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The Best of E3 2010

Submitted By: DigThatBox.com Staff


As the E3 Expo draws to a close we take the time to review the best products of the show. The 2010 expo was truly epic. The show floor was packed with amazing new software, exciting new hardware, and tons of cool gadgets. With so many strong contenders it was extremely difficult for us to choose a favorite from each category. Here is our review of E3 2010 by the numbers. These products are the best of the best. And at the end of this article you'll find out who really won the 2010 E3 Expo. 

Best Game Overall:

  1. Halo: Reach
  2. Portal 2
  3. Epic Mickey
  4. Metal Gear Rising
  5. Rage
  6. Dead Space 2
  7. Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  8. Donkey Kong Country Returns
  9. Marvel vs Capcom 3
  10. Fallout New Vegas

The Halo games are massively hyped and with very good reason. No other series delivers such a perfect blend of sci-fi drama with FPS action. The series is also one of the greatest co-op games ever made. Here at the office we've played through the entire Halo franchise. Halo: Reach looks like it will be the best entry to date. The game hosts a ton of new features, new vehicles, and of course, that fantastic co-operative gameplay we've come to know and love. The incredibly addictive "firefight mode" from Halo: ODST also makes its return. The game launches in a few short months and we've already marked our calendars!

Best Games - By Platform:

Nintendo Wii:

  1. Metroid: Other M
  2. Epic Mickey
  3. Kirby's Epic Yarn
  4. Donkey Kong Country Returns
  5. GoldenEye 007

PlayStation 3:

  1. Twisted Metal
  2. Killzone 3
  3. Little Big Planet 2
  4. Gran Turismo 5
  5. Motorstorm Apocalypse

Xbox 360:

  1. Halo: Reach
  2. Fable 3
  3. Crackdown 2
  4. Gears of War 3
  5. Forza Motorsports 4

Best Action Game:

  1. Crackdown 2
  2. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2
  3. Metroid: Other M

Best Shooter Game:

  1. Halo: Reach
  2. Rage
  3. Call of Duty: Black OPS

Best Music Game:

  1. Power GIG: Rise of the Six String
  2. Rockband 3
  3. Child of Eden


Power Gig: Rise of the Six String is a guitar hero style music game. We can't say enough good things about this product. We really dig Power Gig! Here at the office we are all huge fans of the music gaming genre. We've been playing these games from the beginning. Finally along comes a game that truly captures the feel of playing a real musical instrument. Yet at the same time the real guitar lends itself well to the gaming experience. Yes folks, you heard me right, Power Gig features a fully functioning guitar! You can literally plug the guitar into an amp and start rockin'! The game arrives on store shelves in October for both Xbox 360 and the PS3 console.

Best Racing Game:

  1. MotorStorm: Apocalypse
  2. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  3. Gran Turismo 5

Best Role Playing Game:

  1. Fable III
  2. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  3. Fallout: New Vegas

Best Puzzle Game:

  1. Portal 2
  2. Super Scribblenauts
  3. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Best Sports Game:

  1. NBA Jam (Wii)
  2. Lucha Libra AAA: Heroes del Ring
  3. Kinect Sports

Best Platform Game:

  1. Epic Mickey
  2. Kirby's Epic Yarn
  3. Donkey Kong Country Returns

Best Gadget:



At first glance the CAANOO Portable, created by Game Park Holdings, looks like just another handheld gaming device. However, upon further inspection you will discover the amazing versatility of this machine. The CAANOO is an open source video game portable. Its like the swiss army knife of portable gaming systems. Not only can the machine run a great deal of independent and homebrew software but the CAANOO is also capable of running dozens of emulators for many classic consoles and even old PCs. Of course there is a slight learning curve as the CAANOO is built more for the technically minded and those interested in homebrew gaming. These users will be able to make the most of their CAANOO and its robust list of features. The CANOOO is also an outstanding media player. It can play .divx and .avi files in their native format. Plus it runs a number of music related formats making it the perfect multi-media gaming portable. It even has a touch screen!

Best Retro Gaming Product:

Hyperkin Retro N3: 3 in 1 Retro Gaming Console


The Retro N3 by Hyperkin made its debut at the 2010 E3 Expo. This little wonder device is the ultimate in retro gaming consoles. The machine sports three different cartridge ports. It can run games from the NES/Famicom, SNES/SFC and the Genesis/MegaDrive. There are also SIX controller ports, each designed to use vintage controllers and accessories from the 3 classic systems. The machine also comes with two wireless controllers, created in the style of the classic six button Sega Genesis controller. The machine comes in two colors, sporty red and classic gun metal grey. Features also include S-Video support. Although the machine will not run 100% of your classic gaming library, the console is well worth the meager price. You definitely get a lot for your money. And this console is a great addition to any modern gaming collection. Its the perfect way to squeeze some retro gaming into your life.

Best Video Game Hardware:

The Nintendo 3DS


Once again Nintendo hardware steals the show. The last time was during the unveiling of the Nintendo Wii. This year the company revealed the Nintendo 3DS, their amazing new 3D gaming portable. There was a lot of hype and speculation leading up to this event. Once I saw the machine for myself I knew the hype was justified. This portable is amazing! It truly lives up to the hype. For the first time ever there is a real mass market 3D gaming device. Best of all, no lame glasses are required. The 3DS is a worthy successor to the legendary Nintendo DS franchise. We are literally counting the days until its worldwide launch in March of 2011.

Best of Show:


Beyond any shadow of a doubt the best of show award goes to Nintendo. Their E3 presentation was very strong, despite a few technical difficulties. There were also many unexpected surprises like the return of Kid Icarus and the grand unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS.

The heavy focus on the Nintendo 3DS proves the company is very confident in the new machine, and with good reason. The 3DS really delivers on its promise. This is the first truly mass market 3D gaming device. While 3D gaming was around well before the 3DS, this is the first device to get it right. Once again the company leads where others follow.

The Wii also boasted a strong line-up of new titles. The console appears to be getting a second wind. Nintendo showcased fan favorites like Metroid, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda. They also had games with heavy mass market appeal like Just Dance 2 and Wii Party. No matter how you feel about casual friendly titles both games are destined to be financial hits.

And what about competition from the Sony Move and the Xbox Kinect? Truth be told neither device is truly a threat to the Nintendo Wii. Both products may actually promote the growth of the Wii market. Consumers will look at Move and think "so its just like the Wii," and that's the product's biggest problem. For only a little bit money more you can buy a Wii. The same is true for Kinect. The rumored $150 price tag for Microsoft's device will drive consumers towards the Nintendo Wii.

And the Winner is...

At the end of the show the real winner is you, the gamer. There were so many fantastic titles at the show that it will be near impossible to play them all. There was literally something for everyone, proving once again that the game industry is a perpetually expanding market.

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