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Hollywood Walk of Fame: Obsessed Fans Honor The Wrong Michael Jackson

Written By: J. Castle 



The streets of Hollywood are flooded with people after the announcement of the death of Michael Jackson. Tourists, News Media, Paparazzi, and Grief Stricken Fans have all been pouring into the Hollywood area. Michael Jackson's most devoted and heartbroken fans have actually built a memorial around a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There is only problem. This is the wrong Michael Jackson! In fact, this star belongs to another famous 'Michael Jackson.' 

The star in question actually belongs to a Los Angeles Radio Commentatorwho just happens to be named "Michael Jackson." Mr Jackson had a popular LA radio show which focused on the arts, politics, human interest subjects, and issues facing the greater Los Angeles area. Pop Star Michael Jackson has his own star just down the street across from the famous Mann's Chinese Theater. Unfortunately the real star was blocked off the night before to accommodate the Bruno Premiere. Unable to access the real star fans built this memorial instead, believing this was the actual star.

Now honestly, this was an easy mistake. Every star on the Walk of Fame has a brass icon showing the honored persons field of expertise. In this case Mr Jackson has a microphone which relates to his involvement in the Radio Industry. Obviously people saw the microphone and naturally assumed this star belonged to the King of Pop. Later, fans of the late Pop Singer claimed the mistake was "intentional." However many Hollywood locals knew otherwise.

Later Radio Commentator Michael Jackson would respond to the situation saying "I am willingly loaning it to him and, if it would bring him back He can have it."

The next day, things got strange after the tourists and fans were informed of the mistake.  Feeling bad about the confusion several onlookers decided to tell the mourners "hey this isn't the right star," as the real star was now accessible. Strangely enough this did not deter the grief stricken fans one bit. They continued to light candles, take pictures of the star, and one young girl even sat nearby writing poetry! The star was covered in Holy Candles, hand written notes and loose change. (Why loose change? I have no idea.)

Eventually the Hollywood Police Department stepped in and tried to erect a barrier around the star. (Seen in the pictures below.) Hilariously the barrier was quickly pushed aside. People simply did not care that this was not the real Michael Jackson star. Some people told me they didn't want to walk to the other end of the Boulevard. (It's true that the real star was several blocks away.) Others just felt he deserved more than one shrine. As I sat there watching this spectacle a heart broken man approached me and blurted out "Have they performed the autopsy yet? Do they know how he died?" I politely told him I had not heard the official report. Forlorn, he wandered away in his grief.

The entire incident was a bizarre freak show. This is the kind of thing that could only happen in Hollywood.