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Kitty, Daisy & Lewis Tear Up The Joint: Live at the Echo

Written By: Ivy Greenwall



Fans of roots-rock, rockabilly, country & western swing, Hawaiian, and all things vintage were treated to a one-off show for Kitty, Daisy & Lewis at the Los Angeles venue, the Echo, last Tuesday night (7/7). This two sister and a brother group are currently touring as the opening act for Coldplay (which is a very odd pairing considering the vast difference in musical style). Chris Martin is said to have cherry-picked the band , and after seeing them tear up the joint in style - it is so easy to see why he chose them. The trio temporarily managed to breakaway as a support act and headline one night for some very lucky fans eagerly awaiting their Stateside performance.

Kitty (dressed in red) and Daisy (in black) kicked off the hour-long set with an accappella rendition of blues/folk staple "Walk Right In." Soon after they were joined by brother, Lewis, and kicked off into a mesmerizing set with the jumping "Going Up The Country." You could almost feel the air whipping past you on a road trip. They took a country jamboree turn with "Hillybilly Music" in which both Daisy & Lewis played banjos and sister Kitty, played the accordion. With Honolulu "Rock-A-Roll-A" and instrumental "Swinging Hawaii" the audience got a taste of Island flair that if you closed your eyes you could almost see the palm trees swaying (although that image isn’t too hard too imagine if you live in L.A). Lewis jokingly added after the interlude that they had never been to the island paradise.


They played a mix of classic songs, such as "I Got My Mojo Working" (sung by youngest member, Kitty) and "Polly Put The Kettle On" (sung by Daisy), to songs penned by the group themselves. "Say You'll Be Mine," and "Buggin’ Blues" (sung & penned by Lewis) and "(Baby) Hold Me Tight," their lasted UK single (sung & penned by Daisy), got the crowd getting into the swing of things. They showed that not only do they have a knack for recreating classic era sounds but can effortlessly write their own material that easily slip in without causing the accusations that they are only riding the coat-tails of those that came before. They are all multi-instrumentalists and it was a real treat to see each one take turns rotating drumming, guitar, banjo, harmonica & the like without missing a beat. It was truely a family affair, as both Dad & Mom were playing alongside on guitar and double bass.

Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis are at the age where most of their contemporaries are busy touting their daily lives away on Twitter & Facebook. This trio has been in existence as a band since 2002 and has preferred to go back in time to when household technology at its best was a radio and possibly a television. The trio was raised in North London in a musical household. (Their father, Graeme Durham, was founding member and mastering engineer at the Exchange Recording Studios in London. And their mom, Ingrid Weiss, was the former drummer for the Raincoats). These three talented youngsters (ages 16, 21, and 19 respectively) have chosen to record music with such precision and dedication to their love of all things vintage with original equipment of the era. They have even gone as far as acquiring recording equipment to emulate the legendary studios technology in their heyday: Sun Studios in Memphis and Chess in Chicago - and using no digital aid in the recording process.

Jumpin’, jivin’, stompin’and wailin’, these three really got the crowd going like all proper juke-house bands should. They definitely deserve more exposure and it will happen due to their complete professionalism and because rockabilly blood is coursing through their veins. You can’t beat that.


About The Author:  Ivy Greenwall was literally born in Hollywood on the famous Sunset Strip. He has worked in the music industry for over 15 years. In his travels he has met everyone from Ray Manzarek, Motorhead's Lemmy, crooner Morrissey, and the infamous Ozzy Osbourne.  Almost every notable musician in the past couple of decades has crossed his path, although humbly he would be the last person to tell you this fact.