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The Biggest and the Best Moments from Comic-Con 2017

Submitted by: DigThatBox.com Staff

Text By: Abel S. Pinedo


The Marvel Panel: Lucky fans got the chance to see the new trailer for Infinity War! Low quality bootleg videos are out there but they are taken down almost as fast as they are uploaded. However the biggest news to come out of Marvel was that Michelle Pfeiffer would be joining the cast of 'Ant Man and the Wasp' as Janet Van Dyne. Also, we know that Brie Larson has been cast as Captain Marvel and the film is due in 2019 but it was revealed that the film takes place in the 90's before even the first Iron Man film, and the villainous fan favorites, the Skrulls would play a big role in the film!


 A LIVE Performance by Kansas: Fans of the show Supernatural know that the unofficial theme of the show is the Kansas tune Carry On Wayward Son. Sunday morning in Hall H was the panel which usually begins with a video montage highlighting the previous season as well as a gag reel. Things were different this year though. After a brief clip of the Winchester brothers talking about driving to Comic Con, the screen darkened and the music began. Before anyone knew what was going on, the lights burst forth and there on the stage was Kansas, performing their hit song live to the thrill of the screaming crowd. Easily one of the highlights of the Con, not to mention a great way to start the final day.


Stephen King's IT VR Experience: The was the single coolest thing we experienced at Comic-Con. The exhibit was built inside a decrepit, burned out looking school bus. Fans were ushered into their seats where they were asked to put on VR headsets. Instantly you were transported to a rainy evening in Derry, Maine as we watched a young boy named Georgie lose his sailboat down a storm drain, while the menacing Pennywise the clown beckoned towards him. This was a fully immersive 360 experience. Whether it was heading down into the sewers or being followed by red balloons, Pennywise was everywhere.


DuckTales and Darkwing Duck: It has been widely reported for some time that Disney was reviving the classic DuckTales cartoon with an all new voice cast for new adventures in Duckburg. The big draw to the panel was actor David Tennant, the voice of Scrooge McDuck. At one point during the panel, the creators prepared to share 'super secret' footage to be projected on screen when instead, images of concept/character drawings, including Darkwing Duck, appeared! This was official confirmation that Darkwing Duck was not only back but for the first time would be a part of the DuckTales universe. Naturally, the crowd went crazy!


The Ready Player One Trailer / Meeting Steven Spielberg: Saturday morning was the world premiere of the first trailer for Ready Player One, directed by Spielberg and based on the novel by Ernest Cline. Fans of of the book eagerly awaited the chance to catch their first glimpse of the movie. However, a few lucky fans won the opportunity to meet the cast and Director Steven Spielberg himself! Author Ernest Cline revealed himself to be a total 80's fanboy. He even drives a De Lorean. Ben Mendelsohn also appeared, straight from this role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We were happy to learn he's a big fan of comics, especially the classic Watchmen series. Finally the big moment came when fans got the chance to meet legendary director Steven Spielberg. For a man who is easily one of the biggest names in Hollywood history, he was surprisingly humble and gracious. It was such an honor to see him in person!

What was your single favorite moment of Comic Con? Can you even pick just one?

Photo Credit: Lisa Pinedo - Special thanks to our friend Lisa for taking all these great pics!