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The Top 20 E3 Freebies

Submitted By: DigThatBox.com Staff

Text By: E. Thomas

June 18th, 2012


#20 - PlayStation Hand Sanitizer

Sanitize your hands with the power of the PlayStation brand! In all seriousness, this freebie came in very handy over the course of the 3 day show.


#19 - WeMade Window Plush

The folks at WeMade have created some truly great games for mobile and tablets. They also created this cool window cling plush.


#18 - Where's My Water Free Promo Code

Here is a FREE copy of "Where is my Water?" from Disney Mobile. This code is VALID to the first person to enter it on the Apple App Store.



#17 - Game Church Jesus Loves Gamers Book

Game Church is an actual Christian church that wants people to know that "Jesus loves gamers!" This raises an interesting question. What is his Gamer Tag?


#16 - Chase Paymentech Mini Travel Mouse

With all the glitz and the glamour of the video game industry at E3, people often forget the expo is truly about business. The nice folks at Chase gave us this sweet mini mouse for checking out their new Paymentech service.


#15 - Shark Dash Squeeze Keychain

Shark Dash is a highly addictive puzzle game from the folks at GameLoft. They created this cool, squishy, floating keychain just for E3. Its a good thing to have just in case you ever drop your keys into shark infested waters.


#14 - Sony Online Entertainment PDA Stylus

Sony Online Entertainment ALWAYS has cool swag. Here is a company that knows the value of good freebie. This year they were giving away this nifty PDA stylus.


#13 - World of Warplanes E3 2012 Dog Tags

These World of Warplanes Dog Tags were a very hot item at the show. Extra points for dating the actual tags. That is a very nice touch.


#12 - Lollipop Chainsaw Keychain

This Lollipop Chainsaw keychain was a highly sought after item at the show. It has also been used as a retailer exclusive.


#11 - Dice Plus Electronic Dice

Dice Plus are futuristic electronic dice for use with your favorite board games. They even have bluetooth capabilities! What you see here is only the prototype, but the final product is sure to be amazing.


#10 - Bethesda Speaker Set

Bethesda was giving away these nifty foldable speakers, featuring artwork for their new game Dishonered.


#09 - Planetside 2 Dog Tag Set

The folks at Sony Online Entertainment bring us another cool freebie with this exclusive set of Planetside 2 dog tags. Military dog tags are always a popular give-away at the show. These are some of the nicest tags we have seen in our time at the expo.


#08 - Sega Lanyards - Jet Grind Radio Lanyard

Sega was giving away these cool lanyards, one featuring their famous logo, the other featuring artwork from the Dreamcast classic, Jet Grind Radio.


#07 - Nyko Free Fighter Champion Cape

Nyko is another company that always has a great freebie at the show. This year gamers were invited to try their new "Free Fighter Joystick." Players would compete against each other in various fight games using the new joystick. If you won a match this awesome cape was your prize.


#06 - Swampy Gator Plush - Disney Mobile Promotion

This adorable Swampy the Gator plush comes to us from out friends at Disney Mobile. Swampy is the star of their hit mobile game "Dude, Where is my Water." Dude, this little gator is really cool!


#05 - Dead Space 3 Cutter Replica

This Dead Space 3 Cutter Replica was one of the coolest and most rare items at the show.


#04 - Chrome Skylanders Spyro Promo Figure

This chrome plated Skylanders Exclusive was only given to Retail VIPs. This is probably the most valuable item on our list, simply because of the limited supply and the insane demand for Skylanders toys.


#03 - Resident Evil 6 Ear Piece Flashlight

This Resident Evil 6 exclusive looks like a blue tooth headset but its actually a flash light. This extremely cool item was only available to those who attended a special screening of Resident Evil 6.


#02 - Nintendo Land E3 Exclusive Pin Set

Nintendo always makes incredible pins for the E3 Expo. These pins are truly high quality. The only way to get the complete set was to try each game featured in this collection. By the end of the show, it had become very difficult to acquire a complete set. We're sure these will be highly sought after collectible for years to come.


#01 - Oswald The Rabbit Ears - Disney Epic Mickey 2 Promo

The number one item on our list also just happens to be the most popular and sought after exclusive in E3 history. People waited in line for at least 3 hours to get a pair of E3 exclusive "Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Ears." The ears were even customized with your own name. Wow! They also wont be available at Disney parks for several months. We really have to applaud the folks at Disney for creating one of the coolest promo items in E3 Expo history. Its also a very generous act, because their games alone were enough to draw tons of attendees to their booth. This promo item was made to celebrate the upcoming game Epic Mickey 2: The Power of 2.

#BONUS - DigThatBox.com E3 Exclusive Arcade Token Set


For the third year in a row we stormed the floors of the E3 Expo giving away our beautiful custom made arcade tokens. This promotion gets bigger and more crazy with each passing year! These tokens are a celebration of video gaming. And they are made exclusively for the E3 Expo. We had a tremendously fun time handing out these coins to our fellow attendees. Our very own Dr Gonzo was on the scene giving out coins to everyone he met on the show floor. People always tell us this is a great way to promote our site, however we do it just because we like making people happy. We graciously thank you all for making this give away such a tremendous success!