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The Top 30 Weird Toys

Written By: E. Thomas




Sense of Right Alliance - Manufacturer: Chinese Toys, INC

Forget the Justice League, The Sense of Right Alliance includes Superman, Batman, Spider-man, a Power Ranger, Shrek and a character from the movie "Cars." Coming soon to a theater near you!



Madballs - Manufacturer: AmToy

It's the classic 80s toy that would not die. The Madballs have haunted store shelves since the mid 1980s. Their enduring popularity even inspired a TV series, a video game, and a venereal disease!

Visit the Official Site



Microman Undercover Maid- Manufacturer: Takara

By day she's a glamorous maid. By night she's a deadly secret agent ready to unleash havoc with her dangerous vacuum laser!



Shocking Roulette - Manufacturer: Jumpin' Banana

In Shocking Roulette four players stick their index fingers into one of the four slots, the game begins and the dial spins. The winners survive to the next round and the loser gets a painful shock. What a great way to spend time with your family and friends!

Buy it HERE



Transformers Kiss Players Convoy (Optimus Prime) - Manufacturer: Takara

Transformers Kiss Players were a strange toy line that combined the legendary Transformers with adorable anime girls. The girls would kiss the Transformer to give him a special power up. To make things even more creepy, the toy line was aimed at older collectors and the box even featured a "15 and Up" age limit.



MacGyver Action Figure - Manufacturer: Glasslite

MacGyver is a TV hero known for his unique ability to fabricate complex devices out of ordinary household items. He was also frequently captured, bound and imprisoned by many evil villains. Tie this action figure to a chair and wait for it to escape. Its hours of exciting fun! [video link]



Specialman - Manufacturer: N/A

Specialman has no super powers but people say he's a really swell guy.


Nintendo "Chiritori" Vacuum Cleaner Toy - Manufacturer: Nintendo

Before Nintendo entered the video game market they actually produced a number of weird and wonderful toys. Ironically this 1979 toy strongly resembles the Roomba* robot vacuum cleaner which was released in 2002. [*video link]



2001 Space Monolith Action Figure - Manufacturer: Kubrick Toys

Get in touch with your inner star child with this Space Monolith Action Figure. This unique action figure has an impressive zero points of articulation!

Buy it HERE



Spider-Man Sports Hero - Manufacturer: Toy Biz

Trash talking Basketball Hero Spider-Man is ready to dunk in the face of evil. Meanwhile Baseball Hero Spider-Man is ready to test positive for illegal, performance enhancing, radioactive spider venom.



Go-Bots Rocklords - Manufacturer: Tonka

Other robots transform into a sports car, a big gun, or a cool jet fighter, but Go-Bots Rocklords convert into ordinary rocks! These rolling stones gather no moss! [video link]



Street Sharks - Manufacturer: Mattel

The Street Sharks are humanoid sharks that wear cowboy boots, ride motorcycles, and abuse dangerous steroids. There's nothing worse than a shark with a bad case of 'roid rage. "Street Sharks, They bite! They're jawsome!" [video link]



Playskool Airport Screening Checkpoint - Manufacturer: Playskool

Please take off your shoes before playing with the Playskool Airport Screening Checkpoint. It also comes complete with a full body pat down!



Inflatable Toast - Manufacturer: Accoutrements

First there was regular toast, and then there was powdered toast, and now there's Inflatable Toast! Its got that delicious vinyl flavor that kids love.  

Buy it HERE



MacGyver Machine Gun - Manufacturer: Lead Paint Toys, Inc

MacGyver is another hero with an aversion to guns. That's why this MacGyver Machine Gun is so cool. Sometimes he just wants to break character and pop off a few rounds into some punk ass villains.



McDonald's Fry Cook Playset - Manufacturer: Ronald McDonald

This McDonald's Fry Cook Playset will prepare your kid for the McJob of their dreams! (editors note: The owner of this site is a former McDonalds Employee.)



The Love Boat Action Figures - Manufacturer: Mego

There's nothing kids love more than The Love Boat. Captain Stubing and Isaac, everyone's favorite bartender, are ready to set a course for adventure! [video link]



Superman Justice Jogger - Manufacturer: Kenner

Superman is stepping out in the Superman Justice Jogger! Simply wind up this toy and watch Superman strut his stuff!



