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Tom Cruise in New Sci-Fi Epic

Written By: Harald Schossman


I live in Vienna, Austria, a city rich in cultural history but forsaken in terms of modern pop culture and Hollywood style entertainment. Sure I commute to L.A. a lot and live there on and off, so I’m no stranger to the Hollywood scene. That’s why it came as a huge surprise when Hollywood A-Lister Tom Cruise announced his adamant desire to set the European premiere of his latest sc-fi adventure Oblivion in my not so ostentatious hometown of Vienna.

Mr. Cruise demands and Universal complies, so the studio held a glamorous red carpet premiere in downtown Vienna in defiance of the still lingering freezing cold, courtesy of a long and dark winter in Europe. Tom Cruise’s association with Scientology may have estranged some of his European fans, but these doubts were quickly put to rest by his absolutely professional behavior. Mr. Cruise spent well over two hours signing autographs, talking to both fans and press, making sure everyone who turned out got the chance to see him. Co-star Olga Kurylenko also signed plenty of autographs and talked to fans. The native Russian is no stranger to Austria, she did press work in Bregenz during the production of the Bond film Quantum Of Solace in 2008.

One of the added perks of the premiere was the fact that Universal moved up the press screening of Oblivion, and say about Cruise what you want, he always gets great material. Oblivion tells the story of a post-war hi-tech world where the survivors have migrated to Titan, one of Saturn’s Moons. Jack Harper (Cruise) is part of a mop up crew, tasked with fixing drones that obliterate those pesky scavengers still roaming the wasted planet. His memory has been wiped clean, but images flicker through his mind of a still intact world and a young woman (Kurylenko). One day the inquisitive Jack is captured and has to embark on a daring journey.

Director Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy) dazzles primarily through the stylish design he cleverly juxtaposes with the barren wasteland of future Earth. I liked the story and the flight scenes in the beginning are fantastic. Even though the movie loses some momentum in the second half it is still impressive how Kosinski manages to tell a captivating story with a very small cast. I thoroughly enjoyed Oblivion, it does have its flaws but it’s a pretty awesome sci-fi movie for an April release.

About The Author: Harold Schossman is our International News Corespondent and our resident Expert Videographer. He has worked in the entertainment industry for almost two decades. Be sure to check out his outstanding video work on his YouTube account.