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Movie Review: Inglourious Basterds

Written By: Harold Schossman



Quentin Tarantino director of pop culture films such as Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs strikes again. This time he takes us into the era of German occupied France during the Second World War. Inglorious Bastards follows a band of Jewish American Soldiers known as the Bastards who are on a Nazi killing spree, intent on striking as much fear into their German foes as humanly possible.


“Bastards” however is not a tough guys on a mission flick as its title may have make you believe, but rather a mix of various genres in one Tarantinoesque cocktail served in a Pulp Fiction styled episodic narrative structure. Action is used sparingly throughout the film which is rather heavy on dialogue. The central plot revolves around a movie theatre in Paris and the Nazi’s desire to premiere a film there.


While Inglorious Bastards is utter rubbish when it comes to historical accuracy Tarantino fans will eat it up for it has elaborate dialogue scenes not unlike Pulp Fiction which are  perhaps not as catchy but certainly funny, some violence and good humor. The only setback was the film’s trilinguality: The characters  speak English, French and German; I myself am fluent in two of these languages and I still felt I had a lot of subtitles to read! The acting was reasonably good, Brad Pitt as redneck leader of the pack and Diane Kruger as German actress who joins forces with the Bastards are good, German actor Til Schweiger is upstage d by unknown Austrian actor Christoph Waltz who plays a very clever and ruthless Nazi leader, the film’s ultimate villain.

Again, Inglorious Bastards, is not so much a WW2 movie as it is as Tarantino movie set in WW2. I felt is was pretty decent, at 152mins it might have benefited from a little trimming here and there, but certainly well worth an admission.


About The Author: Harold Schossman is our International News Corespondent and our resident Expert Videographer. He has worked in the entertainment industry for almost two decades. Be sure to check out his outstanding video work on his YouTube account.