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New Pulp from DigThatBox: Atari, Godzilla, Zombies and More!

Written By: E. Thomas

Comic-Con/digthatbox_zine_cover.jpg Comic-Con/digthatbox_atari_zine_cover.jpg Comic-Con/tagged_zine_cover.jpg Comic-Con/digthatbox_godzilla_zine_alternate_cover.jpg Comic-Con/digthatbox_zine_of_the_living_dead_cover.jpg

For the past year digthatbox has been publishing a series of popular zines. Now for the first time ever we are revealing the first batch of our independant publications on our site, and teasing you with the future of digthatbox publishing.

What is a zine? Well it's a mini magazine that's usually around 8 pages long, sometimes longer depending on the format. It's a popular art form here in the city of Los Angeles. Zines are so popular that we even have an entire week long festival devoted to zine culture. Zine week takes place every February and brings together some of the best writers and artists in the zine community.

Zines can cover a variety of different subjects. It all depends on the author. Most zines are very personal and can include artwork, writing, poetry or stories from the author's life. Others zines often tackle a specific subject like movies and music. With out zines we decided to take a different approach. Our flagship title, DigThatBox, is sort of a combination of Mad Magazine and Zap Comics. Meanwhile our Super Special titles focus on a specific subject. Finally our Tagged zine centers around the artwork of Slogan, a popular street artist from Los Angeles. Each publication has something for everyone.


Dig That Box: 500 Copies

Dig That Box is our flagship title. It's a unique mix of pop culture content, humor, puzzles, trivia and more. The first issue of this zine was so popular it helped to lay the ground work for our future publications. Although all of our zines use the classic 8 page zine format, this title has a special 9th page dubbed "The Mystery Page" that reveals the secrests of the universe!


Dig That Box Atari 2600 Super Special: 300 Copies

Our first Super Special issue was dedicated to the Atari 2600. The game system that started it all has seen a tremendous resurrgence in popularity in recent years. This zine covers a wide variety of topics. First up is a list of the top 101 games provided by the experts at AtariAge.com, with a little of our own input. We also show you ways to upgrade your Atari 2600 to make it compatible with new TVs. The zine also discusses brand new games you can buy for your classic system. And finally we explore the amazing Atari 2600 Harmony Cart, a device that lets you play every Atari 2600 game ever made on one cartridge. Wow!

Comic-Con/digthatbox_godzilla_zine_alternate_cover.jpg Comic-Con/digthatbox_godzilla_zine_cover.jpg

Dig That Box Godzilla Super Special: 500 Issues and Counting!

This super special is a celebration of the history and future of Godzilla. Take a look at the inner workings of Godzilla with our awesome "Visible Godzilla" illustration page. Learn about the three different eras of the franchise. Read about the four different Godzilla TV shows. Discover the secrets of the big reptile with our Godzilla trivia page. This zine also includes a handy Godzilla movie check list featuring every film in the series. Our check list includes both the original Japanese versions of certain films along with their US counterparts. This was done to account for the drastic differences in regional versions of the films. The Godzilla Super Special even features two different covers. Last but not least you can sing along with Godzilla on our special music page! Due to extremely high demand this issue is still in production.


Dig That Box Zine of the Living Dead: 500 Issues and Counting!

Zine of the Living Dead is our special Halloween 2014 publication. This particular zine is focused on everything related to zombie movies, TV shows, video games and zombie culture. Learn about the men who raised the dead in our review of the great zombie movie special effects artists. Discover the best zombie video games for your favorite game system and PC. Play our amazing Zombie Penny Board Game. Educate yourself about the different types of walking dead with our helpful Zombie Identification Guide. Gear up with for the zombie apocalypse with our essential survival tool guide. This zine also includes a helpful checklist of all the best zombie movies ever made! Originally we were going to discontinue this zine after October 31st. However, due to extremely high demand this publication will remain in production until the end of the year.

Comic-Con/tagged_zine_cover.jpg Comic-Con/tagged_2_zine_cover.jpg

Dig That Box TAGGED: 300 Issues Each

TAGGED celebrates the unique artwork of Slogan, a popular Los Angeles area street artist. His unusual form of "flier art" are called "slogans." They are both a celebration and a mockery of advertising history. Slogan himself has been called "the Don Draper of street art." He claims he wanted to be the first artist to use the QR Tag as a form of art. Each slogan is built around a QR Tag. You must scan each tag with your mobile device to reveal a secret YouTube video. They videos are always classic TV advertisements from around the globe. Some of the ads are funny, most are bizarre and a few are downright horrifying. Above each tag is a catchy and sometimes humorous phrase related to the video itself. These are calleda "tag line" if you will. Each tag line is a riddle to be solved by the observer. The TAGGED zines and Slogan flyer art are the first ever interactive, multimedia street art. Although TAGGED 1 & 2 are out of production, issue 3 will hit the streets sometime before the holidays.

Where to get Dig That Box Zines:

Dig That Box zines are available at a variety of locations around the greater Los Angeles area. If you don't live in Los Angles and you want one of our zines simply hit up our contact page and send us a message. Be sure to include your mailing address and the title of the zine you want us to send you.

  • Amoeba Records
  • Bourgeois Pig
  • Counterpoint Records
  • Francis Howard Goldwyn Library in Hollywood (Ivar Ave)
  • Hollywood Book & Poster
  • Hollywood Toy & Costume
  • LACC
  • Larry Edmunds Bookshop
  • Melrose Music
  • Space 15 Twenty
  • Starworld (Hollywood Blvd)
  • UCLA Powel Library
  • Wacko

The Future of Dig That Box Publications:

Dig That Box will publish 3 new zines before the end of the year. This includes a special holiday zine and a brand new issue of tagged. We also have a couple of big surprises in store for our loyal readers. Stay tuned!