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True Next Gen Gaming Arrives on PS4

Written by: Frances Morgan


I’ll be honest: I wasn’t looking forward to playing this one. I never cared much for the original Infamous, which I saw as a cookie-cutter sandbox that brought nothing new to the table – unless you consider having an apparent lobotomy patient as a protagonist progressive, at least. Its first sequel was a significant improvement, but still wasn’t my cup of tea.

I guess that made it all the more surprising when I discovered that I really enjoyed Infamous: Second Son. This title is fast-paced, fun and it has one of the most interesting game protagonists I have seen in recent memory. I dare say it is my favorite game to come out of the current console generation so far.

The third entry in the series, Second Son stars Delsin Rowe, a mischievous Native American youth who has just stumbled upon his ability to absorb powers from other superhumans. His newfound abilities in tow, he journeys to Seattle to steal the power of Brooke Augustine, the director of the Department of Unified Protection who is currently abusing members of Delsin's tribe for her own gain.

Cocky and sarcastic, Delsin presents an interesting spin on an otherwise paint-by-numbers superhero origin plot. This contrasts nicely with his police officer brother Reggie, who provides a notable dichotomy in the game’s narrative when compared to his troublemaker sibling. Thoroughly likeable from beginning to end, these characters are largely responsible for the game’s charm.

Gameplay is similar to that of previous games in the series, though noticeably more polished. Delsin controls smoothly both in and out of combat, and the breakneck speed at which he discovers new powers allows for some truly impressive replay value. Though simplistic, combat is varied enough to remain fun throughout the entirety of Second Son, and the freedom granted to the player outside of combat can lead to hours upon hours of gameplay.

As expected of the franchise, Infamous: Second Son also includes a morality system. Though just as shallow as ever, the system takes a back seat to the chaotic sandbox gameplay, a change that is ultimately for the better.

Infamous: Second Son is easily the strongest entry in the franchise, and a fantastic game in its own right. Whether you are looking for some truly well written characters or just want to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting populace, Second Son is a must-buy for any self-respecting PS4 owner.

  • Gameplay: 9.5
  • Graphics: 9.5
  • Audio: 9
  • Replay Value: 8.5
  • Final Review Score: 9.5/10