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The Top 20 E3 Freebies for 2016

Submitted By: DigThatBox.com Staff

Text By: Elliott S. Thomas

June 18th, 2016

#20 - Retro-Bit E3 Swag Collection


Retro-Bit is a company that produces gaming products for both modern and retro gamers. This year they held a special contest to win this cool retro themed prize package.

#19 - Persona 5 Morgana Beanie


Persona 5 is one of the most highly anticipated games at the show. Fans came out in droves, and waited in big lines, just to catch a glimpse of the latest entry in the popular RPG series. Their reward for their loyalty and patience was this incredible Persona 5 beanie. It was also one of the highest quality promo items at the show!

#18 - Nyko VR Guardian Foam Shield


Nyko always has something nice to give their fans at the show. For years the company has been well known for their great freebies. This year they were giving fans these giant Nyko VR Guardian foam shields.

#17 - Final Fantasy XIV Online Jumbo Tote Bag


Final Fantasy IX online is a massively popular MMORPG. These gaming totes were so hot they were gone in a matter of moments. The folks at the Square-Enix booth were giving them away as fast as people could take them.

#16 - Mafia 3 Mardi Gras Beads


Mafia 3 is a game set in the French Quarter of New Orleans. What better tie-in promo for a game like this than these Mafia 3 Mardi Gras beads? Representatives from 2K Games would actually appear on a second story balcony in their booth and shout "show me your badge!" (meaning your E3 admission badge.) Those who did were rewarded with this neat promo.

#15 - Halo Wars 2 Pin Set & Lanyard


The original Halo Wars was a cult hit on the Xbox 360. Now the popular action / strategy game returns to the Xbox One. Fans got the chance to play a fun and challenging competitive 4 vs 4 demo. Your reward was one of the pins you see above, each one representing the USNC Spartans and the Covenant.

#14 - Tomb Raider 20 Year Anniversary Dog Tag


The beloved Tomb Raider franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. These commemorative dog tags were actually engraved on the spot, while you waited in the Square-Enix booth.

#13 - Raid: World War 2 - E3 Gift Set


Raid is an action packed co-operative shooter set in the battlefields of World War 2. To celebrate the impending release of this promising game, the folks at Starbreeze Studios created this cool gift pack.

#12 - Dishonored 2 Light Up Lanterns Keychain


Keychains are always a popular item at E3. This Dishonored 2 mysterious lantern keychain actually lights up.

#11 - Cuphead & Mugman Sticker Set


Xbox fans got the chance to play a great co-op demo of the upcoming platform game Cuphead. Each player received one of the stickers you see above, featuring the stars of the game, Cuphead and Mugman.

#10 - Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D Figure


Natsume is also another company that always has some great E3 swag. Their booth is always a fun place to visit. Our friend Gabrielle gets her groove on with this neat collectible figure.

#09 - Xbox Controller Pins


The new Xbox controller design lab allows gamers to make a custom Xbox One controller of their very own. Microsoft had an interactive demo showing just how easy it is to customize and create your own personalized controller. These neat pins were given to fans who sampled the new demo. The demo was so popular the pins were gone in a flash!

#08 - Gears of War 4 Metal Drink Coaster


Gears of War 4 is one of the one of the most exciting new games coming to the Xbox One and Windows 10. In honor of this epic new game Microsoft game studios created this incredible metal drink coaster.

#07 - Dead Rising 4 Socks


Dead Rising 4 is the next chapter in Capcom's epic zombie killing franchise. The new game is set during the holiday season. I can't think of better way to celebrate the release of this game than by giving everyone the holiday gift that no one wants to get, socks! Seriously though, people waited in line for almost an hour just to try the game, and everyone loved the socks!

#06 - South Park Swag Collection


There were several great promo items for the upcoming game South Park: The Fractured But Whole. This included two baseball caps, a special patch and pins featuring characters from the game.

#05 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Figure


Adam Jensen, the hero of the new game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, is immortalized in this neat bobble head promo figure.

#04 - Microsoft Xbox Game Pins


Some of the hottest new games are coming to Xbox One and Windows 10. These commemorative pins feature some of the best and most anticipated games at the show.

#03 - Lego Dimensions Green Arrow Minifigure


Lego items are always one of the biggest draws at the show. This year was no exception. Fans waited in line for hours just to sample the new content for the always popular Lego Dimensions video game. Their reward was this awesome looking, exclusive, Green Arrow Lego minifigure.

#02 - Dream GEAR My Arcade E3 Edition


The folks at DreamGEAR have created one of the most incredible and unique promo items in the history of E3. This mini arcade cabinet features 200 built in games and it's wrapped in an cool E3 skin. Only 35 of these units were made for the show. The only way to get one was to win a special raffle. This is certainly one item attendees won't be selling on eBay!

#01 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Coin


Once again Nintendo tops the list when it comes to the best swag at the show. Fans lined up for well over 3 hours just to play the new demo for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not only was the game easily the best title at the show, but they also had the best promotional item. This exclusive coin could only be attained after playing two seperate demos for the new game. The demos themselves took over 35 minutes to play. The average wait time in line just to play the demo was over 3 and a half hours! However once you actually played the game you quickly realized it was well worth the wait!

#BONUS - DigThatBox.com E3 Exclusive 2016 Arcade Tokens


This year we partnered with the folks at Retro-Bit to distribute our new Lucky 7 collectible arcade token to fans at the show. The turnout was amazing! We were able to distribute over 1000 tokens in just three days! The Arcade Token give-away gets bigger and better with each passing year! These tokens are a celebration of video game culture and they are made exclusively for the E3 Expo. People always tell us this is a great way to promote our site, however we do it just because we like making people happy. We graciously thank you all for making this give away such a tremendous success!

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