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A New Monthly Subscription Box for Retro Gamers

Written by: Elliott S. Thomas


Imagine a new subscription based delivery service for retro gamers. That’s the concept behind Old School Crate. This great new service is similar to Loot Crate, and other subscription boxes, only this one is specifically focused on classic video games. I decided to sample this new program and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience.

First up let’s cover the details of this new service. There are two options for subscriptions; a monthly sub will cost you $35, while a three month plan will run $96. Both prices include shipping. Each month you will get 2 to 4 games, plus additional bonus items, in your monthly crate.

Now when you sign up with the company you are asked to provide some information about your gaming tastes. You simply answer a few short questions which helps the company understand your interests and to customize a box to your needs. So if you do not want any sports games, you won’t get any. However if you prefer a certain genre you can mention that as well.

The four questions are:

  • What consoles do you own? (At least three)
  • What type of collector are you?
  • Your game collection so far?
  • What genres do you like and dislike?

Personally I like this level of customization and feel it makes the service a bit more personal than your typical monthly subscription box. I also believe it increases your chances of getting games that you actually want to play.

Now for me the best part of Old School Crate is the anticipation of getting a new delivery. It’s sort of like waiting to open your presents on Christmas morning. It’s also like a lottery where you are always the winner. I also think it does wonderful things for the retro gaming hobby. It gives retro gamers something to look forward to every single month.

I should also note that if you have recently purchased a Hyperkin Retron 5 or Super Retro Trio this service is perfect for you. It will give you brand new games every month to go along with your favorite multi console system.  

And what about you seasoned retro gamers and serious collectors? Well I believe you will also enjoy this service. Again, the excitement of getting a new box every month is a real thrill. Also, if you’re a serious collector, and let’s say you get a game that you already own, you can always use it as trade fodder or you can even sell it on ebay and recoup some of your subscription fees.

In this video I open my first box from Old School Crate. It was quite a fun and exciting experience for me. Check out this video and see what I got inside. This video also gives you a glimpse at their packing and shipping methods.

Now just for fun I decided to check out the value of the games I received on ebay. Here’s the average price for each title that I received in my first box, and of course, shipping prices are not included. As you can see I easily got my money's worth and then some. Remember that the cost for a one month subscription includes shipping fees, which are easily another $5.

  • Crystalis $18
  • The Lion King $12
  • Dark Rift $6
  • X-Men Dice Masters $2

At the end of the day I truly feel that Old School Crate is a tremendous value for the money. The monthly subscription is a great way to keep people interested in retro gaming, and the surprise aspect is a real thrill. The excitement of a new box and discovering what you will find inside is the best part. Please be sure to subscribe to this cool new service using the links you find below.