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Transformers Photo Review

MP-10 Convoy (Optimus Prime) Review

Text and Photos By: Jason Stern





Pics 1-2: - Packaging is the same size as MP-9 Rodimus Convoy's, being slightly smaller than the MP-4 packaging but still dwarfing the original G1 box.  The oversized clear plastic bubble holds Convoy, Trailer and accessories in place.







Pics 3-6: - In robot mode, Convoy is between G1 Optimus Prime and MP-4 Convoy in size.  Most of the mold differences from the first Masterpiece Convoy are improvements. Included are the covered rear tires, more proportional arms and more G1esque head sculpt. Even the general shape is improved, looking more athletic from all angles.

However, there are some drawbacks.  Notably, there are no electronics, the thumbs and mouth plate are fixed and the head seems a bit small. Then again, MP-4 does rock a pretty huge melon.









Pics 7-10: - Convoy's blaster takes a cue from MP-9 Rodimus Convoy by employing a transformation gimmick.  To step it up a notch, the gun can be stored in Convoy's back in both vehicle and robot modes.  Very nice touch!







Pic 11: - Compared to the other molds, MP-10's blaster is a bit small.  Still, I think its proportions work better with such an expressive Convoy sculpt.



Pics 12-14: - G1 Optimus Prime may have lacked a Matrix in 1984, but his successors certainly don't.  MP-10's matrix is smaller than MP-4's and doesn't open, but the richer color, faceted crystal and new shape are definite improvements.  The light-up gimmick from MP-04 is missed, however.







Pic 15: - The energon axe is certainly more massive and cartoon accurate this time around.  The coloring of MP-4 is better and I'm not as keen on MP-10's axe just covering the fist.  Still, this is an overall improvement.



Pics 16-18: - Roller finally makes his first appearance in the Masterpiece line.  Surprisingly, he's not much bigger than G1 Roller.  However, the far improved details and transforming rear section make this a winning piece.  Similar to MP-9's vehicle engine, folding back a flap allows Roller to hold Convoy's blaster.  Flipping around the back section gives a nice surprise... (more on that later).







Pic 19: - The trailer is sized between the G1 and MP-4 versions.  With dual supports up front, side bumpers and no holes it is easily the most real-world accurate of the three.



Pic 20: - In repair bay mode, MP-10's trailer most closely resembles an upsized G1 trailer, but with more detail.  However, it is missing the launcher for Roller and missiles, which is a bit disappointing.  Good thing the detailing is top notch.





Pics 21-22: - The trailers can all expose the repair equipment, although MP-10 conceals this better by having flaps fill-in the roof hole when not in use.  MP-10's ramp slides under the inside deck, which is a great and subtle feature the others don't have.



Pic 23: - Remember the surprise I promised from Pic 18?  Here you go.  Roller is designed to tow the MP-10 Trailer.  I guess we have a possible answer as to where the Trailer disappeared to in every G1 episode; Roller kept stealing it!



Pics 24-26: - Transformation from robot to cab mode is very similar to MP-4.  Major differences include a static Matrix chamber that remains behind the bumper, fold-out ladders below the elbows replicate the detail behind the G1's front wheels, sliding smokestacks and folding panels on the legs to expose the wheels/connect the legs.

That said, the cab mode is vastly improved from the afterthought of MP-4's cab, rivaling the G1.  The full-length bumper, larger gas tanks, fold-out mirrors add to the effect.  The "Desert Dog" imprint is sadly missing from the tires, but that's a small sacrifice to make for such vast improvements.







Pics 27-29: - As a nod to the Diaclone days of old, all three molds can open their cabs to hold a driver. Spike takes on the role of MP-10s driver, fitting in seats in all three modules.







Pic 30: - Full Tractor-Trailer mode shows just how great MP-10 is.  Every element comes together smoothly, looking as good as most scale models.  In fact, it is so well executed that the flaws in the G1 and MP-4 become all too obvious.

Final impressions:

Forget the fact that MP-10 is smaller than MP-4 and has proportionally less die cast metal.  This is a better mold.  Assuming Rodimus Convoy is an indication of future international releases, the Trailer and Roller will only be available in this set, so this will be your only chance to get the full package (until the inevitable re-release).

The big question is, is MP-10 worth your money?  Only if you missed MP-4 and have plenty of cash to spare.  There's nothing revolutionary in this release; it only takes what's been done right and polishes it.  Don't get me wrong, it's impressive polish, but nothing that absolutely demands your attention. 

I do recommend this piece.  Just don't resort to a diet of Ramen Noodles and tap water in order to pay for it.

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