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The Top 20 E3 Freebies for 2013

Submitted By: DigThatBox.com Staff

Text By: E. Thomas

June 28th, 2013

#20 - Payday 2 Promotional Mask


This Payday 2 promotional mask was one of the most popular items at the show. Demos for the game drew big crowds.

#19 - Hometown Story Dragon Plush


Hometown Story has been described at the spiritual successor to the popular Harvest Moon franchise. This adorable dragon figure plush was your reward for trying the playable demo.

#18 - Plants VS Zombies 2 Seed Bag


This Plants VS Zombies 2 seed bag actually features real plant seeds that can be grown in your home garden. Zombies not included.

#17 - Game Church Jesus Loves Gamers T-Shirt


Once again the folks at Game Church return to E3 spreading the message that "Jesus Loves Gamers!"

#16 - We The Force.Com Promo Bandana


This promotional bandana for We The Force Studios features a gorilla reminiscent of those found in the Planet of the Apes series. The inclusion of a dangerous ape on their logo automatically grants them a place on our list.

#15 - Final Fantasy XIV & Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Bags


Square-Enix always has one of the most popular booths at the show. This year the company was giving out two extremely high quality gift bags. They're perfect for hauling all your cool e3 swag!

#14 - Payday 2 Two Dollar Bill Promo


Another Payday 2 promo makes our list. This clever 2 dollar bill promo features characters from the game.

#13 - Mad Max Water Bottle


This Mad Max water bottle is perfect for when you're speeding across the scorching hot, post apocalyptic Australian outback.

#12 - Talking Stress Toy Figure


This unusual stress toy figure actually talks when you squeeze him. It's a great way to deliver an advertising slogan.

#11 - Nyko Play Pad Arm Sleeves


Nyko is a company that knows the value of a great promo. This year they had one of the more unusual items at the show. These cloth sleeves are designed to simulate the look of a full arm tattoo.

#10 - DuckTales Remastered Pin


One of the most anticipated remakes at the show was DuckTales Remastered. This pin celebrates the release of the new game which is being produced by legendary developer WayForward.

#09 - Dragon's Crown Foam Crown


Atlus was giving out these cool foam crowns to anyone who played the demo for their new game Dragon's Crown. Wearing this crown on the show floor made you feel like royalty.

#08 - Mario Kart Mario & Luigi Race Flags


Nintendo created these awesome Mario & Luigi race flags in celebration of the upcoming Mario Kart game for the Nintendo Wii U. Gentlemen, start your engines!

#07 - Bethesda Pin Set & Lanyard


Bethesda always makes great E3 promos. This year the company gave out a cool pin set that also included a nice lanyard.

#06 - Zelda Wind Waker HD T-Shirt


Nintendo was giving out this T-Shirt for the HD remake of the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It's worth noting that the original game debuted on this very same show floor exactly 10 years ago. How time flies!

#05 - Batman Arkham Origins Keychain


Fight the forces of crime with this Batman Arkham Origins keychain.

#04 - Splinter Cell Blacklist USB Speaker


This Splinter Cell Blacklist USB speaker was one of the more elaborate and expensive promo items at the show. It was also extremely rare.

#03 - Castle of Illusion Pin Set


Pins are always a popular collectible item at any trade event. These Castle of Illusion pins celebrate the release of a new game in the classic Disney franchise.

#02 - Skylanders Hot Dog Exclusive Figure


This Skylanders promo figure was only given to retail buyers and other VIPs. It's ironic that his name is Hot Dog considering the white hot popularity of the Skylanders toy line.

#01 - The Year of Luigi Promo Coin


Easily the most popular and most valuable item on our list is this promo coin celebrating the Year of Luigi. Fans waited in line for hours just to get the chance to win one of these coins from the infamous "Wheel of Mario" game. The Wheel of Mario returns to E3 10 years after it's last appearance in 2003. Players got the chance to win a number of great prizes including this coin and a Nintendo 3DS XL! Check out the video below to see a lucky guy win a 3DS XL. The event was even hosted by the voice of Mario himself, Charles Martinet. It was truly a wonderful way to celebrate the year of Luigi. We're sure this coin will be a high prized collectible item for many years to come.

#BONUS - DigThatBox.com E3 Exclusive 2013 Arcade Tokens


For the fourth year in a row we stormed the floors of the E3 Expo giving away our beautiful custom made arcade tokens. This promotion gets bigger and more crazy with each passing year! These tokens are a celebration of video gaming. And they are made exclusively for the E3 Expo. We had a tremendously fun time handing out these coins to our fellow attendees. Our very own Dr. Gonzo was on the scene giving out coins to everyone he met on the show floor. People always tell us this is a great way to promote our site, however we do it just because we like making people happy. We graciously thank you all for making this give away such a tremendous success!