Among the entertainment was this humorous little attack ad parody. The announcer you hear can usually be found providing TV spots for the FOX News Channel.

Prepare yourself to "Meet John Hunter."

(Editors Note: You tend to hear this voice plugging upcoming episodes of "Hannity and Colmes" and "The O'Reilly Factor." )

Here is a clip of the Announcer doing a typical Fox News Promotional Spot.

The Fox News Announcer was hired to do voice over for videos aired at the recent E for All Expo. Here is just one of those videos.

So what is the real story here? Is it a massive conflict of interest to have the voice of Fox News appearing in Grand Theft Auto? Well not really. You see the truth here is simple. This man is merely a Voice Actor. I have many friends in the Casting business. With their help I was able to track down the Announcer's personal information, which I have been asked to keep private. But what I can tell you is this; He is a seasoned Voice Actor working mostly out of New York and Los Angeles. He takes work whereever he can get it, just like most honest actors. Its as simple as that. He is not bound by an political agenda. He merely wants to work. As you'll see, when it comes to Fox News Alumni he isn't the first to break ranks.

This is not the first time a Regular from the FOX News Channel has crossed over into pop-culture. New York Newsday columnist and FOX News contributor Ellis Henican provided the voice for "Stormy Waters" on the adult themed cartoon "Sealab 2021." Allegedly Henican has "total cognizance of every synapse in [his] cerebral cortex", more as that story develops.