Remote Control Mower & Dad - Manufacturer: N/A

Get your own slice of suburban hell with Mower Dad. This remote control toy simulates all the fun of tedious manual labor.



Batman Water Pistol - Manufacturer: Wayne Industries

Batman has an aversion to guns after his parents were shot by a desperate criminal. That's why he created the non-lethal Batman Water Pistol. Pull the trigger and the Batman Water Pistol will spit in the face of evil.



Kaba Kick: Russian Roulette Gun for Kids! - Manufacturer: N/A

The Kaba Kick Gun is a Russian Roulette game for kids. Now your children can re-enact their favorite scene from the movie The Deer Hunter. [video link] We doubt this extremely irresponsible toy remained on shelves for very long.



Rocks, Bugs & Things - Manufacturer: Ideal

Rocks, Bugs & Things are a line of toys that include flesh eating, transforming rocks and giant flesh eating bugs. The transforming rocks lay in wait for their helpless victims to appear. A simple flick of the switch and the rock creature springs fourth to devour its prey. This sinister toy line is a favorite of creepy kids everywhere.



Superman Snuggler - Manufacturer: Krypton Inc

Cuddle up with the Superman Pillow Snuggler. Simply stuff, hug and play! Who knew the Man of Steel was such a softy?



Jar-Jar Binks Monster Mouth Tongue Candy - Manufacturer: CAP Candy

With Jar-Jar Binks Monster Mouth Tongue Candy you can french kiss everyone's favorite Star Wars character. Available exclusively in "Strawberry Vomit Flavor."



Playskool Safe Cracker Set - Manufacturer: Playskool

Give your child an early start in a life of crime with this Safe Cracker Playset, from Playskool.



Flash Motorcycle - Manufacturer: Mattel

The Flash is the fastest being in the D.C. Comics Universe. When he's not running faster than the speed of sound he likes to cruise around on this sporty red and gold motorcycle. He says he does it for the ladies.



Crazerasers Complete Bathroom Set - Manufacturer: Crazerasers

Crazerasers are a line of collectible eraser toys. While the toy line consists mainly of rubber food replicas, it also includes this unique companion piece. This complete bathroom set is so "complete" it even comes with its own rubber human waste. (editor's note: currently available at Target stores across the country.)



Titanic-Bot - The Titanic Transforming Robot - Manufacturer: N/A

Icebergs are no match for Titanic-Bot, the transforming Titanic Robot. This surprisingly well built toy is nicely detailed, it actually floats, and it even has a wind up motor. It also looks great in both robot and vehicle mode. Somebody call James Cameron, this movie has a new star!


Baby Laughs A-lot - Manufacturer: Remco

*WARNING* Watching this video may give you nightmares. You have been warned.



Bionic Bigfoot - From the Six Million Dollar Man TV Series

Manufacturer: Kenner

The Bionic Man, Steve Austin, squares off against his most deadly foe, the Bionic Bigfoot!! In the 1970s bigfoot mania was sweeping the nation. The folks at ABC television struck ratings gold when they created the Bionic Bigfoot. Amazingly enough, Bigfoot was played by legendary professional wrestler Andre the Giant. Bigfoot's popularity was so great that he returned in later seasons and even made an appearance on the Bionic Woman TV show.

Bonus - Bonus - Bonus - Bonus - Bonus



Gun O'Clock

Manufacturer: The National Rifle Association

Wake up to the sounds of gunfire! Gun O'Clock is an alarm clock that can only be turned off by shooting it with special light gun. The gun features realistic weapon sounds that are sure to start your morning with a bang!



Star Knight - Darth Vader Police Motorcycle

Manufacturer: Estrada Toys, INC

Criminals of the Galaxy watch out!! Darth Vader takes to the streets on his Electronic Police Motorcycle. License and registration? You don't need to see my license and registration...



Star Trek "Mr Spock" Space Fun Helmet

Manufacturer: Paramount / CBS

Relive the excitement of your favorite Star Trek episode with the Official Star Trek Space Fun Helmet! The helmet comes fully equipped with flashing lights and a loud siren. Its the perfect toy for your fun loving little Vulcan.