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The Worst Beatles Cover Songs of All Time

Written By: Jack Castle



Karaoke. Just the thought of it divides the masses. One on hand, there are those who jump in whole-heartedly and see it as a way to sing drunkenly along to their favorite tunes and play pop star for only a brief moment. Then there are the rest of us, filled with stagefright, unconfident in our vocal abilities and would rather not make an ass of ourselves while simultaneously messing up a masterpiece and would rather leave it to the professionals instead. For the flipside of the great karaoke debate, here is a small list of some of the worst offenders to Beatles translations ever. Seriously people... some producer and some overly inflated egos felt that these cover versions of Beatles songs were meant to be saved for the music annals and preserved for posterity. They should have hit the off switch instead.

William Shatner - "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"

There is no mistaking Shatner's over the top read (note: I said read - NOT sing) of the Beatles psychedelic classic. It is one of those songs that is so bad that you kind of end up liking it for its sheer audacity. It's a train wreck that once you hear it you just can't look away.  Shatner... YOU are captain of the Enterprise for God-sake. Shouldn't you be boldly going where no man has gone before? Oh. I guess you have. Point taken.

special thanks to: fuzzpockets

Bing Crosby - "Hey Jude"

This is a prime example of someone with a good voice covering a song that is -  well... just not the perfect match. Easy listening vibe with cheesy grandiose background singers will get you laughing to yourself "Was is he serious?." Just wait. It gets worse. The way he sings "Pum pum pum pum pum pum pum... hey Jude"  at the end of the song that adds the final crowning touch of hilarity. Perhaps it was to be a medley of Hey Jude/Little Drummer Boy but then the producers decided against it?

Kylie Minogue - "Help" 

This was a live version recorded in 1991 for a John Lennon tribute concert. Someone should have helped this pop tart off the stage. It is bad on its own because of the cheesy dance-beats and insipid obligatory background singers and some of the most flamboyant dancers prancing about on stage but when it is broken up with a rap in the center of it all - it just pushes this song into entirely new level in Hell that you just do not want to visit.

Tiffany - "I Saw Him Standing There"

Mallrat Tiffany should have stuck to shopping when she decided to cover this song. Her screechy delivery and the bouncy 80s synth-grooves is just plain awful. I cannot understand how people actually bought into this. I guess people were too distracted by all the blow that was being snorted in the 80s to notice.

special thanks to: VEVO

Mrs. Miller - "Yellow Submarine"

This is TRULY special. Mrs. Miller was a housewife turned singer who sang in a very operatic yet off-key style. She enjoyed brief fame in the late 60s for her unique takes on modern hits. Her rendition of "Yellow Submarine" sounds as if she is being shook in the process of it's off-tune delivery. The background sound effects sound  very much like a gurgling toilet about to bubble over.  If you listen carefully in the distance you will here your neighbor's dog start to howl from ear-splitting pain.