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The Most Powerful Convention in the World Returns!  
-The Legendary Convention That Celebrates the Masters of the Universe Franchise

September 8th, 2018

Written by: Abel S. Pinedo


I HAVE THE POWER... to bring you my full report on one of my favorite shows of the year. Everyone here at the office is a big Masters of the Universe fan, especially our Editor in Chief. As I am the Lead Field Reporter for the site, my editor insists that I cover this show every year. I really enjoy this Con with its devoted fan base. Unlike larger conventions like Comic-Con, I love how everyone at this show is here for the same reason. That mutal appreciation creates a wonderful atmostphere of comfort and excitement. On the eve of Power-Con 2018 the highly anticpated documentary "Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" made its debut on Netflix. If you haven't seen this yet, I highly recommend it! It was a great way to kick off the show. With that being said, let's dive in!


Only a tiny fraction of the stuff I purchased at the show!

I arrived about an hour prior to the opening bell, checked in, and picked up my badge, souvenir program, and my tickets to pick up my pre-ordered exclusives. After waiting anxiously and chatting up with fellow fans the doors finally opened. Once inside I hustled my way to Super7's booth to score some other exclusives. My main target was the Anti-Eternia He-Man figure but I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a limited amount of exclusives left over from the Unboxing convention that took place in Mexico just the week before. The line was long but fortunately it moved along at a steady pace. Super7 is very well organized. Soon enough, the exclusive Skeletor and Mer-Man were mine! I also picked up a ton of other loot for friends and for my Editor, who is an obsessive collector of Super7 products.


The gang from the legendary Filmation Masters of the Universe Cartoon.

Now that I had acquired all my loot and convention exclusives I headed for the panel room for a very special event. Creating the Stories of Filmation He-Man was a discussion panel celebrating the legendary MOTU cartoon. Being familiar with the show, and having seen the new He-Man documentary just the night before, I recognized many of the special guests. The illustrious roster included Rowby Goren, Robert Lamb, Robby London and Tom Tataranowicz. These are the talents behind the classic 80's cartoon many of us grew up with. For the next hour, they shared stories about working at Filmation. They had near unlimited freedom to conjure up the stories and characters. You could tell that they all had fond memories of working at Filmation. They all stated that it was the best place to work because their creativity was constantly nurtured.


Super7's amazing Snake Mountain Playset!

Next up was the Super7 Super Awesome Panel. The big announcement was the Snake Mountain Playset, and I really mean BIG as this playset is physically huge! No release information was available yet as logistics are still being figured out. It's so large that shipping is going to be a difficult factor to consider, not to mention the cost to simply make it. They did confirm that it will not include the snake microphone as the electronics would just add too much to the cost. Hopefully we'll have more information soon. On another note was the reveal of the next wave of classic-style 5-inch figures. They made their debut at the S7 booth, and by the time you read this pre-orders are now being taken. Also coming soon is the next wave of the ReAction figures. The company also gave us a little tease with just one word, “Ultimates”. I will say though that after the panel, I asked if Hordak from the SDCC Comic-Con exclusive 2 pack would become available on single card in the future. I was told that indeed, both Hordak and She-Ra would be sold separately in the next wave.


Mega Bloks Mega Construx MOTU Figures

Also on the toy and collectible front, some new figures and vehicles from the Mega Bloks Masters of the Universe toy line made their public debut. These impressive little building block toys were a real hit with fans. The initial wave of toys were released late last year as part of the new Mega Construx toy line. Only a few figures were available in the first batch. Since that time the public has been clamouring for Mega Bloks to increase the size of this promising toy line. Well kids and collectors got their wish. Several new figures are on the way, along with a buildable Wing Raider vehicle. The details on the mini figures in this line is outstanding!


Impressive Man At Arms statue from The Four Horsemen

I spent the rest of the first day scouring the exhibit hall, which has grown substantially to include several more vendors. Business was brisk throughout the day. I had to stop and drool at the Four Horsemen booth, particularly their Man-At-Arms statue. There was a pretty cool exhibit of He-Man masks from Mattel that were given an artistic touch. Another favorite of mine was the foreign MOTU goodies from Mad Hunter. Having spent some of my youth in Mexico, it was a kick to see some of these same knockoff toys that I recall being sold for a few dollars now commanding hundreds more. Oh, if only! You can see the full display for all these cool items in our image gallery.


Elements Design Battle-Cat by Artist Jorge Solares

I was truly impressed upon seeing some of the most intricate Battle-Cat statues I have ever seen. Artist Jorge Solares has added a really unique spin on Battle-Cat by designing him as representing the Huichoi art style. I spoke with him briefly as he told me each one takes several hours to create.


Artist Tony Washington with his amazing Orko print

Speaking of artists, I do have to give props to one other artist. Tony Washington's Orko print caught my eye every time I entered the exhibit hall. When I had the chance to speak with him, I commented on how Orko seems just a tad, maybe borderline evil, to which he stated that was the angle he was going for. His other works were just as stunning and he was lovely to chat with. You can see more of his work here [Link].


Mark Taylor and his lovely wife Rebecca

On Sunday morning I headed for what was my goal for the day. The panel, The Masterful Origins of He-Man, I sat enraptured as Mark Taylor, along with his wife Rebecca talked about, well, the origin of He-Man. Mark is the person who created the characters starting with He-Man and Skeletor right up til Man-E-Faces. His designs are pretty much why we are all still in love with He-Man to this day. I could have listened to him talk for hours. He was so inspiring to listen to and he talked with such passion and joy. He mentioned how once the line started to falter due to corporate influences, he knew it was time he left. But he still talks fondly of his time at Mattel. He joked that he had the last word because “I'm still around and they aren't!” After his panel, I spent some time talking to him at his table. Even more than that though was watching him interact with other fans. He gave advice to other artists and his face lit up when someone showed him a huge Battle-Cat tattoo. By the way, in case you were wondering, Battle-Cat is his favorite. Mer-Man, not so much! Oh I could go on. He talked to each person and happily posed for photos. He reminded me of that favorite uncle you only get to see once a year during the holidays but it's such a joy to be in his presence that you forget how much time has passed between visits.


Coolest father and son team ever!

I spent the remainder of my time casually wandering the exhibit hall. I took pictures of several cosplayers including Zabracus and Alkali Layke, both of whom were some of the nicer cosplayers I've met. Even families were getting in on the cosplay fun. I love cosplay.It just makes every convention more fun. The atmosphere at the show was truly wonderful. Everyone was so friendly and having a great time. Power-Con just brings out the best in the fans.  

With my wallet lighter and a smile on my face, it was time to call it a day. Another successful Power-Con in the books. There are rumors that the organizers may take 2019 off but regardless of whenever the next show takes place, I can promise you that I will be there. I really love this convention.

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About the Author: Abel S. Pinedo has worked in the entertainment industry for over a decade. He is our Lead Field Reporter. His coverage includes many popular conventions such as WonderCon, San Diego Comic Con, Wizard World and More. When he's not touring the convention circuit he can usually be found at his keyboard telling the World about his adventures.