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Captain Jack is back in 4th Pirates Film

Written By: E. Thomas



Director: Rob Marshall

Writers: Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio

Starring: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush, Ian McShane, Kevin McNally, Sam Clafin

Basic Plot:

Captain Jack returns in his fourth Pirates of the Caribbean adventure. Everyone's favorite pirate captain must race against time to find the legendary fountain of youth. Along the way he encounters an old rival, a new villain, and a former love interest from his distant past.

The Story:

'Pirates 4' is a great summer flick. Fans of the series will definitely not be disappointed. And for those of you who didn't like the previous film, this movie is a tremendous improvement over the last installment. This chapter redeems the entire franchise. This is clearly the best pirates film since the original.

The plot is full of action. The 141 minute run time seems to pass by quickly as you get caught up in the adventures of Captain Jack and crew. The story also maintains a nice balance between traditional pirate adventure and the supernatural. All of this action takes place against a backdrop of some of the most beautiful scenery in the World.

The Cast:


Let's just get this out of the way early. This film is worth seing just for Johnny Depp. As always he's outstanding as Captain Jack Sparrow. He has great chemistry with every member of the cast. Most notably his trusty first mate Gibbs, played by Kevin McNally, and the always amazing Geoffrey Rush, who plays Barbossa. Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush really seem to enjoy working together. Rush is probably the only actor who can play a pirate as well as Johnny Depp. In this film he is the quintessential peg legged pirate. He's also the perfect foil for Captain Jack.


Ian McShane (Lovejoy, Deadwood) plays the villainous Blackbeard the Pirate. I can honestly say the veteran actor was the best choice for this role. His imposing presence and his ominous voice give life to the most feared pirate in history. Over the years Ian McShane has played a number of great characters. However, he is at his best when playing a villain. The script gives him a chance to do what he does best, play a total scoundrel.

Other notable cast members include Penolope Cruz and Sam Clafin. Although opinions are sometimes mixed on Penolope Cruz as an actress, she does an excellent job in this film. And her sexy accent lends itself well to this role. She is also very easy on the eyes. But don't let her obvious feminine charms distract you. Cruz has her work cut out for her in this highly demanding role, and she delivers every step of the way.

As for Sam Clafin, he plays a noble Christian missionary who gets caught up in the adventures of Captain Jack and crew. His character is well written and his performance is sincere and believable. The story of his character also takes some interesting twists and turns. Clafin, a newcomer, has really found himself in a break out role. I truly believe we will see more of him in the future.

The 3D Effect:

The question on everyone's mind is "how does it look in 3D?" 3D films are a divisive issue for movie fans. And in recent years, lack luster 3D post conversions have soiled the reputation of the genre. Well this is one film that does not disappoint when it comes to 3D visuals. Director Rob Marshall fills every scene with unique and interesting visuals. This is a movie that was made for 3D. And there are several moments where the 3D effect is truly stunning. Even little details such as fire and light look amazing in 3D. You can tell right away that Marshall put a lot of thought into every shot in the film, and the results are definitely worth the effort. Bottom line. See it in 3D. You don't be disappointed.

The Bottom Line:

See this movie. If you're a fan of the series it will not let you down. This movie is the best installment since the original. If you like the series, but maybe you were disappointed by the previous film, this new chapter will be a welcome home coming. And if you just want to see a great action film with outstanding 3D visuals then this movie is for you. Its the perfect start to the summer movie season. And hopefully, its the beginning of a new trilogy in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. (We can only hope...)