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Movie Review: Robin Hood

Written By: Harold Schossman



A decade after Gladiator’s rousing success director Ridely Scott and Russell Crowe are at it again. This time the dynamic duo revives the age-old myth of Robin Hood. However this installment differs from any other tale you may have seen or read about the legendary outlaw.

This interpretation of the hero from Sherwood Forest is actually a prequel. The film focuses on Robin’s return from the crusades; the ensuing political disputes and Robin’s subsequent fall from hero to public enemy.

Being a Ridely Scott fan I loved all the elements you can rely on Scott to deliver: Literally every single frame is beautifully shot with state-of-the-art production design and gorgeous lighting. The acting is good as one can expect from seasoned pros like Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt etc. Needless to say the film’s battle scene in the last quarter was beautifully executed, even if it did bear a bit of a D-day touch.

Scott maintains a good balance between a story that’s sufficiently grown up yet not too juvenile (like the last Robin Hood two decades ago starring Kevin Costner) The only problem I had with the film was that it actually ends when the story begins. I wanted to see more; the actual story of Robin Hood versus the Sherriff of Nottingham isn’t touched upon. While Robin Hood doesn’t quite live up to the thrill Gladiator delivered it’s still a film worth checking out on the big screen, if for no other reason than its visual splendor.

About The Author: Harold Schossman is our International News Correspondent and our resident Expert Videographer. He has worked in the entertainment industry for almost two decades. Be sure to check out his outstanding video work on his YouTube account.